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Monday Mischief: Headless Daisy (Don’t Panic!) ;)

Back from our week-long absence – we sure did miss our blogging buddies!

For the sake of keeping in theme with Mischief Monday, we could say that Daisy is either doing her impression of the Headless Horseman or playing a late April Fool joke on us by making her head “disappear”. Β But in fact, this is just silly little Daisy being silly little Daisy. πŸ™‚

DH took a cell phone picture of our silly little girl in her favorite “headless” pose – stretched the length of his lap, arms stiff in her “hands-up-or-I’ll-shoot” pose, and her head dangling past his knees, out of sight (and he’s TALL!).

Mind you, she’s so comfortable like this, that she’s actually ASLEEP!


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Unspoken Signals

One of my favorite blogging buddies, Nala’s Dog Days, (another Havachon blog!! Woohoo!!) recently did a post called Learning By Doing, where she talks about the ways her adorable Havachon, Nala, has learned things without any training.

This got me thinking about the unspoken signals we give our dogs, and the way they’re always paying attention even when we think they’re not (just like kids!).

My last dog used to respond to “Do you….” at the start of any sentence because she knew it preceded “….want to go OUT?” Similarly, the word “out” raised her ears and got her all excited. So we started avoiding the “do you” phrase and spelling “out” anytime we used it: “Could you take the dinner plates o-u-t?” Well that only worked for a couple of months, because she then recognized the spelling of the word, since we began saying, “Are you ready to take Mugsie o-u-t?” We then started saying it in French, but realized in short order that she’d pick up on it even if we said it in Martian, as long as we said it right before taking her o-u-t. πŸ™‚

Daisy knows the nap signal – when I sit down at my computer in the morning, it’s time for Daisy to hit Big Blue or the couch with the fleece throws. She knows I’ll be busy working for a while, so she settles in for a cozy morning snooze.

It's only 9 AM and I've accomplished so much already - stretching, eating, playing, jumping, racing - I think I deserve a nap.

Then there’s the unspoken dinner signal – when Daisy hears the evening news come on, she jumps up and stares holes in me, pacing expectantly.

Dinner time dinner time dinner time dinner time----

In the kitchen, we have a few different unspoken signals. Early in the morning, when Daisy sees me push in the end chair, she knows I’m going to open the blinds to her Window on the World (the sliding glass doors). The minute I put my hand on that chair, she trots quickly to the edge of the doors, ears perked in anticipation of the Grand Opening. πŸ˜‰

Look! There's my squirrel buddy! I wonder who else will be paying me a visit? πŸ™‚

On the other hand, when she sees me put my hand on the oven door, her ears go down and she runs into the next room – this is a throwback to the Great Scone Incident. Never will she ever forget the havoc she caused, and the oven door opening still signals d-a-n-g-e-r to her.

Are you opening any time soon? I need to know so I can run away....

Now we have the Snack Signal – when Daisy hears me peeling carrots for our dinner salad, she trots expectantly into the kitchen….she knows that a small chunk of carrot has her name on it! πŸ™‚

And, of course, there’s the Bath Signal, when DH struts into the room and says “OK” in a particular tone, then follows it with a rhetorical “Where’s Daisy”. That’s her signal to look maniacally for a hiding place, and if there isn’t one, to roll submissively onto her back, ears down, eyes open to their widest, and little licks with her tongue. It pathetically screams, “Please, please, please NO BATH!!”

Ahahahaha! You can't reach me when I'm in my cave!

Have you noticed any unspoken signals that your dog responds to?

We’ll be a bit scarce next week – we have family staying with us all week from out of state (Daisy will be thrilled!). We’ll try to pop in and visit our blogging buddies whenever we can, otherwise we’ll see you May 1!


Monday Mischief – What’s Really “Bugging” Daisy?

Well bug season isn’t wasting any time getting an early start here in the northeast – what can we expect when it hits 90 degrees in April?! Mosquitoes, bees and other creepy crawlies that we shouldn’t be seeing in such quantities yet emerged back in March, and they’re (unfortunately) bigger than ever. We’re also hearing that it’s going to be a record year for ticks – wonderful, just wonderful. 😦 I’ve already been through a bout of Lyme disease, I don’t relish the possibility of going through it again.

So today’s mischief is being played upon Daisy, rather than by Daisy. See, Daisy doesn’t quite see buggies the same way I do. She finds them to be quite fun – it’s like they’re playing a game of Catch Me If You Can as the flying bugs zip past her and the chase is on: bugs buzzing, Daisy snapping at them.

Well this gigantic mosquito decided to tease Daisy from a safe place – the other side of the glass door. He must have observed that big black cat last week and decided it would be safe to taunt her from a fraction of an inch away, as long as there was thick double-pane glass between them!

Hey! What's this thing on my door?!

The mosquito blends in a bit with the concrete behind it, but just look up a bit from Daisy’s nose – see the l-o-n-g legs attached to a thin body?

::Snap snap!:: I'll get you yet!

When snapping didn’t do the trick, nor did it scare the mosquito away, Daisy started trying to lick her way through the glass.

::sigh:: I better stock up on glass cleaner this summer! πŸ˜‰

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Goats, Farms, and Flowers!

The weather has been so beautiful lately – cool, sunny, 50s-60 degree temps – that DD and I decided to take a drive around some neighboring towns. Our favorite one has an interesting combination of wooded areas, farms, and huge mansions; we like driving aimlessly and discovering new sights by taking small roads we’ve never noticed before. πŸ™‚

Well, this weekend we discovered a goat farm! Take a look at these cuties:

Hello there! And who are you??

Mr. Cool, the loner of the herd - look at that funny little tail sticking straight up!

It felt SO good to be out in the wide open; somehow the air always feels fresher and possibilities seem as endless as the views. Areas like this – and in the woods – always bring a smile to my heart.

Can't you just feel the cool breeze on your face and all that fresh air in your lungs?

Although I’m much more of a cottage person than a mansion person (my dream is to live in a charming little cottage by a stream with a wildflower garden), I do enjoy ogling the multi-million dollar estates. Even more, I love looking at the gorgeous flowers their gardeners so lovingly care for.

Outside the long driveway leading to an estate.

Daisy stayed home with DH this time, but next time we’ll take her along so she can enjoy the scenery and new scents. πŸ™‚

I can't wait to go exploring! πŸ˜€


Monday Mischief – What Daisy Doesn’t Know…..

….won’t hurt US!

Today the mischief-making is on another foot – a black cat.

This cat is a Halloween cat if ever there was one – jet black with glowing yellow eyes.

He’s one of two very large cats (bigger than 15-pound Daisy) that roam our neighborhood freely and cause lots of shrub loss and other problems.

Big Blue must have lulled Daisy into something of a lazy stupor, because she never saw – or even sensed – the BIG black cat you see just outside the door behind her, staring at her. πŸ˜€

Had Daisy seen him SO close to her, our door probably would have been history.

This cat used our outdoor mat as a clawing post, then stared inside (probably wondering why he couldn’t get a rise out of Daisy!), then turned, raised his tail and shoved his behind against the screen door…and let loose a stream of spray. Talk about insolence!!

Cat: Hmmm...she's not noticing me....think I'll just find me a good spot to spray. That'll teach her to ignore me!

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Monday Mischief – Taking Liberties

Apparently there’s a page in every pup’s built-in Doggy Handbook that states: “Whenever your human allows you to go somewhere you’re normally not allowed, you forever and always have the right to access that place at will. Once humans give you an inch, they have forfeited all rights to refusal.”

I’m sure it says that because Daisy has taken that page to heart; she lives her life by it. It has become part of The Gospel According to Daisy.

Here’s one example.

We don’t spend much time in our living room; the family room is where we usually go to read, watch TV, etc. The living room has become more of a space used for larger party overflow. Consequently, Daisy has never had any interest in the chairs or sofa in there.

Until DH, for some reason, decided to read a book in there and he invited Daisy up on the couch to sit with him. After that, the couch became Daisy’s territory, presumably when she wants a change of scenery or when we’re all at different ends of the house and she wants to plant herself centrally to watch the comings and goings.

Why do you look so surprised? You're the one who invited me up here in the first place!

A couple of weeks later, DH was waiting for DD and me to get ready so we could all go out together. He sat in the white wing-back chair and put Daisy on his lap. A few days later, I lost Daisy in the house again. Turns out she was sitting in that chair – watching me run around the house like a nut, calling her name and looking for her – with an expression of total amusement on her face.

That chair has now been added to Daisy’s ever-growing list of home hangouts.

Caught! I'll just freeze here - maybe she'll think I'm a toy....

I'll just sit down slowly and overpower her with my hypnotic stare....

Ah ha ha! I win!

Moral of the story: Give a Havachon one little liberty, and she’ll assume control of the entire house!

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