Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven

The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

The Phantom Lurker

It’s like in horror movies. The fearful, evil character suddenly, silently appears behind the unsuspecting victim, creeping up without a sound.

That’s Daisy after a nail clipping.

You never know where I'll show up next...

Not that she’s evil or scary, but it can certainly startle a person who thinks they’re working alone in a room to suddenly turn and see this little pile of fur sitting there staring back at them. Plus, we can never take a step without checking the floor around our feet, craning our heads around in a way that would make a chiropractor rub his hands in anticipation.

Just like in those movies, I think I’m alone in a room, but when I turn around, I see her sitting across the room, looking all tiny and innocent, having had no idea she’d even come in. The combination of clipped nails and light weight put her in Super Stealth mode.

I go back to work, then turn around a few seconds later….she’s still sitting with that innocent expression, but she’s now a foot closer. This goes on until she’s right on top of my feet, or standing so close behind me that if I try to move, I’ll squish her. It’s a funny little pattern of behavior that has taught us to be VERY, very aware of our surroundings.

What a silly little puppy!


Daisy’s First Trip to PetSmart!

We love socializing Daisy, but we had to wait until she was a little less skittish before taking her to a place like PetSmart. She seems to have overcome that hurdle and now looks to us for the sign that a new place and new people are safe to explore, so we felt she was ready. Into her travel crate and off we went!

We were so excited about seeing her reaction to this big new world that the whole family came along for the trip, plus we all love witnessing all of her “firsts”. We certainly weren’t disappointed!

They were having a rescue dog adoption outside of the store, which started things off with a bang. Daisy was so excited at all the big barking dogs, I thought her senses would overload!

Inside the store, she was greeted and fussed over by so many different people and boy did she revel in all that new attention! She couldn’t care less about the toy aisle, the treats – nothing interested her outside of people and other dogs. Some little kids even sat on the floor and let her climb all over them while they giggled up a storm – she was in her glory!

One thing did intimidate her, though – she hasn’t been spayed yet (that’ll happen in October), and when an over-eager suitor became overly interested in her, she slinked away with her ears down and tail under, clearly uncomfortable with the amorous vibes she was getting from this dachshund Romeo. She finally decided to sit down and keep her back to him. We’ve been dreading the idea of her upcoming surgery (over-anxious parents, of course), but now we’re viewing it a bit more positively. Ugh.

Funny thing, though – she just LOVES getting into her travel crate! It’s so small, I thought she’d hate it, but she races in when we open the door and we have a hard time getting her out at home! We decided to just let her come out in her own time, which usually takes about 15-30 minutes. I guess small dogs really do love their small, safe places.

Anyway, the trip was a success, so now we’ll be taking her out to more places. This coming weekend we’ll be going to a town where just about everyone has a small dog, so that should be fun for us all!


The Well-Adorned Pup

We’re just dying to add a little girly touch to Daisy, like a little pink bow on her head.

Can I have a pretty pink bow to match my blanket?

We can’t really let her hair grow long because it gets, well, kind of messy looking (the waves get sloppy looking even if I brush her 3x a day!), and we can’t tie a ribbon or use an elastic around it the length it is. So we’ve been snooping around for clips or barrettes online and found:

Pretty Smith Designs: http://www.pretty-smith.com/index.html. Talk about adding sparkle to your pup!

Trixie and Peanut: http://www.trixieandpeanut.com/category-38684-Hair-Bows-+-Barrettes. Cuteness for every occasion!

A Pet’s World: http://www.apetsworld.com/dog-hair-accessories.aspx. An enormous amount of dog stuff for show dogs and pets alike!

We haven’t ordered from any of these places yet, but there are tons of resources out there; just Google “dog hair accessories”, sit back, and have fun browsing!


Daisy’s “Nutty” Squirrel Buddy

(Sorry for the pun in the title, I just couldn’t resist!)

Our back yard is filled with squirrels, rabbits, and birds – many more birds since we put up a bird feeder – and Daisy seems to delight in  watching their antics from her Window on the World; it’s like having her own TV set that’s always tuned to the Nature Channel.

All’s golden, except when it comes to one particular squirrel who just loves to taunt Daisy. Either that or he’s overly curious…and we know what curiosity did to the proverbial cat!

Daisy enjoys assuming her “sphinx” pose in front of the sliding glass doors in our kitchen, watching the world of nature flitting through the yard and listening to all the lovely tweets and twitters (the REAL kind, not the cyber kind!). This keeps her wonderfully (and quietly) occupied and gives me a chance to get some work done undisturbed….until that squirrel zeroes in on her for his daily taunt.

I know what’s coming even before the first shrill yap – that particularly deafening shriek reserved for such outwardly bold offenders – because it’s preceded by frantically scraping nails on the hardwood floor (::shudder::) as Daisy scrambles to her feet, every muscle tight, ears starchly erect. That’s followed by the inevitable sound of nails clawing at glass, which is only somewhat overridden by the now streaming shrieks that completely blot out my yells of “QUIET!! NO!!”

Good thing we don’t live in an apartment.

This brazen squirrel no longer runs from these insane barks, I guess he’s learned that she can’t harm him. It’s like a Garfield-and-the-spider comic strip watching him look at her, trot up to the window, staring her in the face while she freaks out beyond control, and then taking his sweet time moving away casually as if to say, “HAH! All this is mine, I can go where I please. YOU have to stay in THERE. Nah-nah-nahnah-nah!” All that’s missing is the mocking raspberry.

I hope to get a picture of the squirrel sitting up on the outdoor table in front of the door, staring Daisy in the eye….it’s like watching a bad Western….

The offender approaches for his daily taunt....

The Confrontation: dog and squirrel face-off

Nah-nah you can't catch me!

Where you going? We just got started!


Never Mix Business with Pleasure

No time for photos now, c'mon, let's play!

Hey, playtime is serious business! At least it is for our little Daisy, whose love of affection goes right out the window when she’s in play mode. In fact, she’ll actually turn her back on us if we so much as hint at petting her when she’s seriously munching on her Nylabone or sharing some one-on-one time with her chewy platypus.

After chasing platypus around for a while, Daisy will suddenly plop down mid-stride and just start chewing on this toy – her favorite ever since she destroyed her furry, squeaky giraffe – inasmuch as saying, “I’m done playing with you, now it’s just me and Platypus!”. Daisy loves to growl while wrestling with platypus – funny, little short growls that range from deep baritone (as deep as a 6 pound dog can get her growler to go)  up to high-pitched falsettos, sometimes in the same breath. It must be so frustrating not to be taken seriously when she’s playing the tough-guy role, because we just laugh and laugh when she does that! If she was human, I’m sure she’d be rolling her eyes at us!

If we try to pet her, she’ll growl all the louder (play growling, not warning growls) and romp around, holding platypus tightly between her sharp little teeth, until she finds a new spot to lie on. Then we get “the eyes” – just “the eyes” – watching us and making sure we’re not going to try that again.

Ah yes, there’s nothing like a good “tough guy” play session for a sweet little curly-haired girly-puppy! 🙂


Daisy’s “Tell”

Poker players have it. Dogs have it as well – the “tell”. Those little signs that betray their…sneakier…intentions. With poker players, it’s the little twitch, movement, or slight gesture  that informs their observant opponents that either they’re bluffing or have a great hand. With dogs, it’s those out-of-the-norm little behaviors that scream “TROUBLE” to observant owners.

Rats! Foiled again!

They may be chewing on something forbidden – like the furniture or your best shoes – or they may be sneaking off as quietly as possible into an obscure corner of the room with a forbidden object. Of course, “forbidden” translates into “irresistible” in doggy psychology!

Daisy’s tell is that she can’t  help chewing on a forbidden item she’s snatched while she quietly slinks off to an occupied corner. Actually, that’s three tells – she’s TOO quiet (not normal!), she tries not to attract any attention (definitely not normal!), and she goes where no one else is (freakishly not normal!).

A couple of weeks ago, I was clearing out my purse when a cellophane mint wrapper must have fallen out and slipped to the floor without my noticing it. Out of nowhere, I suddenly heard a crackling sound moving away from me and ultimately stopping in a remote area of the family room. I went into the room and turned on the light and there it was –  little Daisy sitting hunched in a corner with her back to the room and the guiltiest look I’ve ever seen. The crackling sound stopped as soon as the light went on; she’d been chewing on the mint wrapper. As I raced over to get it away from her, she took her last best shot at achieving her goal – her chewing went into double-time speed, but fortunately I was able to get the wrapper out of her mouth before she swallowed it. Whew! That was a close call!


Our Little Linus

Me and my blanket, my blanket and me.....

We all know Linus, the smarter-than-his-age character from the Peanuts series who always carries his security blanket around. Well, we seem to have a miniature Linus here too – this is a picture of Daisy in “Linus mode” with her blanket buddy. (She doesn’t go through “withdrawal” when we wash it like Linus did, though!)

This blanket has been with her since shortly after her birth. The person we got her from gave it to us so Daisy (not her name then, they had called her “Princess”) would have something familiar with her in her new home.

Daisy would play with her little pink blanket with the happy pink hearts several times during the day, but over the past month or so, she’s become so attached to it! It may not be with her every second of her day, but she does carry it around a lot and cuddles up with it every night and during her daily naps. If we pick it up and move it, she’s with us in a flash, ears alert, and the hawk-like radar turned ON. “Where are you taking my blankey? What are you doing with it? Give it back!” she seems to say.

The odd thing is that with all the “tough” toys she’s destroyed in a matter of days, she still hasn’t ripped through that blanket! She chews it occasionally, but never rips at it.

Puppies sure are interesting…..

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Phone Envy

It’s out-and-out jealousy, really. For the first month she was with us, Daisy became quite jealous of the time and attention we gave the telephone.

While she LOVED chasing after the long telephone cord (yes we still have one land line phone with a cord, which we’ll keep forever after a bad experience when a neighbor and phony friend of ours somehow picked up the frequency of our cordless phone and decided to eavesdrop on us for a YEAR [a friend of hers tattled on her because she was appalled at what this woman was doing; yes, she actually bragged to her friend about this…]. Not a pretty encounter when we found out, I can tell you…I was RIPPING mad) .

Anyway, whenever we’d answer the phone or make a call, Daisy would study us for a few minutes, then start yapping at the top of her shrill puppy voice. It was like she was saying, “Hey! I’m more important than that thing! Pay attention to ME!” We finally broke her of that habit, and now she just walks away quietly, probably still disgusted at the thought that an inanimate object could rate so highly sometimes over her cute little self. 🙂

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Home, The Beach House, The Mansion

Our little Daisy claimed squatting rights to three “homes” in hour house – her “main home”, her “beach house”, and her “mansion”. (Sounds similar to the life of a Barbie doll, doesn’t it? LOL) Here’s how they came about.

When we first brought our little bundle of fur home at 2.6 pounds, she was naturally a bit apprehensive about being thrust into a totally new, unfamiliar environment with totally new, unfamiliar people. Who among us wouldn’t be nervous and uncertain if we were suddenly removed from our familiar surroundings by beings not of our own kind who don’t even speak our language!??

I've gotten so big, I can stand on the roof!

We carried her into the house and put her down in the kitchen; she immediately took off into the family room and raced underneath the coffee table, where she plopped herself down and surveyed her new surroundings. Spying a small round footstool that’s very low to the ground, she decided it looked even safer, so she darted underneath it and fit perfectly!

That became her refuge – her “safety zone”, her “main home” – for quite a while. It was where she slept, napped, or just sought comfort if something spooked her….until she suddenly outgrew it. One day, about a month and a half later, she tried to zip under the footstool and – BAM – her shoulders hit the legs and she couldn’t fit underneath it anymore.

Meanwhile, she discovered a larger, higher, rectangular footstool in the same room, which she went under when she wanted to bring a toy and play. We called that her “beach house” because it was where she went for fun and a little more space. She can’t fit underneath that anymore either.

But her biggest dwelling of all still remains the space underneath the coffee table, which we call her “mansion”. This she can never outgrow, but hey, she’s really an “outdoor kinda gal” and prefers being outside the “mansion” and in the room near us (usually on us!). The only time she retires to the mansion is if she’s been naughty

My three homes!

or if something scares her and she needs to feel the safety of a smaller, more confined area….though sometimes she still loves the coziness of being squished in as tiny an area as she can find.

Wish we could claim rights to a beach house so easily!

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LOVIN’ That Camera!


I'm ready for my close-up!

If this dog was human, she’d be a celeb for sure. She just LOVES being the center of attention! Just point a camera at her and – BAM – she freezes like a fashion model on a shoot. “Strike the pose” could be her tag line! And she’ll stay frozen in place until she hears the “click” of the camera, then she continues going about her business.

Only once did she get fed up with all the camera flashes; after several pictures, she grumbled a bit, got a really funny look on her face, and then turned her back to us! We thought this was pretty funny so we went in front of her, pointed the camera, and lo and behold she turned her back again, as if to say, “Enough is enough! I’m sick of all these flashes leaving spots in front of my eyes!”

So we decided to see what would happen if we turned our photographic attention elsewhere – we took a few pictures of some pretty birds at the bird feeder in our yard. She came trotting in, analyzed the situation for a bit, then decided we’d paid enough attention to these outsiders and pulled some of her attention-getting schemes: yapping…when that didn’t work she tried jumping…when that didn’t work she whined…when that didn’t work she got frustrated, grabbed a toy and raced like a lunatic around the family room, doing her short-burst growls the whole time. She was clearly frustrated at the lack of attention she was getting!

When we eventually turned the camera back to her, she went back to posing, having decided that too much attention is better than no attention at all. Whoever says animals are dumb never had many dealings with animals!

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