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Jaw Gym

This is a Petco brand toy called Jaw Gym, specifically designed for chewing and helping to develop “healthy teeth and jaws”.

Ten minutes and it was all over.

Our (obvious) rating: Wimp.

In five minutes, we found this:

In ten minutes, there was this:

And when I decided to take it away from Daisy, I found she’d already lost interest (a first) and it was left sitting like this:

Not only were the nubs chewed off (and mostly eaten unfortunately), but there were very deep gouges from Daisy’s teeth. The thing was a mess.

And the search continues….

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5 responses to “Jaw Gym

  1. Cool post, I have got five Boxers myself.

  2. Remarkable, Really We appreciate you putting up!

  3. Hugh Yeman says:

    Whoa! I was considering getting this. Not any more. Thanks!

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