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Thursday Barks and Bytes: Ribbon Girl Daisy

DH brought me some lovely flowers the other day – sometimes he’ll see a beautiful bouquet and just know I’ll love it, so he’ll bring it home. 🙂 I’m a lucky gal that way!

This particular bouquet had lots of vibrant citrus-colored ribbons around it, all made into a bow. The colors reminded me of summery sorbet flavors….and that was the only bad thing – I ended up getting a pint of mango sorbet and a pint of red raspberry sorbet while I was at the store!

Anyway, we wanted Daisy to share in the beauty of this bouquet, especially since some of the flowers are her namesake:

These daisies remind me of orange-creamsicles! Another run to the market may be necessary.... ;)

These daisies remind me of orange-creamsicles! Another run to the market may be necessary…. 😉

But since we didn’t want to take the chance that our crazy Daisy would try to eat the flowers, we did the next best thing….

Daddy, please stop bringing Mommy flowers with ribbons!

Daddy, please stop bringing Mommy flowers with ribbons!

Are you about done with the pictures?

Are you about done with the pictures?

That's enough pictures! I'm getting this thing off me!

Enough! I’m getting this thing off me!

We’re part of the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like A Dog.

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We Are Blogville…Finally!

We’ve been meaning to jump in on Murphy and Stanley’s blogging experiment, and we’re finally getting around to it! So….

I’m Daisy and I live in the northeastern US, near the Jersey shore. (And NO, most Jerseyans are NOT like those awful TV “housewives” – that’s ALL Hollywood!!)

Hi! I'm Daisy the Havachon!

Hi! I’m Daisy the Havachon!

And here I am participating in my favorite sport - cushion sitting! ;)

And here I am participating in my favorite sport – cushion sitting! 😉



Another Liebster Award! And Our Revealing Answers…..

Our dear blogging friend Trifles has honored us with another Liebster award – look how pretty the new design is! Thanks so much!


And now for the “revealing” part – the set of questions that accompanies the award!

1. What is your favorite piece of music?

I love so many different types of music and so many different pieces of music that it’s hard to single one out. But I suppose if I have to choose one, I’d say Rhapsody in Blue is always in my top ten.

2. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Easy. It’s JOHNNY DEPP hands down. His acting is superb and I think he’s about the hottest thing alive. His natural eccentricity just makes him all the more appealing to me. ::turning up the air conditioner LOL::

3. Has your life ever been in danger?

Yes. When I was young I had asthma really badly from a stupid know-it-all doctor who gave me a double small pox vaccination. I was so close to death at one point, the doctor told my parents to call our priest. I’m told that I had stopped breathing and turned blue, when out of nowhere my eyes shot open, I drew in a sudden breath and came back to life. No one knows how I survived.

4. What is your favorite plant?

I love all different types of plants, but my favorite flowering plants all have clusters of tiny flowers. I’d say blue-purple hydrangeas are probably one of my top favorites. A bush that has small bouquets of tiny white flowers that my grandmother always called “bridal bouquet bush” is also one of my favorites because it reminds me of my grandmother. I still have no idea what the actual name of that bush is!

5. If you were a pet, would you like to be a dog or a cat, or something else?

I’d rather be a dog, as long as I was in a loving family!

6. Which profession did you want to choose as a child?

I always wanted to be an archaeologist, and I still wish I’d gone into that field. I do avocational archaeology in a nonprofit archaeological organization on weekends, and I LOVE it!

7. What do you do if you are out of temper?

Yell. Fortunately that doesn’t happen often!

8. What does the house/flat of your dreams look like?

It’s a small, charming cottage, minimally decorated with bright and happy things and with a wildflower garden and window flower boxes. Multi-pane windows that glow with warm light at night. And it’s situated by a rambling stream that I can hear gurgling along when the windows are open. Just on the edge of a small village filled with artsy people I could talk with over coffee. Oh yes, I’ve known for many years exactly where I’d want to live if I could find it!

9. What would you choose: to be a renowned scientist or to be a famous artist? Why?

Definitely an artist, but I wouldn’t want to be famous. I like my privacy and freedom too much to want to be in the spotlight. But I love being in the arts – people are so much more interesting and there are no boundaries to what you can do!

10. Have you ever tried some arts (literature, music, acting, fine arts, etc.)?

I’m a writer by profession, so I’m already in the arts. I’ve played musical instruments in the past as well. I’d love to paint, but I can’t even draw a recognizable stick figure!

11. What is your favorite sport?

Blogging. 😉 I used to play volleyball and basketball, but I’m not into sports now.

Please feel free to accept this award if you’re reading this blog post, I’m happy to share it with anyone and everyone. And if you have the time, answer the questions so we can get to know each other better – it’s fun! 🙂

Thank you, Trifles! :D

Thank you, Trifles! 😀

We’re part of the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop! Thanks to Heart Like A Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs for hosting!



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