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October Snowstorm!

Wow, no one was ready for this! A weekend that started out like this:

….suddenly turned into this:

Yes, that’s a crazy snow/sleet mixture coming down in October!  Even the pumpkins didn’t look too happy….

And 4 inches later, ice took over:

Whoever heard of fall leaves frozen in ice?!

And before we knew it, our governor declared a state of emergency. But the last of our tomatoes already had their own emergency:

Snow-topped tomatoes weren't on the menu....

So we all snuggled up inside with cocoa, warm apple cider, games, movies, books, and everything else our hearts desired, especially our little Daisy, who really knows how to make the best out of a freakishly frigid October day:


Wordless Wednesday: Uhh, I think I’ve outgrown this sweater…..

I can't look at the camera, I'm too embarrassed....

Please take this thing off me, it's humiliating!

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Wordless Wednesday – Do I Hear Bath Water Running?!

Heehee....Bath time, eh? They'll have to find me first!

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A Series of Unfortunate Incidents

How is it that being away from blogging for a week feels more like a month?

This time Murphy’s Law didn’t just pay a quick visit, he vacationed here for the whole week.

Just before last weekend, I was supposed to host a birthday luncheon for a very dear friend of mine. The day before the big event, I had all the fixin’s and was ready to go. The flourless chocolate cake was made, cookies were baked, raspberry truffles carefully crafted, and ingredients for the lunch itself were standing at the ready for early prep.

And then I threw my back out.

I had to cancel the luncheon and ended up on the sofa with a heating pad for two days, after which my movements had to be VERY careful for several days. I hate doing nothing, it’s not in my DNA.

But before I even reached the point of full mobility, I had a day-long dizzy spell.

The day after that, I sliced a chunk of skin off my finger while chopping onions. That took two days to stop bleeding. (No, I didn’t go to the ER because I’m needlephobic, and that’s all they seem to want to do there.)

The day after that, I was inexplicably nauseous all day.

I finally rescheduled the luncheon for late in the week, which went perfectly. Everyone had a good time – maybe too good, because they were here for over six hours! It was well into the evening and past most people’s dinner times before they all left.

By Friday, I was well behind on my work, I hadn’t blogged in a week and a half, and I missed all my blogging buddies’ news. Ugh.

But you know what the silver lining is? A couple of my blogging buddies checked to see if I was okay, which really touched my heart. Sometimes I think blogging friends are better “neighbors” than those in our neighborhood, because where I live, it’s pretty much “every man for himself”. If you’re not around for a month, no one notices. If your house burns down, they just want to make sure their own property is undamaged. But just let someone plant a new expensive car in their driveway, and everyone takes note immediately – because they have to run out and get a better one.

When we first moved here years ago, the town was filled with horse farms, it had a small central village settled in the 17th century, and there was our development. There were little farm markets at almost every main intersection and more in between. Now only a couple are left, and the horse farms have given way to bigger and BIGGER developments. And our little development has been taken over by up-and-comers who are just waiting to get their claws into the McMansions. We’re among the last vestiges of the charming town we moved into, and I can’t wait to get out. I have my eye on a small mountain town in PA where one of my editors lives – that’s my prize, if fate allows it.

Anyway (sorry for the digression), all that is to say that my blogging buddies are a wonderful reminder that good neighbors do exist, even if they live miles and miles away. And I appreciate every single one of you every single day. 🙂

There's nothing like a soft teddy bear and warm blogging buddies.... 🙂


Wordless Weekend Wishfulness

But WHY can't I have any??


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