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Monday Mischief: Travel-Ready Puppy

I keep a couple of older suitcases to store seasonal clothes away in during off-season. I was just starting to put some summer clothes into one of them when I was called away. Look what I found when I came back – do you think Daisy is hinting that she’s ready for her next travel adventure?

Uh ohhh….am I allowed in here? It sure is cozy!

I can stay? Thanks Mom! I’ll just make myself nice and comfy.

This is my new favorite bed! And if there’s any traveling planned – well, I’m ready to go! 😀

And so am I, my little Daisy! I just may jump on in there with you – after all the craziness around here this summer, I think we’ve earned an adventure!

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Monday NAUGHTY Mischief: Daisy’s Overmarking Her Turf!

Mischief is one thing – we laugh at it, take pictures of it, and marvel over how smart and funny our sweet puppy is. BUT – this isn’t funny mischief, it’s downright naughty mischief.

Daisy’s new breed of mischief is – she piddles when we first greet her, both in the morning and when we come home after being out. And it’s not one single “hey-you’re-home group piddle” either – she’s got a piddle saved for each of us.

I’ll save you any unnecessary photos of the piddle puddles she’s gifting us and just share this photo of a semi-remorseful Daisy (but not remorseful enough to stop!).

Don’t see a lot of remorse here? Neither do we – just a touch to get the sympathy vote.

It’s like she’s marking the spot where we say hello, wherever it may be. Of course, with this new behavior, we only say hello on tile floors now.

I can’t figure out why it started, and the only thing that it coincides with is the work being done in our kitchen. Can that figure into it?

Or could it be that the installation wasn’t going smoothly and we’ve been living in chaos for the past month? It’s a long story, but to cut to the chase, the wrong size cabinets were delivered for half of the kitchen, so we were on hold for 10-14 days until the new cabinets were made and shipped up from Virginia. So we had no stove, oven, or sink. And everything is still in chaos because I have the flu (a super early flu!) and can’t manage all that backbreaking work. All the stuff from the cabinets are in boxes all over the living room and the dining room table is loaded with things we need to use. Up until last week, the dining half of the kitchen had the disconnected stove and dishwasher against a wall, blocking traffic flow.

When I say things are in chaos, I’m not exaggerating. It’s miserable living like this. I’m wondering if it’s affecting Daisy, but why would she show it this way? She seems perfectly calm the rest of the time.

So we’re going back to basics using Jan Fennell‘s Amichien Bonding techniques. Her training techniques worked like a charm with Daisy when she was a stubborn puppy, so we have faith they’ll work again.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this naughty mischief is happening, we’d love to get some fresh perspectives!

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Mommy’s Monday Mischief: Oh No She Didn’t!

But yes, she did.

Mommy used me as a mouse pad! Me, a perfectly good Havachon puppy. I kid you not.

I’m a dog, Mommy! I’m not a computer accessory!

On Thursday, the kitchen installers finally came back to install the right cabinets. We’ve been without a functional kitchen for 2 weeks now because of their measurement mistakes, and my family was getting quite put out about it.

Mommy set up her work computer in the family room, and she and I stayed in there with the doggy gate blocking the doorway so I couldn’t run through the sawdust or play with the installers. (I still don’t get that – it sounds like so much fun!)

They made SO much noise and they were right in the next room, so I could see them moving around. Well, how could I help but bark and complain? It’s my job!

Mommy knows that I’m comforted by lying on her lap, so she let me lie on her while she worked on her computer – that made me nice and calm and quiet. I thought she was multitasking – petting me while working – but then I heard a click-click-click sound….and it was coming from me!

She was working on her computer and using me as her mouse pad!

Hey, I thought you were petting me! What’s that thing you’re rolling around on my back?!

I think Mommy is the mischief maker this week, don’t you?

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A Wonderful Day!

One of our favorite blogging buddies, Meg Travels, made our day when she nominated us for not one, but TWO awards!

If you haven’t seen Meg’s travel blog, trust me, you’ll love it. Meg takes gorgeous photos of the places she visits – so good that we feel like we’ve been there too. And you’ll absolutely drool over the delectable foods she describes and photographs!

Meg so kindly awarded us both the One Lovely Blog Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you so much Meg!

The One Lovely Blog award requirements are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers you admire.
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

Okay, here are a few facts about us:

1. DD has the most adorable collection of small stuffed snowmen that Daisy is just itching to get her teeth on.

2. Every member of our family plays or has played at least one musical instrument – except my father, who (ironically) is tone deaf.

3. I’d love to draw or paint, but even stick figures suffer at my hand. 😦

4. I dream of spending an inspirational week in an artsy community where I can focus on nothing but my writing, meeting other artsy people, and taking daily outdoor hikes/walks. And Starbucks. Plenty of Starbucks. 🙂

5. I have a small collection of pressed glass Victorian toothpick holders. I think it’s fascinating that Victorians had a different piece of tableware for every possible type of food and use.

6. Visiting Italy and England are the top 2 destinations on my travel wishes….with an extended stay in Tuscany. And LOTS of memory cards for my camera!

7.  I really hate all the ugliness and mudslinging in politics; it actually makes me uncomfortable. I also hate when “they” criticize female politicians’ clothes – what the heck does that have to do with the issues?! They certainly don’t criticize male politician’s shirts or ties!

The Beautiful Blogger Award requirements:

  • Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back to their blog.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award.

We’re going to combine the nominations and introduce you to the following blogs. If you’re on the list and don’t like accepting awards, that’s fine, we just want other blogging friends to know about you! 🙂

1. Dogs n Pawz

2. The Poodle And Dog Blog

3. Trifles

4. Clowie’s Corner

5. Puppy In Training

6. Long Life Cats and Dogs

7. Murray’s Mouth

Our lovely friend Misaki just passed another new award on to us too, and we’ll be thanking her with a “proper post” very soon! 😀


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