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The View From My Post-Hurricane World

The hurricane has passed! And we’re still here to tell the tale! 😀

The view from my back doors. The tape pattern is supposed to help keep the glass from shattering if something blows into it.

I can’t tell you how much all of your well wishes and prayers meant to me. It was so heartwarming read all of your messages after our power was finally restored and I could return to the blogosphere. Thank you all so much for your kindness and encouragement!

Talk about Nature’s wrath! There’s MUCH devastation here in the northeast, to the tune of billions of dollars. Undermined roads and washed-out bridges, just for a start. And even worse, personal devastation in loss of property and lives. Tons of crops have been lost. Hurricane Irene was one nasty ol’ girl. I think she was urged on by our fire department, who had a sign up before the storm reading “Bring It On Irene”. Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell these guys that you don’t spit in the face of nature’s power?!

We set high rain and flood records – as much as 24 FEET of water in flooded areas! The parking lot where DD works was flooded so deep they closed the building for two days.

You can see how deep the water is by the parking signs.











We don't even know what that is....or was....

But I’m glad to say that we were extremely blessed with nothing more than two days without power and thousands of downed branches in our yard. Those branches told the story of this storm’s strength – many branches, including huge ones, were driven almost a foot deep into the ground like huge spikes – it takes a LOT of power for a storm to do that. One huge branch left a deep skid mark over a foot long and then was embedded deep into the soil. Had the wind been blowing the opposite way, that branch would have crashed right through our sliding glass doors. Another blessing.

The hurricane started dropping tornadoes once it hit our state. We were glued to the constant storm updates on TV, and during our last half hour with electricity, they said our area was being “peppered” with quick tornadoes. Since the worst of the storm hit after dark (making matters worse), we stayed aware of the warning sounds of a tornado. I’d experienced one once in the midwest while at my aunt’s farm, so I know that horrible sound that comes with it. Well, we heard that sound twice and took shelter in the center of our house where there are no windows. We had the room prepared with cushions and had removed objects that could become projectiles. Fortunately no tornadoes dropped on us, but a house near us was completely demolished.

A bird seeks refuge from the storm against our screen. "Hey, you got an extra bed in there?"

Flooding is now one of the biggest issues in our state. Rivers are still cresting and towns are still being evacuated, while others in shore areas have lost their homes and possessions and still others won’t be allowed to return to their homes for weeks. Those poor families have no idea what’s happened to their homes. My heart goes out to them all.

Daisy taught me a lesson during the storm – she took everything in stride. She became alarmed when scary things

Daisy during a particularly rousing game of cribbage.

happened and rode out the rest of the storm cuddled up with us. And really, what’s the good of having your stomach churning when it won’t help the situation anyway? I was quite nervous during the worst of the storm, turning on the battery-operated radio sparingly for occasional updates, staying awake during the all-night tornado watch with my brow furrowed (I’m sure it was furrowed – I think I have a new wrinkle up there! lol) and my insides in an uproar. And what purpose did all that serve? None.

Daisy barked when she heard unnatural things happening, she growled when she heard something suspicious, and she just hung out with us the rest of the time. I’m sure she has no new brow wrinkles! 😉

The storm downgraded to a tropical storm for the entire next day and evening, so we played games, chatted, ate the food we’d prepared in case of a power outage, and read. Funny how a tropical storm feels like a summer rain after a nearly 100 mph hurricane! At night we played games by candlelight and read with the battery-powered book lights we bought for the occasion. That last day and night were kind of fun!

And then came the cleanup. ‘Nuf said. We’ll be clearing out the yard for a while, though we got most of the major stuff out already. This weekend we’re expecting more thunderstorms, but in the meantime we’re having absolutely gorgeous weather – sunny warm days and cool breezy nights. Who could ask for any more of an apology from Mother Nature? 😉


First the Earthquake; Now We’re Bracing For Hurricane Irene

Nervous? You bet I am!

Earlier this week we had the effects of the DC earthquake, now we’re prepping for a hurricane. This isn’t supposed to happen in the northeast!

I live not far from one of the the shorelines where Hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit Saturday night into Sunday with Force 2 strength.

Our governor has already evacuated a southern county in our state, and now he’s considering evacuating ours.

So I checked the government website with all the information about evacuation preparedness – did you know that animals other than seeing eye dogs are NOT permitted in emergency shelters? I sure didn’t.

Part of me says to stay put, the other part says DRIVE WEST. To another state out of Irene’s reach.

I don’t think DH is going for the idea. So I guess we’ll hunker down, bring in the patio furniture, take in the plants, and pray.

I’m most worried about DD and DH’s cars that will be sitting in the driveway – experts say that cars can be overturned in 115 mph winds, which we’re supposed to have. Not sure what to do about that; I mean, what if they come crashing into the house?!

Anyway, my blogging friends, I hope to see you all next week. They’re predicting 3-4 days without power at the very least, so I may not see you all for a while.

Let’s just hope we’re still here! ::shudder::


Daisy and Rupert – A Love Story ;)

DD has been clearing out her room – drawers, closet, you name it, she’s attacking it. ::enthusiastic applause from Mom!::

So we were putting together a bunch of donation bags with clothing she no longer wants when DD came across a few old stuffed animals tucked deep into a storage bin. When she rediscovered Rupert, a teddy bear about the size of Daisy, she decided to see how Daisy would react to him.

Now, we all know that soft toys bring out the Destructo-Pup in Daisy, but shockingly, she hasn’t been attacking Rupert! She drags him around with her, she gnaws somewhat gently on his ears, nose, and arms, but she hasn’t bothered at all with the ribbon around his neck nor has she torn him up at all!

In fact, she’s quite protective of him and gets very anxious if we pick him up.

She cuddles with him

::sigh:: My Rupert.... 🙂

And snuggles with him

And gives him love nibbles

but never does any real damage to him. That’s very unlike our Destructo-Pup!

I think Daisy’s in love! LOL Maybe because Rupert is about her size, she has a little more respect for him? Maybe the breeds within her only rip up smaller-sized toys? I don’t know, but whatever it is, we’re loving her attachment to this little guy!


Another Versatile Blogger Award! Woohoo!

Many thanks to our blogging budding 2 Brown Dawgs for awarding us a second Versatile Blogger Award! We love reading their blog about the training and trials of two beautiful brown Chessies, Thunder and Storm,  as they learn the skills of true retrievers – the discipline is awe-inspiring and their obvious love of retrieving is heartwarming.

Okay, so….another 7 facts about ourselves. Hmmmm….

1. I love to write – good thing too, since I’m a freelance writer by profession! LOL If I go more than one day without writing, I definitely feel a void.

2. Daisy likes to sit in my lap when I’m working on the computer. Inevitably, sometime during each day, she tiptoes over to me and oh-so-gently stands so her front paws are on the edge of my chair. When I look at her, she fake-stretches, gives me that irresistible Daisy face with the sideways look, big smiling eyes, and wagging tail, and she inevitably charms me into letting her onto my lap. She sits there like royalty and eventually curls up. How can I resist that sweet Havachon face and soft Havachon presence all cuddled up on me? Since I can’t reach the computer once she’s on me, I’m really thankful to have voice recognition software!

3. We love going to local fairs and festivals, especially in the fall. We go to every single one we can squeeze in, even if they’re two hours away and especially if they’re in areas we’ve yet to explore.

4. Daisy gets bathed once a week. On the sixth day, she starts smelling like a Cheese Doodle!

5. DD and I love Gordon Ramsay’s shows. Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares – in that order, we’re suckers for anything Ramsay. On a different level, we also love Lidia Bastianich’s cooking shows on PBS – she makes our mouths water!

6. My two dream trips would be to England and Italy. I don’t go much for tourist traps (though I would like to see some historical spots), but to spend several weeks exploring the English countryside, mingling with the “real folks” and then to spend about a month in Tuscany would be a dream come true.

7. I love Starbucks mochas. I don’t have them all that often, but I really appreciate them when I do have one. I also love the ambiance of certain cafes with that certain indefinable “something” that stirs my creativity, as well as small towns and down-to-earth people. Especially if those places are dog-friendly and we can bring Daisy. 😉

I think I nominated just about all of my blogging buddies who post comments here ( I LOVE reading all your comments!), but they’re all worth mentioning again, and their blogs are definitely worth visiting:

Granny 1947; Passionate About Pets; Chancy the Gardener; 2 Brown Dawgs; Oscah Baby; Snoopy’s Dog Blog; Happy.Bark.Days; Live, Bark, Love; Green Dog Love; You’ve Been Hooked; Yuki the Dog; According To Gus; Tiffy’s World; Jackie Paulson.

Thanks again to 2 Brown Dawgs, and thanks to everyone who stops by our blog! We love your visits! 😀


WOW! Our Latest Culinary Discovery: Sweet Red-White Corn!

We discovered this unusual corn at a wonderful little local Italian market – we didn’t even know either one existed (both the corn and the market!) until last weekend! It’s a hybrid variety of sweet white corn and red Indian corn – and it’s delicious!!

Sorry for the bad lighting; the kernels are more white than yellow!

DD and I can only manage half an ear of corn with dinner, and I was glad I had reason to break an ear in half! Take a look at the color pattern difference in these two halves of the same ear:

Two halves of the same ear - very different color patterns!

We were enjoying the corn so much, I didn’t think to take a picture of the cob after a bite was taken until I’d already demolished two rows. While some of the rich redness in the kernels fades during cooking, the cob stays ruby red:

Faded kernels, deep red cob!

The differences between red-white corn and regular corn is that the red-white has slightly crisper kernels and a bit lighter corn flavor. I’d get more of this unusual corn in a second; in fact, I’m getting more tomorrow!  😀


Evil Puppy

Ohhhhhh yes, behind that sweet little face….

….lies an evil alter-ego….

Evil Puppy

Evil Puppy has suddenly decided to start whining in the middle of the night. For no reason. None whatsoever.

Daisy has always slept in a crate at night, partly because we can’t trust that she won’t go into Destructo-Pup mode while we’re asleep, and partly because it’s what she’s always known and has always liked.

Suddenly last week, she started whining insistently. Naturally, we thought something was wrong, so we checked on her and took her out to see if she had to wee. That was around 2:20 AM.

Little did we know that Evil Puppy had taken over. No doubt, she was rubbing her villainous little paws together, knowing that her little trick had worked.

No wee. Just a couple sips of water, but not enough to make it the cause of her whining.

Back into the crate she went. As soon as we got back into bed and the lights were out, she started whining again.

2:25 AM: we take her back out of her crate and check her entire body over for signs of something being wrong. Evil Puppy laughed and wagged her tail happily, trying to play.

Maybe she feels confined in the crate suddenly? Okay, since we can’t trust her not to destroy things, we put gates up on either end of the hallway so she can have the whole area to herself. Plenty of room to spread out. Our bedrooms are right off the hallway, so she can see us and is near us, as always.

Back to bed. Lights out. Pitter-patter pitter-patter. Then quiet.

And then it started all over again, louder, along with scratching at the gates.

2:30 AM. We realize we’re not dealing with our sweet little Daisy anymore, but a doppleganger. It must be. Our Daisy wouldn’t do this. I half expected to see her head spinning around on her shoulders and green bile spewing from her mouth.

Back into the crate with a lecture. “Quiet! Naughty! No more! Go to sleep!”

No good. Whine, whine whine. Now Evil Puppy had a good thing going. Her whining got our attention and she was calling the shots. That had to stop.

So we let her whine. Which went on until 3:35 AM, when she finally gave up. Exhausted as I was, I was far too annoyed and awake to fall asleep right away. The last time I saw on the clock was 4:45, so when the alarm went off a couple hours later, I was one unhappy doggy-mama.

The same thing happened the next night, so we shut the bedroom doors. She.Carried.On.ALL.Night. No breaks. No sleep.

The following night, when it started again, we put the whole crate with Evil Puppy in it into the Naughty Room (the laundry room – it’s her time-out place) for 15 minutes. We prayed for a Naughty Room Exorcism, please take this evil beast from our sweet puppy and give us back our Daisy. 

We put the crate into the master bedroom in case it would help. Well, either that worked or Evil Puppy fled her body, because it’s been good since then.

Until last night. The whining was light and stopped after a few minutes, but it was enough to alarm us. We suspect her goal is to be let out of the crate so she can make her way onto the bed during the night. Allowing her to sleep on the bed with us is out of the question, so we could be in for a serious War of Wills.

That’s my least favorite war to fight, especially with the Willful Miss Daisy. ::sigh:: We’ll keep you updated. ~~yawn~~


What We’re Doing During This Unbearably Hot Summer….

It hasn’t been what we’d call a “fun” summer – it’s been SO hot and humid that none of the neighborhood kids are even playing outside and hardly anybody is even barbecuing!! We were more active during all those heavy snow days – at least we could breathe when we went outside!

This hot weather poops me out!

It’s been over 100 degrees and HUMID, so the heat index is still 110+. But we NEVER miss the county fair, so we went last weekend in the evening instead of during the day – the temps actually went UP 2 degrees and the humidity got worse! That’s just crazy! If you didn’t carry around a big ice cold lemonade or some such drink, you just melted away into a big puddle.

So all of our outdoor plans for Daisy have been curtailed for the most part – she can’t stand excessive heat and runs to lie in the shade almost immediately. So instead of going here and there to explore new outdoor places, we turned this:

into this:

and this:

into this:

Chocolate covered blueberry clusters

MORE chocolate covered blueberry clusters!

We may be stuck indoors, but we’re having a great time with summer fruits! 😉


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