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Happy Havachon Halloween!

Fall and Halloween go hand-in-hand around here. It’s my favorite season and it’s tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday. And since my birthday is October 30 – yes, Mischief Night! Bwahaha! – there’s lots of extra celebrating going on. 🙂 So I enjoy every precious second of it.

From our vet’s highly decorated office (notice the fireplace – it used to be a house, and he kept it warm and homey):

vet's autumn

vet's in autumn

To walks in my favorite park:

autumn tree red

This tree is actually quite red, but my smartphone isn’t smart enough to get the color right!

autumn trees with geese

To visits to those wonderful family-owned garden centers:

pumpkins at farm

mums in bloom



And last but certainly not least, Daisy’s attempt at striking fear into our hearts with her definitive Mark of the Vampire:

See Mom? I told you there was a canine vampire here! ::heeheehee!::

See Mom? I told you I turn into a vampire at night! ::heeheehee!::

I look innocent when I'm cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I'm really hiding vampire fangs...

I look innocent when I’m cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I’m really hiding vampire fangs…

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