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Combat Bamboo Play Cat Tug Dog Toy

20 Minutes. That’s how long this one lasted.

The early stage of destruction - less than 10 minutes.

Our Rating: You guessed it: Wimp. Big time.

It took Daisy less than 10 minutes to pull the stitching out of the edge of this toy, then just about another 10 minutes to extract the crinkly cellophane inside.

Combat? I think not. The claim on the back of the tag is “Battle Tested”. Once again, I would really like to know what kind of “battle” this toy was tested in. Gerbil-to-gerbil?

The tag also says that Combat toys are “battle tested to ensure they can withstand rigorous play.” Combat: please define “rigorous” as well as “battle tested”. I have to doubt the veracity of these claims when a 15 pound Havachon (who’s not even a year old yet) makes short work of complete and total destruction of the toy in under 20 minutes.

While their statement of “no dog toy is indestructible” is true, I don’t think 20 minutes of play is what that message is conveying.

Our search continues.

The end. Time to total destruction: 20 minutes.

And so it begins....

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2 responses to “Combat Bamboo Play Cat Tug Dog Toy

  1. I just love how daisy looks up at you like “huh? ” I didn’t do it. LOL

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