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Happy Valentine’s Day! Special Valentine Activities for the Pooch in Your Life

BIG Valentine hugs to all our online friends and visitors! 🙂

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I’m slowly surfacing from my week-long bout with the flu and I want to thank everyone who sent me such warm messages for a quick recovery. Your positive thoughts definitely helped and gave me some big smiles!

If you’re looking for something special to do with your pet on this Day of Love, here’s a fun list of 10 activities you can do with your pet on Valentine’s Day, featured on Yeepet.

Whatever you do, enjoy the day, show your loved ones how important they are to you, and give your pets – who always give you their unconditional love – an extra bit of attention and an extra hug or two!

Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone, from all of us and our littlest Valentine, Daisy!


Valentine’s Day Goes To The Dogs….

….but we mean that in a good way….

How can we resist this little face??

We were just wondering – do you do anything special for your pup on Valentine’s Day? Any special treats? A special outing?

I found some interesting ideas online, like Homemade Valentine Pupcake Treats – a canine version of Red Velvet cupcakes!

Or how about a posh heart-shaped bed or carob-covered sweets that are safe for your best bud?

Going to a Valentine’s Day Doggy Party? Well, your little one simply must look chic! Take a look at these cute doggy fashions from The Distinguished Dog Boutique.

This will be Daisy’s first ever Valentine’s Day! Special Valentine treats and lots of cuddling are definitely on the agenda – what special things are you planning?

PS- What I thought was a nasty cold turned out to be the flu, so I probably won’t be around for a few days. Hope to see you all soon – this is one brutal strain!


Date Bait – Dogs as Matchmakers!

My family says every heart on my blanket represents a different reason they love me!

Valentine’s Day is next week, so I was wondering – have you or has anyone you know ever met that “special someone” because of your dog?

Oh yeah, dogs can definitely find love  for their owners- they’re the ultimate matchmakers, in a sense!  We’ve all heard about guys and girls who use their cute dogs as “magnets” to attract potential dates.  BUT – did you know that there are dating sites specifically for dog lovers?

Date My Pet is an online dating service for pet lovers – it even has a catch line of “Date Me. Date My Pet”. 🙂 Funny, but for true pet lovers, their significant others’ acceptance or rejection of a dog or cat can make or break a relationship!

Plenty of romantic comedies include scenes of a new lover tossing a dog or cat out of bed, or getting completely intimidated by a dog staring at them during a love scene. My guess is that it happens in real life too!

Must Love Pets is another online dating service for pet lovers – they describe themselves as a service for “singles looking for a partner who understands your pet is your baby.”

You get the idea! I’d love to hear if anyone has used these types of services!


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