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What Wonderful Surprises!

We were so surprised Tuesday morning to find not one but TWO awards waiting for us! Thank you so much to two of our favorite blogging buddies, Fluffy Popcorn and Misaki!

The new Sunshine Award from The Misadventures of Misaki, a gorgeous Alaskan malamute, just happens to have a beautiful daisy as its symbol – how appropriate! 😀

So here are the rules:

  • Answer the questions that come with it
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it

Here are the questions and our answers:

Favorite number: 2 for Daisy, because 1 treat is just a tease! 2 has always been my favorite number also.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Water is all Daisy gets, so that’s her answer. But I know she’d be a coffee nut like me if she could, because she loves the aroma of coffee and gets extra intense licking the inside of a “to go” ice cream container if there was mocha ice cream in it. Obviously, my answer is coffee, especially Starbucks mocha!

Facebook or Twitter: Not really my favorite things because I do these for my clients, so I don’t do either for myself – too much like work! But I’d have to say Facebook (even though the site drives me nuts) only because I can get more info out on Facebook than Twitter. Daisy agrees. 😉

My Passion: For Daisy, that would be a toss-up between cuddling and playing tug-of-war. For me, it’s archaeology, hands down. I’m fortunate to be able to work at archaeological digs as an avocation, and it’s always new, fun, and exciting.

Favorite pattern: Daisy’s Humane Society fleece blanket would have to have her favorite pattern – she loves that blanket! It’s got paw prints around the edges and cute dogs and cats in the center. For me, it’s those adorable little paw prints left by Daisy. Even if they do mess up my just-washed floor. 🙂

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday! All the family is together all weekend, but when Saturday comes to a close, we know we still have another family day to go! 😀

Favorite Flower: Well, obviously the daisy for Daisy! For me, it’s the hydrangea, especially in purple/blue. Generally I favor anything with clusters of smaller flowers.

It’s always easy to pass awards on to others, what’s hard is narrowing it down to any small number of people. Like my blogging buddy Barb, I feel everyone deserves all of these awards, so take it if you so desire! But I’ll name 10 other blogs because I find this is a great way to introduce my friends to other blogs they may not have seen.

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And a third Leibster Blog Award was generously given to us by our friend Fluffy Popcorn, an absolutely adorable toy poodle. This little gal will give you an “awwwww” every day! 😀

The rules of this award are to pass it along to five blogs, so here are a few more we’d like to pass the award along to and introduce you to:

Magsx2’s Blog

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I hope you enjoy discovering some new blogs, and thanks again to our furry friends for recognizing us! 😀 Daisy sends you big puppy licks. 🙂


Daisy’s Big Weekend Adventure!

What a gorgeous summery weekend we had! Can you guess where we took Daisy for her first big summer adventure?

You got it – the beach! But not just any beach – this is an amenities-free beach and a nature preserve, a completely natural peninsula along our coast. No noisy boardwalk games, no oily fried smells filling the air, no man-made attractions detracting from nature’s beauty.

This was Daisy’s first time on a beach, and we were so excited to see how she’d react to the sand, the new salty-sea smells, the water, and all the other new discoveries.

Why is all that water rushing toward me? Is that a giant bathtub??

What’s that over there?

Needless to say, she LOVED it!

This is one happy pup! 😀

What a great time we all had! Daisy was constantly on the alert, chasing birds while they flew overhead, testing the salt water, checking out the sand (and deciding it wasn’t so tasty after all!), and investigating the newness of it all.

This is SO cool!

I’ll be posting more pictures of the great birds and other natural beauties of this place soon! 🙂


How Daisy Says “I Love You”

It’s those tender little moments between human and dog when you know you’re feeling the exact same thing.


Those special little moments when Daisy climbs up on my lap, ears limp, eyes big, tail wagging. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes, so soft and loving that it floods me with warmth. I become mush.

She cuddles on my lap, curling herself up into a tight little ball, nestled perfectly. Then she puts her head into the crook of my arm as I hug her, her paw on top of my arm as if to say, “Don’t ever let go.”

I give her a light squeeze and tell her Mommy will always love her. She tenderly looks up into my eyes for a long time, as if understanding the sentiment and returning it in the only way she knows how.

She rests her head on my chest, getting as close as she can get. I stroke her gently with my cheek on her head, and she sighs, long and deep.

There’s nothing in the world like the love of a dog.


Monday Mischief – Daisy Says, “Sock It To Me!”

Remember Daisy’s little quirk about having to topple high heeled shoes over? Well, her next favorite thing in the world is…. socks. (She has a lot in common with our buddy Snoopy!)

Lookee Mommy – I found treasure!

Worn socks are her favorite, but she’ll take anything she can grab. When we have the laundry basket out, she LOVES catching a sock as it’s tossed into the basket. You’ve never seen a happier dog!

Umm, why are you staring at me? Am I not supposed to have this?

I’ll just look away and pretend not to notice you. But don’t touch my sock.

I’ll just settle down and get to work on this sock. This thing’s mine now.

Think I’ll take a break from all that sock work….but I’m not letting go for a second!

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