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Hartz Percival Platypus Flexa Foam Toy

A friend gave Daisy this toy (as well as the Hartz Roundabout Animals Kangaroo) when she was only 4 months old. But because she was already showing her Destructo-Pup tendencies, we thought this little Flexa Foam toy was a goner.


Our rating: Warrior!

Both Percival Platypus and Kangaroo fell into the “you can’t judge a book by its cover” category – they lasted for 4 solid months!

Hartz — more Flexa Foam toys….please!

Yes, over time Destructo-Pup amputated Percival’s tail and Kangaroo’s ears and nose, but she had constant access to them. She absolutely LOVED the crazy squishy sound they made when she chewed on them and the squeaker was easy for her to squeak, even at just a few months of age (that wasn’t so with all toys).

These toys were great for playing fetch – they bounce in crazy directions and roll around, giving Daisy’s reflexes a good workout.

I don’t know if these are being made anymore, but there are some online shops that still have them for $3 and under. If you find them, snap them up!!

Who you lookin' at??!!

I LOVE my Platypus!

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15 responses to “Hartz Percival Platypus Flexa Foam Toy

  1. barb19 says:

    Cute pic – she loves her platypus! Thanks for the review on the toys; haven’t seen them here in Oz. Where are you?

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