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Spring Pairings

I just couldn’t resist posting pictures of some of my favorite spring pairings. This lovely couple comes to the feeder every day – he gallantly stays underneath the feeder, pecking at seed on the ground and watching for trouble, while his little lady feeds heartily at the feeder. In this picture, he’s looking up at her as if to say, “You okay up there?” 🙂

Hey, babe! How you doin'?

Hey, babe! How you doin’ up there?

And this mourning dove couple visits every morning and always stay close together on the ground, going for the easy pickin’s. 🙂

Always together, in all kinds of weather

Always together, in all kinds of weather

And then there are the confirmed bachelors…

I stand alone, thank you.

I stand alone, thank you.

I think we can see why this guy is a bachelor:

Look, I'm a bird pretzel!

Look, I’m a bird pretzel! Hey, my feet taste good!

I love this tree pairing–

SO pretty!

SO pretty!

And how about this fun pairing of cat lovers and dog lovers pastas? 🙂

cat and dog pasta

And then there’s Miss Daisy, who’s always paired up with one of us. 🙂

Daisy and DD phone time

Happy spring! 😀

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