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Big thanks to all our blogging buddies for these awards! We have such fun sharing them! 😀


Thank you so much to Meg!                                                   Thank you Zena!


Thanks so much to Zena!                                                       Thank you Misaki!


Thank you Meg Travels!                                               Thank you Meg Travels!


 Thank you Fluffy Popcorn!                           Thank you Misaki!


              Thank you Bella and DiDi!                                  Thank you Scriptor Obscura!


   Thank you Fluffy Popcorn!                                 Thank you Vanilla Bean!


Thank you Popcorn!                             Thanks to 2browndawgs!


                    Thank you Barb!                                           Thank you Scriptor Obscura!


Thanks to Scriptor Obscura and Chancy the Gardner!

shineon                                                 The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Christie Stratos!                                                                  Thank you Zena!

because-ur-fantabulous                                                                                Wordpress Family Award

Thank you so much Clowie!

4 responses to “Awards

  1. kolytyi says:

    Dear Daisy (alliteration!),
    I’ve nominated you for two awards! Please visit my bloggie for the details! http://kolytyi.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/192014/

  2. I have given you the Share the Love, Share the Box award, stop by my site and collect it 🙂

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