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Monday Mischief – This Little Piggy Got Mauled

No, we’re not talking about our sweet little friend Coccolino, Daisy loves him and would never hurt him! We’re talking about a very short-lived addition to Daisy’s toy box.

We thought Daisy’s Destructo-Pup days were over. She’s been less aggressive with her toys over the past several months, so much so that we gave her a soft toy to play with again.

I love my new soft squeaky toy....whatever it is! ;)

I love my new soft squeaky toy….whatever it is! 😉

She did so well with it that we gave her another.

Cool! My first Halloween toy!

Cool! My first Halloween toy!

And another. 🙂

Wow a squeaky in every arm! I'm in heaven!

Wow a squeaky in every arm! I’m in heaven!

Daisy LOVES soft toys with squeakers and crunchy sounds, but she always used to disassemble them within 20 minutes, including those supposedly indestructible tiger-tested toys.

Level NINE Tuffie toy, less than half an hour after Daisy got it.

Level NINE Tuffie toy, less than half an hour after Daisy got it.

But this year a friend of ours, underestimating the hidden destructive tendencies within our little cutie, gave her a hollow plastic piggy. Not a good idea. It turned our mellowing Havachon back into rabid Destructo-Pup – it was like watching a pretty girl transform into a werewolf.

Unfortunately we didn’t discover this wild transformation until the piggy had been….well, brutalized. And partially devoured.

He's not half the piggy he used to be.... :<O

He’s not half the piggy he used to be….     :<O

OUCH. That hadda hurt!

OUCH. That hadda hurt!

Poor thing never really stood a chance. ::sigh:: I guess you can never truly vanquish those Destructo-Pup demons. 😉

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Monday MIschief: Just Act Natural

One of Daisy’s many Mischief Philosophies is, “When caught red-handed, just act natural and no one will be any the wiser.” Unfortunately that didn’t work this time, when she tried to lay claim to DH’s Italian takeout:

Daisy and takeaway

You don’t see me….I’m not here….

Daisy and takeaway

You still there??

Umm, errrr, ::ahem:: Can you please bring me some water to go with this?

Umm, errrr, ::ahem:: Can you please bring me some water to go with this?

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A Wonderful Dose of REALITY

The great Tibetan Terrier Princess of Reality, Zena, has honored us with the Reality Blog Award! Thank you Zena, you rock!!

The Reality Blog Award

The rules and instruction for this award are:

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them.

3) Answer the 5 simple questions. (see below)

4) Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify each of them. (see below)

5) Display the award on your blog somewhere.

I’m turning the Q&A portion of this award over to Daisy – she’s really excited about answering these questions!

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

I’d change where my family keeps the treats – they’re completely out of my short little reach. I’d convince them to keep those treats on the floor where I could get at them…..umm, I mean, guard them.

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be? any year?

Well I’ve only been around for 2 years, so I don’t have much to compare against! 😉 I don’t think I’d trade this year for last year though, only because of all that training I had when I first came home. (That potty training went on forever!) Now I’m training them, so I think I’d repeat this year. 🙂

3) What is one thing that really scares you?

One thing? Hmmm….it’s a tossup between vaccinations and loud noises. I guess because there’s more thunder, things dropped suddenly on floors, and construction (lately) than there are vaccinations, loud noises have to take first place. And those fireworks on New Years and July 4th – yikes!

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

My biggest dream is to be allowed to sleep on a bed with one of my family members, but I’m not allowed there. I don’t think I’ll be able to complete it – they’re pretty determined not to let me up there. Hmph.

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

Somebody who sleeps in a big bed. 😉

Nominations are tough because we love all our fellow bloggers and we know there are even more out there we’d love to get to know. So just this once, we’d like to pass this award on to anyone who’d enjoy receiving it – please feel free to take it and pass it along. 🙂


Monday Mischief: Daisy’s “Tells”

How do you know when our Havachon puppy has been mischievous? Just look for her “tell”:

What makes you think I ate something?

What makes you think I ate something?

There's no evidence! I'm innocent, I tell you! ::lick lick::

There’s no evidence! I’m innocent, I tell you! ::lick lick::

"Frozen Havachon": If I freeze and don't look at you, you won't notice that I stole your sock.

“Frozen Havachon”: If I freeze and don’t look at you, you won’t notice that I stole your sock.

Nyah nyah you'll never find out what I did....

Nyah nyah you’ll never find out what I did….

Guilty or innocent? You decide! 😉

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An Inspiring Start to the Year!

What a great way to start the new year! Our friend Zena, the Tibetan Terrier Princess, has honored us with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Zena is an adorable and very smart pup who is helping to raise her new standard poodle sister, Raffles, after a devastating loss. Zena’s growth process from mourning to emerging into a stronger, more confident pup is truly inspiring.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

We may not be able to visit our blog buddies daily, but we love you all and thoroughly enjoy your blogs and your comments on our blog. You add extra sunshine to our day! 😀

Now to business – the Rules:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you

2] Post the award image on your page

3] Tell seven random facts about yourself

4] Nominate fifteen other blogs

Now to come up with seven more things about myself and/or Daisy…hmmmm……

1. DD and I are BIG Downton Abbey fans. If our friends were as into it as much as we are, we’d have hosted a Downton Season 3 premiere party with everyone in 1920’s dress!

2. We love playing backgammon, Pente, Scrabble, and other such games that have less to do with luck and more to do with strategy. Of course, drawing good Scrabble tiles or rolling good numbers in backgammon never hurts! 😉

3. I love Americana art jigsaw puzzles. Americana art transports me to ideal small towns and simpler times, both of which I’d love.

4. Daisy’s hair is so curly and gets so thick in winter that she feels like a Berber carpet!

5. I love teapots, especially English-style teapots. I have  small collection of full-sized teapots and a larger collection of miniature teapots.

6. I used to ride horses weekly and once was kicked in the thigh by a horse with bad aim. He was clearly angry at my horse but kicked me instead of his arch rival. I still have a silver-dollar-sized blood clot from that extraordinarily painful experience.

7. Daisy celebrates the dawn of each new day by racing around the house with her squeaky toy. She greets each of us, jumping up off the ground repeatedly, twirling around, and tap-tap-tapping those paws like a tap dancer on caffeine; then, as if the excitement is just too much to contain, she grabs a squeaky toy and races around with it, play-growling and biting the squeakers to make as much noise as possible. Forget New Years Eve celebrations – Daisy has a daily Dawn Of A New Day celebration!

Here are my 15 nominees – as usual, if you don’t have time to deal with awards, just consider this my way of introducing other bloggers to your site.

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Monday Mischief: The Packaging is Always More Fun

Daisy has discovered what kids have always known: that packaging is always more fun than whatever was in the package. And the holidays gave her many opportunities to have some fun!

Her mischief secret – get hold of that fascinating stuff before anyone’s the wiser.

Hey Mommy! Lookee what I found in that box!

Hey Mommy! Lookee what I found in that box!

Heehee I made a nest for myself!

Heehee I made a nest for myself!

Now let's get to work on this bad boy....

Now let’s get to work on this bad boy….

What do you mean you need to put it in the garbage?! It's MINE!

What do you mean you need to put it in the garbage?! It’s MINE!

As they say, one man’s trash is another pup’s treasure! 😀

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