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This ‘N That Thursday

We’re joining the brown dawgs this week with our first This ‘N That Thursday post. I’ve left a couple of strings dangling in previous posts and so much has gone on all at once, I thought I’d bring you up to speed.

This ‘N That Thursday is for those times when you want to post about unrelated topics or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post.  It can be anything you want, so feel free to grab the button and join us!

This 'N That 3

First and most important, I’m SO happy to report that DH got a job offer from the first company he interviewed with a couple of weeks ago. This was the job he was most interested in, so it worked out well. ::WHEW!:: Turns out they already knew they were going to hire him before they even interviewed him based on his business reputation alone. Now I can take my worry wart hat off….or rather, switch hats from worried-about-unemployment to worried-about-his-working-in-NYC. This wouldn’t have been a worry for me before 9/11 and all the foiled (thank God) terrorist plots since then, but now I see him working in a big target city and that scares me. It also scares me that random daytime shootings are becoming far more prevalent than ever before. (Hey – my grandmother was a Class 1 Worry Wart; she got a triple gold star in that field, so I blame my Worry Wart genetics on her. It’s the one thing I didn’t want to inherit!) He’ll be working from home a few days a week eventually, but of course for the first few weeks he has to go into the office to become acclimated to the company and meet his new colleagues. It’s an exciting new start for him and he’s really looking forward to it. 🙂

Second, he’s been using his time well during his unemployment. The kitchen is close to completion, and it would have been done by now except we ran into some  issues with the backsplash tiling. This is so typical in this house – no project goes smoothly – either measurements, plumbing, or electrical doesn’t conform with today’s standards (our house is 50 years old). So we came up with a good solution to the problem that will look like a design treatment rather than a solution to a problem. But that meant searching for another type of tile and ordering it, which is holding up the entire process. DH has a couple more weeks before he starts his new job, so he’ll have plenty of time to finish everything once the new tiles come in next week. Right now he’s painting the final window frame. 🙂

Last but certainly not least, THE ROOF IS FINALLY GETTING FIXED!! WOOHOO!!! It’s going to be great to get literally half the bedroom furniture OUT of the living room, back where it belongs, and stop living with tarps and buckets on the floor!

This is just a small portion of the damage - you can see broken tresses, boards, and sunlight coming in through one of the holes.

This is just a small portion of the damage – you can see broken tresses, boards, and sunlight coming in through one of the holes.

As you probably remember, the roof and ceiling have been damaged since Hurricane Sandy back in October; we’ve been waiting since we signed the contract three months ago for the roofers to fit us into their schedule.

hurricane damage tree on house

Roofers and tree services have been at a premium since the hurricane – everyone needs them, and they’re making more money than they ever dreamed. What’s awful is that the tree services are gouging everyone – they raised their prices phenomenally and they know people will pay what they ask because everyone’s either got trees that were damaged and need to be removed or they’ve learned from what happened to homes like ours and are having trees that threaten their own homes removed before the next “Big One”. Weather experts say Sandy was just the first of at least another decade of unusually strong storms that will hit our area, and we’ve seen that starting to prove out already. We get strong wind storms on a regular basis now that we never had before – gusts up to 60 mph and high sustained winds.

During summer, these huge trees form a shady canopy in the front half of our back yard. In fall their yellow leaves cascade down like a gentle snowfall. I will miss them dearly.

During summer, these huge trees form a shady canopy in the front half of our back yard. In fall their yellow leaves cascade down like a gentle snowfall. I will miss them dearly.

I’ll never forget that horrible sound when the tree crashed through our roof that night, and how one entire side of our home was cloaked in darkness even during daylight hours until the tree was removed. The whole experience made me very jittery about high winds, and I’ve realized that we need to have four large trees that are very close to our home taken down. I can’t tell you how upsetting that is to me because (a) I love nature and never destroy it – I don’t even pick flowers because I want their beauty to last as long as possible, and (b) a LOT of birds flit in and out of these trees, and one of them is home to a red-bellied woodpecker family for years.

Image via Wikipedia.

I love birds and the thought of taking these trees away and having fewer of them near the house really hurts. The other trees on the property are too far back for me to enjoy any bird life there. But I can’t go through that again, and these trees would cause even more damage. So I have to shove my practical side over my emotional side. Ugh.

One of many beautiful bird scenes I'll miss tremendously when these trees are gone.

One of many beautiful bird scenes I’ll miss tremendously when these trees are gone.

And Daisy? Well, she’s not happy that the roofers are here at all. She’s on constant alert. Yesterday they were working in the master bedroom taking down a huge area of the damaged ceiling, so Daisy was on a shriek-barking kick all day. My ears may never be the same. 😉

I don't like this at all. I can't get my daytime beauty naps!

I don’t like this at all. I can’t get my daytime beauty naps!

Thanks for reading my ramblings – back to happy Daisy posts next time!


Monday Mischief: Snow Shocker!!

What happened??? Up until now, Daisy has always LOVED playing in the snow as much as we do. Now, suddenly, she doesn’t like it at all! Doesn’t that go completely against the Doggy Handbook??

We’ve been anxiously waiting for a good snowfall this winter. We had a lot of little teasers – little dustings of flurries – but a couple of weeks ago we were finally braced for a full-blown snowstorm.

And we got it. A wonderful, sparkling, frosty 8 inches of it. 🙂

snow 2.13

We couldn’t wait to take Daisy out into the snow to play. We got all our gear ready….

Big bear, medium bear, and baby bear gloves ;)

Big bear, medium bear, and baby bear gloves 😉

She seemed mesmerized by the deep white stuff lying outside the door, and she got all excited when her harness and leash made their appearance.

The harness is one thing, but this is going too far!

The harness is one thing, but this is going too far!

But once DD carried her outside and put her down in the snow, she just stood there in her little winter coat, frozen in place. Then, to our surprise, she turned around and pulled toward the door.

Hey, it's cold out here! Someone let me IN!!

Hey, it’s cold out here! Someone let me IN!!

Maybe if I face this way, they'll open that door....

Maybe if I face this way, they’ll open that door….

Weird. So DD picked her up and brought her further into the yard, then put her down and started running with her.

Daisy snow run a

Daisy went part way out, then stopped abruptly, turned, and raced back toward the door. She wanted no part of that icy winter wonderland.

I've had enough of this! I wanna sit by the fire!

I’ve had enough of this! I wanna sit by the fire!

So where’s the mischief? Well, I guess there really isn’t any on Daisy’s part, but if I had to point a finger, I’d say it’s those mischievous little ice balls that collect all over Daisy’s tummy and between her pads. Because this…..



….inevitably leads to this….

....and now I had to suffer through a bath AND a brushing....

….and now I had to suffer through a bath AND a brushing….

….which led to this….

I refuse to show my face in this thing.

….and then this….

I blame YOU for all this!!

I blame YOU for all this!!

So maybe it’s not such a mystery after all as to why Daisy no longer wants to romp in the snow. 😉

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VBP Blog Hop: Craziest Spam Messages

We’re going to jump into the new VBP Blog Hop today with this silly post. The Blog Hop is hosted by Jet, Savannah and Texas, and it’s lots of fun!

I always check my spam file here on WP for misdirected comments – and there are always some there, too! We all agree that spam is pure junk, but sometimes I find the funniest, most ridiculous and ludicrous paw(VBP) messages that really make me laugh. Do they seriously think these things will be approved by bloggers?!

I wanted to share a few classics with you; the last is my favorite (hey Jet, you, Savannah and Texas could start a new VBP Spam Dictionary with these pseudo-words! LOL):

  • Lengthy ago i ran into your blog publish and still have been recently reading coupled.
  • An fascinating speech is worth interpret. I guess that you should compose solon on this message, it mightiness not be a preconception subject but generally people are not sufficiency to verbalize on specified topics. To the next.
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And one last one that couldn’t be overlooked from a clearly undecided spammer:

I just love|like|adore every thing|post|article you make|write|create. I visit|return everyday!

Thanksome spammers, your considerable compose ingratiates my laughter at your hilarity. (I’m thinking maybe they’ll understand their own weird language LOL!)

I get a laugh out of these crazy messages too!

I get a laugh out of these crazy messages too!

You can find the VBP protocols here. It’s a fun way to meet new language-loving friends! 🙂


Monday Mischief: Mommy’s Mistake is Daisy’s Gain

Hi friends! Daisy here.

I admit it – I’m an Opportunist Havachon. (“OH” for short, and that’s what Mommy always says when I take on this role! Coincidence? I think not.)

I wear my “OH” title proudly. 🙂

Last week something happened that allowed me to exercise my Opportunist skills, and I must say, I rose to the challenge quite well.

Mommy was trying to get something out of the back of the freezer, when I heard a crash followed by Mommy’s famous “OH NO-O-O!” Naturally, that was my Call To Action – I jumped down off my comfy sofa and raced into the kitchen – PAY DIRT! Ice cubes and ice shards were splayed all over the floor! Yippee! I love crunching on ice cubes!

Come to me, my slippery friend!

Come to me, my slippery friend!

AHA! Gotcha!

AHA! Gotcha!

Heehee! You make my tongue feel funny!

Heehee! You make my tongue feel funny!

Mommy says I actually helped her clean up her spill, but that’s just the facade I put on. I was really just enjoying playing with all that crunchy water! 😉

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Monday Mischief: It’s Daddy This Time!

Hi friends! Daisy here. Mommy refused to tattle on Daddy (in fact I think she agreed with him!), so I’m hijacking the blog again today.

Our kitchen project got put on hold halfway through – the cabinets and countertop were finally finished (after a LOT of problems with the kitchen cabinet company that dragged the job out for WEEKS), but then came Hurricane Sandy that caused that nasty ol’ tree to fall through our roof (which still isn’t fixed, we’re still waiting for the roofers), and so many other things happened at the end of last year that Daddy couldn’t paint the kitchen walls or tile the backsplash on weekends like he’d planned.  (Whew! That was a BIG sentence for a little pup!)

Anyway, now Daddy’s company went through a restructuring, and his division was among many cuts. From the VP all the way down – gone. So Daddy’s between jobs right now for the first time ever. Mommy’s nervous about it, but Daddy’s confident that he’ll find something soon. And me? I’m loving having company every day, even when Mommy goes out!

So Daddy’s using this time between jobs to finish the kitchen. The first thing he did was to paint the walls and trim, and that’s where his mischief came in.

First everything was fine. He introduced me to the new painting thingies that I’ve never seen before.

Hmmmm....well you're a curious little thing, aren't you?

Hmmmm….well you’re a curious little thing, aren’t you?

But when he filled a tray with paint and put it on the tarp-covered floor, he banned me from the room!

HEY! What's this blocking the doorway?! What do you mean I can't come in to supervise???

HEY! What’s this blocking the doorway?! What do you mean I can’t come in to supervise???

Now, Daddy knows I love to walk around on that green tarp, it makes a crunchy, crinkly sound that I just love. But he put those big steps in my way and told me to “stay” – what’s that all about? How will I know if he’s doing the job right??

Finally I gave up and decided to retaliate….um, I mean find some fun elsewhere in the house.

::sigh:: Oh forget it. I'll find some mischief to do in here.

::sigh:: Oh forget it. I’ll find some mischief to do in here.

Mommy says she’ll post a picture when the kitchen is done. She says she’s going to celebrate when this project is finally over!

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Monday Mischief: Tea Thief!

I may not have photos of the thief in action, but Daisy and I were alone in the house when this happened.

I put a full cup of chamomile tea on a table in the family room; there was a pretty good gap between the couch and the table. I was all set – a quiet house, a publication I was looking forward to reading in total relaxation, and a cup of herbal tea at my side.

I made the mistake of going into another room to get a throw, and when I came back I found this:

Daisy tea drinkNow, I don’t make half-cups of tea, that cup was totally full when I walked out of the room for all of a minute. Someone had one heck of a fast drink!

Why are you looking at me like that?? I don't know who drank your tea!

Why are you looking at me like that?? I don’t know who drank your tea!

I later found out that we were very lucky, because chamomile plants can be toxic to dogs and cats. Fortunately Daisy had no reaction at all, maybe because it’s so diluted. But from now on ALL drinks, herbal or not, will be kept FAR away from her reach; that snack table where I had the tea seemed far enough away, but apparently this little Havachon can stretch herself into some very elongated positions!

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