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Toyshoppe Plubber Dog Toys

Chewed Plubber

Adorable….wasn’t it? It lasted a whole 20 minutes.

Our rating: Wimp.

Toyshoppe Plubbers are advertised to be durable, but they’re just not for tough chewers. In the first 10 minutes, Daisy had already started pulling out the threads around the eyes (you can see how frayed they look), then she quickly found the best access point to get at the squeaker. In the next 10 minutes, there was a hole in the side of the toy and we had to wrench the chewed squeaker out of her mouth.

These toys are fine for dogs who aren’t such intense chewers, but for dogs like our little Daisy, it’s a waste of money. It’s a shame, too, because she really loves plush-type toys….in fact, she loves them too much. I read other reviews on the PetSmart website that back this up. One person has a 6 pound dog who also destroyed its Plubber in the same short amount of time.

And the search for a truly durable dog toy goes on…

Disembowled Plubber with squeaker removed

Spot where Daisy pulled the squeaker out in 10 minutes.

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4 responses to “Toyshoppe Plubber Dog Toys

  1. Dog Leads says:

    Great post, I have got four Spaniels myself.

  2. Shari says:

    We got one for our Assie thought this wouldn’t last long but would keep her occupied and leave her sister alone …. But to our wonderful surprise it has lasted and is her favorite toy looking to get more :-]

  3. Kris says:

    Yeah, five minutes here with a Cairn Terrier. Wish I’d seen your blog before buying it, because it sure looked like a good toy–too bad about the thin layer of foam-rubber instead of more solid construction. Luckily, Petsmart took it back. Same night. Guess we’ll stick to the Kong X-treme Wobbler. He loves it, and we got over a year out of the first one.

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