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Monday Mischief – Using Her Havachon Wiles

It’s an unspoken Havachon Rule in our house that all ribbons are Daisy’s turf. Daisy will charm you, doe-eye you, and pour on the sweetness until you go into diabetic shock…..IF you’re wearing something with a long ribbon on it.

Once you succumb to her sweetness, which everyone does at some point, she’ll climb on your lap using those big eyes to their best advantage, tiny ears drooping  to emphasize her cuteness. “Awww,” you inevitably say, “this is so sweet!”

She’s got you right where she wants you. All cuted-out and helpless.

And that’s when she makes her move.

She’s used her Havachon wiles to gain access to your ribbon. The telltale sign? A loud open-mouthed, lip-smacking chewing sound and a very content looking puppy.

It's mine....all mine....

This is such a deep pleasure for Daisy that she actually goes into a “zone”, with an expression on her face that tells us she’s miles away, thoroughly and completely enjoying her ribbon addiction.

::slurp chew chomp munch::

Most of DD’s pajama bottoms have draw-string ribbons running through the top, and that’s Daisy’s Number One Target. She could sit on DD’s lap for hours if we let her, just pulling and chewing away on those ribbons.

The weirdest thing is — she actually ties knots in them somehow. Tight knots that can’t be undone. (Could she be a reincarnated super-flirt who used to tie knots in cherry stems with her tongue??)

Who'd believe these used to be flowing pink ribbons?!

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Meet Big Blue – And We’re Not Talking Football!

Who – or what – is Big Blue? Here, let me introduce you:

Mommy....can I have Big Blue for my own?

Big Blue is Daisy’s new best buddy. When DD was younger, Big Blue was her reading pillow – she’d prop him up in her bed and read in soft luxury.

DD hasn’t used Big Blue in years, so when she was having a clear-out in her room, Big Blue was put on the floor along with a bunch of other things to be donated. A little while later, she saw Daisy snuggled up all comfy and content on Big Blue. So she left him on the floor in her room, and any time we’d go into that area of the house, Daisy would happily run into DD’s room and snuggle up on Big Blue.


We didn’t have the heart to donate him – he’d found a new life with our little girl! So now Big Blue sits proudly in front of our sliding glass door (aka Daisy’s Window On The World), where Daisy can snuggle up in warm comfort as she watches the Bird and Squirrel Show outside.

Now I can watch the world in comfort!

Or, she just snoozes away….


I love it when old things find a new life! 😀


Monday Mischief: The Face – And Place – Of Trouble

Escape. It’s all about the escape.

I think one of the first things our pups do when we bring them home is — scope out each room for good “you-can’t-catch-me” places. Why? Because they know they’re going to be mischievous, and they need a good escape plan.

One of Daisy’s favorite spots has always been under the bed, but over the past few months, she’s picked a new one – underneath the dining room table.

Heeheehee! Catch me if you can!

It’s now her “go-to” hiding place if she senses an impending bath.

Haha! Just try to reach me through all these legs!

Maybe she forgot those chairs are movable?? 😉

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Daisy Picks Up A Hitchhiker

While we were in FL for Christmas, we discovered something brand new – and it wasn’t fun.

After taking Daisy out for walks, we’d find loads of nasty little green pods stuck in her fur. And I mean STUCK – they had little spikey things sticking off them that caused the pods to latch onto her fur so strongly that we had to cut the fur off. We couldn’t pull them out no matter how we tried.

We found them everywhere – on her legs, paws, tail, stomach….even under her neck and between her pads!

They looked something like this photo, but surprisingly (and happily!) those nasty looking spines were flexible and didn’t hurt Daisy at all.

My family in FL has St. Augustine grass, and these seed pods apparently are weeds that come up in the cooler months. They call them “hitchhikers” because they grab onto socks, pants, and anything else they can attach themselves to.

We still don’t know exactly what kinds of weeds they are, but they could be sandspur, which could hurt if it attached to the skin. Fortunately, Daisy’s fur is SO thick and curly that even these nasties couldn’t get near her skin – a great natural defense system! But she wasn’t too fond of sitting still while we searched her fur and cut them out after every outing.

So just a heads-up to all my traveling blog buddies out there – new areas could host new problems for our outdoor pups, so just check them over after going outside. You never know what might be lurking!

Good grief, what WERE those crazy things?!


Oops He Did It Again….

Last year I wrote about what happens when you leave a man alone with an electric clipper and a dog. Daisy went from this:


to this:

Who knew her ears were so tiny under all that hair?!

That time DD and I were out shopping for hours when this happened. The silver lining was that an equal amount of hair was left on each ear.

But apparently that was just luck.

This time, I only left the room for 2 minutes while DH ran the humming clipper through Daisy’s thick ear hair….and – you guessed it – it happened again!

It looks like a toupee!!

Okay, the hair on Daisy’s ears had grown very thick and there were some mats in there – we can’t seem to stop them unless we keep her hair cut very short and continually thin it out. But DH went overboard this time – I can’t even the ears out because one of them actually has a crew cut on the end!

Uneven ears?! I demand to see a mirror!

Yup, there's actually a crew cut at the end of this ear. ::sigh::

I’m hiding that clipper from now on. 😉


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