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Snowmeggedon? I think not…

They called it “Snowmeggedon”. I call that snowverkill. A real snowverreaction.

Okay, I’ll stop.

When I was growing up, this “winter event” would have been called a snowstorm. Yes, it had the potential to be a blizzard with about 3 feet of snow, but even so…what was it we used to call that? Oh yes, a BLIZZARD.

Only the beginning...

Only the beginning…

Now everything has to have huge hype and a silly name. The one smart thing they did, though, was to enforce a travel ban for our state and our neighboring state of New York. They closed all bridges and tunnels, and they even made it a crime to drive a vehicle from 8 PM last night “until further notice”. They wanted to keep the roads open for plows and emergency vehicles, which is really smart. It’s unfortunate that they actually have to threaten people in order to get them to use common sense and stay off the roads, but for some reason there are too many people who don’t listen when governors and mayors simply tell them to stay off the roadways. The result of making it a crime to drive was that there were far fewer accidents and deaths, which is definitely a good thing. Hooray!

I’ll get off my soapbox now and move on to the beauty and cuteness of this wonderful snowstorm that we’ve been hoping for all winter. We’ve got about a foot and a half on the ground! It came down for over 24 hours straight. 😀

And what is Miss Daisy doing? Two things, primarily – playing and cuddling. But not in that order.

Daisy doesn’t like deep snow, probably because she’s only several inches off the ground herself and the snow is over her head at this point. Understandable. But a couple of days ago we got a few inches, which froze so she could romp on top of it.

Blurry racing photos always mean FUN!

Blurry racing photos always mean FUN!

But this morning the snow was so deep, she absolutely refused to take a walk. She got to the edge of the open patio and tried to run back inside. DD was insistent, so Daisy did the next best thing:

Surely a patio is as good as grass in a storm, no?

Surely a patio is as good as grass in a storm, no?

We now have a lovely yellow patch on our patio. Daisy absolutely refused to venture into the 18 inches of snow, and who can blame her?

She headed straight back for the door, ready to engage in her most favorite snow day activity:

Now THIS is what snow days are for!

Now THIS is what snow days are for!

We’re so happy we finally got a decent snowfall…even if it wasn’t a “snowpocalypse”… 🙂


Daisy Goes Indoor Camping

After my back injury last year, we had to put a sleeping bag on the floor with a thick piece of foam under it. At first I had to lie on them all day long, then sporadically, and now I only use them to do my back strengthening exercises and for the occasional times when I have pain that can only be helped by an hour or so on the floor.

But Daisy has different ideas. This has become her favorite place to rest, like her own personal campground. She gets pretty annoyed when I need to take over her space!

Now I know why you’re down here every day – this is comfy!


Oooo, snuggly warm!

Oooo, snuggly warm!

Don't mind me, I'll just tuck myself in a bit further...

Don’t mind me, I’ll just tuck myself in a bit further…



We’re in the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop!

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Daisy’s Christmas Tradition

We have two Christmases here in the Daisy family – one out of state with family, and our favorite one (which we call our real Christmas) here at home with just the four of us.

But Daisy has one tradition that she honors no matter where we celebrate – we call it “paper herding”:

Look at all the pretty paper presents I've collected!

Look at all the pretty wrapping paper presents I’ve collected!

Let's see...one...two...three...yep, looks like they're all here...

Let’s see…one…two…three…yep, looks like they’re all here…

And then, of course, comes our annual Christmas tradition…

Oh, I HATE this part of the holidays!

Oh, I HATE this part of the holidays!



We hope all our blogging buddies had fun Christmases too! Do your pets have any holiday traditions?

We’re part of the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop!

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Daisy’s Donkey Kicks

Happy New Year to all our blogging buddies!! Hope you all had VERY happy holidays! We’re back after our holiday hiatus, and we’ve got lots to share!

First, though, I wanted to show you this funny 11-second video of Daisy doing her silly-walk – she got a new matching raincoat and boots set for Christmas – a gift she really didn’t appreciate! Here she is trying to walk while doing her get-these-things-off-me donkey kicks:

If the video doesn’t work for you, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJZvJ3aw3_w

Our next post later this week will show Daisy’s famous holiday tradition. 😀



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