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Lucky Horseshoe

Lucky Horseshoe was not so lucky for us. Another 20 minutes to destruction.

Our Rating: Wimp.

Granted, this is a “toss and play toy”, but it’s rated as “tough”, which it wasn’t. Even when we just threw it for Daisy, she’d get some gnawing action in there and the destruction began.

Within 10 minutes we could see Daisy’s teeth had made noticeable cuts into the material. This was not a good sign, but it was a very familiar one. At the 20 minute mark we had to take the horseshoe away because significant chunks were already missing. The thought of her having swallowed dark black plastic made me a bit nervous – that’s a lot of heavy color.

Our search for a truly tough dog toy continues.

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One response to “Lucky Horseshoe

  1. I am surprised that daisy got into this one. What a fun toy otherwise. Keep on looken! 🙂 Jackie

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