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Monday Mischief: Mystery Mischief

We don’t know what kind of mischief Daisy was up to that brought about this funny expression, but we know she must have been up to something! (Just hope we don’t step in it! LOL!)

Haha It’s MY secret Mommy!

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Monday Mischief: Havachon Beats Spiderman!

Yes, it’s true – little Daisy went up against Spiderman and knocked his stuffing out! Havachon style, of course….

Here he is before the battle:

I am Spiderman, fear my strength! Haha little Havachon, do your worst!

Can I Mommy? Can I do my worst? Pleeeeeeze? Just let me at him!

Daisy: I’ve got you now! You’re MINE! You’re no match for me!
Spiderman: uh ohhh……

Take one last look at him, Mommy – he’s going DOWN!

And here he is after half an hour with our little maniac:


Poor Spiderman. He had it all – a squeaky head and a body that made enticing crunchy sounds. How can a Havachon resist?

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Poppy Says We’re On Fire!

Fluffy Popcorn, one of our favorite little blog buddy pups, has generously passed the Blog On Fire Award on to us – thank you so much little cutie! This tiny toy poodle has a lot of personality and a ton of cuteness in her small little self!

And now for the requirements: 8 unusual facts about ourselves….hmmmm, unusual? That’s a tough one, being that we’re not unusual people! How about a few facts we may not have mentioned before?

1. I’m not a summer person. I can’t stand heat over 80 degrees F or humidity (and we just had a 105 degree day with a heat index of 110!). The only things I love about summer are fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers. Give me a place with year-round fall and I’ll move there!

2. If we could, we’d live off our own garden completely to avoid the toxins in commercial meats and produce.

3. I’m most happy puttering in the garden, hiking in the woods, discovering interesting small towns, or tucked under some blankets while watching an old movie on a cold winter day. Or coming in from the snow and warming up with hot chocolate. The ultimate is doing all of this with my little family.

4. I love fall/winter clothes. I love their rich colors, their warmth and softness, and their look, and I love being bundled up in them.

5. My dream is to have a small, Kinkade-esque cottage near a rambling stream surrounded by wildflowers with herb and veggie gardens outside the back kitchen door (similar to Colonial kitchen gardens). Its interior would be bright, happy and charming and it would be a short walk from an artsy town center with a couple of al fresco cafes.  (I’ve actually sketched out the floor plan for the cottage – a modified version of a hundred-year-old  home-turned-shop I’ve been in. It does include a walk-in fireplace in the open living room!) Not too idealistic, ya think?

6. Daisy screeches when the doorbell rings. Not barks – ear-piercing screeches intermingled with insistent whining. Sounds like she’s being stuck by pins rather than announcing a visitor!

7. I love antiques, but I have a fondness for pressed glass Victorian toothpick holders. I’m always amazed at how the Victorians had a specific item for every single need at the table, and these little gems really captivate me. I have a small collection of them and use them as miniature vases for small garden flowers or flowers from bouquets that outlive the rest.

8. I love 19th century literature, and Jane Austen is my guilty pleasure. I’m savoring every word of Mansfield Park right now. (And DD and I are BIG Downton Abbey fans!)

And now for 8 blogs to pass the award on to. If you’re on this list but not interested in awards, just consider this our way of introducing our friends to you!

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4. The Adventures of Little Miss Red Maple Leaf

5. Bassett Momma

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7. Alfie’s Blog

8. Hutch A Good Life

Thank you Poppy! 😀


Monday Mischief: Taking Advantage

Sweet, loving little Daisy is a clever little gal. She knows when she can push the envelope – never let it be said that Daisy didn’t take advantage of a situation where humans are vulnerable.

DH’s surgery has given our little pup LOTS of exciting things to take advantage of. For one thing, he’s home for at least the next month, so she almost always has company and someone to cuddle with.

But even better in her eyes, things are a bit chaotic around here neatness-wise. Taking care of DH, running him back and forth to Physical Therapy, trying to keep up with my own work, shopping, cooking, and all the regular household chores…..something’s gotta give. And it’s keeping things neat and organized that’s drawn the short straw.

So there are piles of pillows, blankets, and robes (even the green hospital robe that’s the only thing that fits over his huge brace) strewn about on the family room sofas ALL the time. DH needs to pile things up in unusual ways just to find a position that he can sleep in for all of 30 minutes, when he’s lucky enough to catch a few zzzz’s with the steady pain he’s in. All night long he moves from sofa to chair and back again, just trying to get comfortable. Lying in bed is still out of the question for him.

This is ideal territory for Daisy. Our little Pillow Princess just loves lying on piles of soft, cushy things – the more there are, the merrier she is….and she’s been very merry lately!

This is the life!

What? Watching over DH is tiring work!

Umm…you’re not going to make me give up my throne, are you?

When all this is over, I’m going to join little Miss Daisy on those soft pillow piles and sleep for a week!

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The Sticky Note Bandit Strikes Again

A while ago, I wrote about Daisy’s sticky note addiction – for some reason, these things are to her what chocolate is to most of us women….at least the women in our family!

Well, this time the sneaky little thing went after a pack of sticky-note bookmarks right in front of me.

Daisy’s new rule of mischief: Feign interest in someone’s work to distract them from your ultimate goal.

Hmm….this looks like a complex piece, DD….let’s study it more closely…

Now, what’s this note here?

I’ll just move up here so I can see the whole thing better….

I…ahem….need to see this particular page better…. ::cough cough:: [Eye on the prize!]

Just checking to make sure you’re not looking at me….

Zeroing in…..

It’s MINE!!!

Oops….do you think they’ll notice that I flipped it over?

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PS~ Thanks for all your good wishes for DH’s surgery. It went well, but he had far more extensive damage than the doctor thought. He’s home resting, using the ice machine, and tolerating the pain. We appreciated all your messages!


Sisterhood is a Beautiful Thing!

Before I get into the post below, which I wrote last week, I just wanted to let my blogging buddies know that DH is having surgery tomorrow (Friday) on his rotator cuff and a torn bicep, so needless to say, I’m getting more nervous by the minute. I’ll be at a surgical center with him for 5-6 hours, then home for what the doctor calls “the most painful recovery next to knee surgery”. Besides hating to see a loved one in so much pain for several weeks, I’m praying there will be no complications or post-surgical infections, which have been so frightfully common over the past few years. The doctor claims he prefers the surgical center to hospitals because they’re more sterile and there’s more of a risk of infection at hospitals, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this is the case. If all goes well, I’ll see you all on Mischief Monday.

Now, on with the original post!

We were so happy when we discovered this wonderful new award awaiting us from our blogging buddies Bella and DiDi!

In order to accept it, we have to share seven things about ourselves and then hand out five nominations. Here we go!

1. We don’t need a calendar to know when Daisy’s weekly bath is close – by the end of the week, she either smells like popcorn or Cheese Doodles, depending on how much she’s sweat. Could be worse! 😉

2. Some of Daisy’s nicknames are Nutter Butter, Fluffer Nutter, (notice the “nut” theme!) Lunatic (said with love!), Puppy, Sweet Thing, Little Baby, Pupperdoodles….to start with!

3. I can’t even count the number of times each day that I tell Daisy that I love her. I’ve loved all our pets, but Daisy has completely captured my heart.

4. I smile every time I see a new comment on our blog posts, each comment feels like a little visit from a distant friend. I never realized what a special and unique bond could unite bloggers!

5. Daisy sometimes lets out the most endearing, sweet little high-pitched sound when she’s lying on the couch and changes positions. It’s a tiny, thin, wavering little sound that continues until she settles into her next comfy pose. 😀

6. We shave a little semi-circle beneath Daisy’s  behind so no stinkies get trapped in her long, thick hair. With every stroke of the clipper, she tucks that little behind under just a bit. I can just imagine the expression on her face!

7. Daisy is NOT a heat-loving dog. During the heat of summer, one run around our 3/4 acre property is more than enough for her, thank you.

By way of nomination, we’d like to introduce our friends to these five blogs:

1. Breathe Lighter

2. Meg Travels

3. The Misadventures of Misaki

4. Betty the Bichon

5. Hutch A Good Life

Hope you enjoy their blogs as much as we do! 😀


Monday Mischief: Turtles BRING IT!

I’d like to say that Daisy is taking a brief vacation from mischief, but the truth is that I wasn’t able to get her mischief post done in time (bad mommy!!). So instead, take a look at these two hysterical videos of turtle mischief (our friends at Underneath the Shell will especially appreciate these!):

Tiny turtle vs cats: Final score – turtle 2, cats 0!


Turtle attacks raspberry – the music makes it even better!


Daisy thought they were so funny, she couldn’t stop laughing!

Heeheehee – that was funny! 😀

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