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Monday Mischief: Daisy’s Bone Trap

Well Daisy has raised the mischief stakes. Again.

She has officially declared Bone Warfare.

Her new rule of mischief: If you’re small and at a disadvantage, strike first or retaliate with a well-placed trap. It’s always good for a laugh.

The Bone Trip Trap. Yes, Daisy actually positioned the bone to stand up straight!

A while ago, when she did something naughtily mischievous, DD tattled on her. Daisy stood there listening with her ears down, eyes all wide and pleading, while DD told me about her naughtiness.

We didn’t realize that Daisy had disappeared by the time we finished talking about it – she can be quite stealthy when she wants to – but when DD was leaving the room, I suddenly heard her (DD) cry out in pain.

Daisy had placed her hard Nylabone with the sharp, spiky bits (this thing is like a rock cactus) right in the middle of the doorway on a small threshold rug. The rug has a floral pattern and it was after dark, so the bone wasn’t obvious.

Awaiting the next unsuspecting shoeless victim….

“Daisy put that bone there on purpose, I just know it – it’s the Bone of Truth!” DD accused. “She heard me telling you what she did, and now she paid me back for it!”

I laughed at the time, but I think Daisy got a real kick out of DD’s reaction because ever since then, she quietly sets her little bone trap just like you see in the photo above. And she always comes running to see the reaction when someone without shoes on steps on those sharp bits or when someone with shoes on almost fractures an ankle when they hit it on the edge.

The victim’s cry, “That darn bone again!” brings Daisy happily in with a smile on that little face, innocent tail wagging.

In this game of bone warfare, vigilance is key.

So we sound the alarm when one of us sees a trap set for us. Daisy has, of course, caught on to this. And she upped the stakes.

Take a look at the camouflaged trap she set yesterday in DD’s doorway (she’s really gunning for DD!):

Bone trap wearing its camo gear

Hmmm….looks like you’ve been discovered, ol’ buddy. I’ll have to fix this.

La-de-daaa…I’m just sitting here with my buddies….

What?? I’m just keeping my ol’ friends company!

The more innocent you act, Miss Daisy, the more we know you’re up to something….. 😉

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Early Backyard Harvest

I’ve been so excited about our early summer tomato harvest that I had to share these photos with you.

We raise most of our veggies from seed – our radishes, tomatoes, and peppers usually start producing late summer into early fall. (They’re just babies now!)

But this year I bought a hanging cherry tomato plant to get an early start. A few weeks ago it was loaded with little yellow flowers – look at the boutiful harvest it’s blessing us with now!

So far we’ve already picked over 3 dozen tomatoes! I go out every morning and pick 8-12 fresh tomatoes almost every day. We pop them like snacks! It’s so wonderful not to worry about pesticides – just pick, rinse, and eat.

We’re setting records this week with 100+ degree humid temps, so I garden early and get back into air conditioning by 9 AM. But it’s worth it – these fresh veggies, along with colorful flowers, are my favorite things about summer!

And this is MY favorite thing! 😀



Monday Mischief: Who’s the Mischievous One Now??

Good Monday morning blogging buddies! Daisy here. I took over the blog today so I could snitch on my family like they snitch on me every other Mischief Monday. 😀

I don’t know how this happened. I was outside with my family, running and playing, followed by the inevitable lap time.

I was happily sitting on Daddy’s lap, when all of a sudden everyone was laughing and giggling! What’s up with that?

What are you laughing at?

I really don’t see what’s so funny….

Oh haha, very funny, you put the poop bag sticker on my nose. Ok, maybe it’s a little bit funny.

(Daisy actually never noticed that she had a sticker on her nose! That surprised us, because she’s not at all tolerant of having anything like that on her at all.)

We admit it – we were the mischief makers this time! Now you know what it’s like, dear Daisy! 😀

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Monday Mischief: What’s That You’ve Got, Miss Daisy?

Why are things that are off-limits so much more appealing to dogs than dog toys?

A twisted-up foil-lined bag became an irresistible plaything for Daisy last week, and she guarded it as if it were made of gold. Any time we’d try to take it, she’d grab it and run away, jumping on and off sofas and chairs like an acrobat.

Uh ohhhhh…..caught in the act.

I’ll just act like this is a normal toy for me….but I’m keeping my eyes on you….

What? These pictures don’t prove anything!

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Nature’s Oceanside Glory

A couple of weeks ago, when we took Daisy to the beach (and nature preserve) for the first time in her young little life, I once again felt the soul-enriching beauty of being completely surrounded by nature, with nothing but the call of shore birds and the rippling sounds of distant waves gliding through the inlet.

It was sheer heaven.

If you’re into nature photography like I am, you know the awe-inspiring experience of discovering those little things that tend to be overlooked or taken for granted. I thought I’d share some of those gentle beauties with you here.

Nature’s Patterns: Ripples in the inlet sand left by receding waters when the tide went out.

When is debris beautiful? When the receding sea leaves natural seaweed and driftwood on the beach in rows that look like Poseidon’s staircase.

Cactus growing naturally on the northeastern seaboard? Who knew? Just goes to show what little miracles occur when man doesn’t tamper with nature.

Is it an alien from another planet? A military helmet? Nope, just a horseshoe crab, now protected in this little paradise cove.

Look at this cool guy! I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but he’s one of the more unusual ones I’ve seen around here.

We were fortunate enough to finally see an osprey approaching its nest!

Not sure what this bird is, but his wing span was enormous!

Inlet of shallow rippling water that was fun for Daisy to explore. 🙂

I’ll stay on the lookout for more fun things!


Monday Mischief: It wasn’t me!

So who could have left this trail of cute little paw prints across a freshly-washed kitchen floor?

Daisy, of course, tried to pin the blame on everyone else. (Denial is a powerful mischief tool….for a little while…) “I think it was DD – those shoes look like a match to me!”

I think I found the guilty party, Mommy!

“No? Well how about this socked foot? I’ve got the culprit trapped for you!”

Look Mommy, I’m sure this foot is a match! I’ll hold it here for you!

No Daisy, I think these feet are the perfect match, and they need a trim, by the way:

Darn! Caught AND about to get a foot trim….not good…..

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