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Love of Watermelon, Told In Pictures

I don’t think there’s any food or treat that Daisy likes better than watermelon.

One of our weekly mini-watermelons that Daisy considers to be her dessert bowl. :)

One of our weekly mini-watermelons that Daisy considers to be her dessert bowl. 🙂

When we cut one open, she recognizes the sound and comes flying into the kitchen, then fixates on it until we serve it up. She gets one little scoop from the middle, then after we’re done, she drinks the juice from the “watermelon bowl” and nibbles bits and pieces from the sides.

Is that my weekend watermelon up there?

Is that my weekend watermelon up there?

Oh watermelon, watermelon, I worship you from afar...

Oh watermelon, watermelon, I worship you from afar…

You still there?

You still there?

Stop taking pictures and eat it already so I can have my lickies!

Stop taking pictures and eat it already so I can have my lickies! I’m giving you my irresistible “panda bear” eyes!

My turn!! ::crunch crunch crunch::

My turn!! ::crunch crunch crunch::



After her feeding frenzy, she had a pink beard and mustache that just wouldn’t come out in a picture. But we all had a good laugh! 😀

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Dog Food Recall Notification Service

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten pretty concerned about all the dog food recalls lately. What’s up with all this salmonella getting into every kind of dog food, from dry to frozen?

A friend of mine made me aware of a great free dog food recall notification service. It’s on the website Dog Food Advisor, and they not only keep an up-to-date  listing of dog food recalls, but if you sign up, they’ll email you every time a dog food has been recalled. It’s a free service and SO helpful!

For each recall, they tell you where the recalled products are being sold, why they’re being recalled, and exactly which of the company’s products are affected.

Check out the site if you get the chance, it’s got lots of other good information too.

Before you give me that kibble, did you make sure it's safe? Hmmmmm???

Before you give me that kibble, did you make sure it’s safe? Hmmmmm???



A Simple Wordless Wednesday – YUM!

YUM! 😀

It’s Wordless Wednesday! Happy Hopping! 😀


Daisy’s Easter Treat

Easter was bountiful and fun here in the Daisy household – we hope yours was too!

Our traditional roast lamb and potatoes.

As a rule, we don’t give Daisy any table food. There are plenty of reasons for this, one of which being that she has a sensitive tummy and we never know what might set it off.

As a young puppy, we discovered that she was allergic to chicken – both actual chicken and dog food made with chicken. (Which is kind of weird since she can eat eggs with no problem.)  She got a nasty rash on her belly from chicken dog food, and real chicken made her….shall we say, extremely aromatic, and in such a bad way that it made everyone want to leave the house.

She eats a beefy dog food now with no problem, but the one we use was only at one store locally and is no longer available, so once we reach the end of this bag, we’ll have to switch.

We thought we might want to move to a lamb dog food (no reason in particular), but we wanted to make sure lamb wouldn’t upset that delicate little Daisy tummy. So on Easter Sunday, Daisy got quite a treat – five small pieces of roast lamb from our Easter dinner.

If I say that I couldn’t even get the camera in focus before she vacuumed up those five pieces, I wouldn’t be exaggerating! They disappeared without any chewing at all – zip! – just like that. And no bad after-effects either!


She also got another treat. DD had a strawberry Italian ice and decided to let Daisy lick the inside of the cup afterward. As you can see, she just immersed her face in that cup and didn’t surface until DD pulled the cup away! It was spotless!

This was Daisy’s first Easter, and we felt particularly blessed to have her join our celebration. 🙂

One contentedly pooped Easter puppy.


Dogs and Wheat Allergies

We became acutely aware of wheat and gluten allergies about 10 years ago, when we discovered that DD is wheat intolerant. Back then, there weren’t many choices for the wheat-free diner, either at restaurants or at the supermarket.

Gluten-free breads were tough and crumbly and didn’t taste like real bread at all. Gluten-free pastas had terrible flavor and texture. And forget about gluten-free desserts and snacks, they were just horrible. For several years, DD actually preferred living without those things and only ate foods that were naturally gluten-free.

Now that more and more people are being diagnosed with gluten allergies, wheat allergies, or celiac disease, companies of all sizes have perfected their products, all purpose wheat-free flours, and mixes that are almost identical to their wheat-filled counterparts. Even restaurants many times offer gluten-free menus. DD is one happy diner again.

Enter Daisy.

During the first couple weeks we had her, she developed a nasty rash on her tummy that spread and became raw. Our vet said it could be an allergic reaction to something indoors, outdoors, or in her food. Well, that covered everything in Daisy’s world. His plan was to clear up the rash and then start her on an elimination program so we could figure out what it was she was reacting to. But he couldn’t do anything until he cured her of her respiratory infection, which took a while.

Keep that chicken away from me! Fowl is foul!

We couldn’t wait that long. We put on our Allergy Detective hats once again and figured out that it was chicken she was reacting to. Any time she ate chicken, she had nasty gas. I mean, n-a-s-t-y.  (Sorry for being so graphic, but this was  practically a “leave the house” situation!) And what was her puppy food primarily made from? Chicken.

Elimination program, here we come.

We switched her from a chicken blend to a beef blend and it made all the difference. Her rash cleared up on its own. And there were no more “hold-your-nose” moments.

But it got me thinking – can dogs be wheat intolerant too?

The answer is a resounding YES. And apparently the symptoms show, if you know what to look for – dull coats and/or red, flaky, itchy skin, constant head rubbing, diarrhea, vomiting, ear shaking, etc.. Fortunately, there are now wheat-free dog foods as well as wheat free recipes for dogs with this problem.

As for Daisy, we’re sticking with the poultry-free diet. But we’ll always be on the lookout for any new symptoms that might develop as she ages. Because just like people, dogs can develop new allergies later in life.


FDA Pet Food/Treats Recall Site

An email recently reminded me that there are almost as many pet food recalls as there are human food recalls. That jolted me a bit because unless it’s something hugely newsworthy (like the major Blue Buffalo recall), we don’t generally hear about it.

Treats are just as vulnerable as food, which is something I didn’t realize. I found the FDA website with all the latest pet food/treat recalls, so I thought I’d share that with you here. I’ve bookmarked the site so I can check it every couple of weeks to make sure nothing in our pantry is on the list.

It also tells you what ingredients are banned (I’ve heard  you can occasionally find an old bag of food being sold somewhere with a banned ingredient), why a food was recalled, and more.

Better safe than sorry!


Daisy Samples PureBites Treats and LOVES Them!

Gus – now that Daisy’s seen your picture, I think she may have a little crush on you! LOL 🙂

Thank you According To Gus!

We were among the lucky 10 who received 4 packages of PureBites dog treats from According to Gus’s pet nickname drawing, and what perfect timing they had – the treats arrived on Valentine’s Day! Along with a wonderful personalized greeting from Gus, it was like Daisy received her own little Valentine! 🙂

We couldn’t wait to try one out, so we gave her a Cheddar Cheese treat first. She absolutely LOVED it! We’ll try a different treat every day, but I’m sure she’s going to gobble them all up with equal enthusiasm.

Many thanks to According to Gus for introducing us to a wonderful new treat!







Don't bother me now, these are fabulous!


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