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Major Blogspot/Blogger Problem! Anyone Else?

Has anyone else been having trouble posting comments on Blogspot/Blogger lately?  I haven’t been able to post a comment on anyone’s Blogspot blog in a week! It either refuses to give me the verification code or, on the rare occasion that I’m lucky enough to see it, it keeps telling me that the letters I’m typing are wrong….which they’re not. DD tried it unsuccessfully too. I’ve tried it on Chrome, IE, and Firefox – none work. Very frustrating!

So now I’m not able to post on any of my Blogspot buddies’ posts. I did notice yesterday that one person only had comments from other Blogspot people, so I’m wondering if anyone else who doesn’t have a Blogspot/Blogger account is having the same problem or knows if there’s a fix.

If any of my Blogspot/Blogger buddies read this, please know I’m not ignoring you! I’ve been reading your posts but just can’t comment! 😦

All this frustration is exhausting....



Jury Duty Update…again

I just called and found out that I have to report in tomorrow for jury duty. 8:30 AM. Crap. Today’s group got to report in at 1:30 PM…that’s more my style…. 😦 Reeeally dreading this.


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