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Home, The Beach House, The Mansion

on August 19, 2010

Our little Daisy claimed squatting rights to three “homes” in hour house – her “main home”, her “beach house”, and her “mansion”. (Sounds similar to the life of a Barbie doll, doesn’t it? LOL) Here’s how they came about.

When we first brought our little bundle of fur home at 2.6 pounds, she was naturally a bit apprehensive about being thrust into a totally new, unfamiliar environment with totally new, unfamiliar people. Who among us wouldn’t be nervous and uncertain if we were suddenly removed from our familiar surroundings by beings not of our own kind who don’t even speak our language!??

I've gotten so big, I can stand on the roof!

We carried her into the house and put her down in the kitchen; she immediately took off into the family room and raced underneath the coffee table, where she plopped herself down and surveyed her new surroundings. Spying a small round footstool that’s very low to the ground, she decided it looked even safer, so she darted underneath it and fit perfectly!

That became her refuge – her “safety zone”, her “main home” – for quite a while. It was where she slept, napped, or just sought comfort if something spooked her….until she suddenly outgrew it. One day, about a month and a half later, she tried to zip under the footstool and – BAM – her shoulders hit the legs and she couldn’t fit underneath it anymore.

Meanwhile, she discovered a larger, higher, rectangular footstool in the same room, which she went under when she wanted to bring a toy and play. We called that her “beach house” because it was where she went for fun and a little more space. She can’t fit underneath that anymore either.

But her biggest dwelling of all still remains the space underneath the coffee table, which we call her “mansion”. This she can never outgrow, but hey, she’s really an “outdoor kinda gal” and prefers being outside the “mansion” and in the room near us (usually on us!). The only time she retires to the mansion is if she’s been naughty

My three homes!

or if something scares her and she needs to feel the safety of a smaller, more confined area….though sometimes she still loves the coziness of being squished in as tiny an area as she can find.

Wish we could claim rights to a beach house so easily!

One response to “Home, The Beach House, The Mansion

  1. Judy says:

    So many homes, Daisy sounds like a celebrity! Maybe she should be on lifestyles of the rich and famous! 🙂

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