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“She Felled Me Like A Tree….”

That quote came from DD after a particularly bruising experience with Daisy this weekend. 😦

I'm sorry, DD. I just wanted to play with the bird.

Yesterday DD took Daisy out back for her morning run. As usual, Daisy spotted a bird on the ground and gave chase. No biggie there.

BUT – as they got close to the bird at top speed, the bird didn’t fly away. Its wing was broken, and it just stood there, probably terrorized. DD tried to stop Daisy but the grass was wet and slippery from an early morning thunderstorm. And Daisy, although small, is VERY strong – this pup’s ALL muscle.

Well, Daisy kept pulling and DD tried to stop running and the next thing she knew – BAM! – she had slipped on the wet grass and hit the ground on her hip. “Felled like a tree.” By a 15 pound Havachon. Who’d have thought it possible??

But that’s not the worst of it. Daisy spun around and kept pulling with all her might – and she backed right out of her harness! She immediately charged the poor crippled bird and was on it before DD could scramble to her feet. All I heard from inside the house was “NO! DAISY NO! NO!”

I looked out the window and saw DD standing over Daisy, trying to pick her up and having a hard time with her. I saw Daisy pawing wildly at something on the ground – I figured it was a rabbit nest, but it was the injured bird.

Finally DD got Daisy into her arms and came panting back to the house, dragging the limp leash and harness behind her.

They were a mess. Soaking wet and covered in wet grass clippings; Daisy’s white paws were green. Poor DD was so upset about the bird and the fact that Daisy had escaped from the harness!

Psst - don't tell Mommy, but I really enjoyed catching that bird!

I’m happy to report that the bird was okay. We saw him a little later walking around by the fence; I hope he was able to make it to safety somewhere.

We discovered that Daisy had slipped her harness because it was just a little too loose around her body, and when she yanked backward, it slipped over her front leg shoulders and set her free. Thank goodness we weren’t on a busy main street somewhere! And we were lucky that the bird had her attention, otherwise she’d have been almost impossible to catch if she’d raced around our big yard. Plus she could have escaped in one of the areas where the soil has eroded under the fence, giving a small dog like Daisy enough clearance to army-crawl under it!

Lesson learned. We were so concerned about Daisy’s comfort in the harness that we didn’t realize we’d loosened it too much. Now it’s fitting snugly again and we tested it on her to make sure she can’t escape.

We’re still a bit jittery from the experience, though. Especially DD, who’s nursing a big bruise on her hip – but that pain is nothing compared to the painful thought of possibly losing her Daisy!


Hidden Havachon Fun

We all know how much Daisy loves her blankets, but this is ridiculous!

Heehee you can't see me!

After a rousing game of blanket tug, DD picked Daisy up, who was latched on to that blanket like a steel clamp. The weight of the fleece hanging down to the floor had to be a lot for that little Havachon jaw (after all, we don’t want dental problems too!), so I tossed the rest of the blanket over her.

You’d think she would have shaken it off, but no – instead, she stayed hidden away in her blanket cave as if she was playing a game of Hide and Seek. She actually seemed amused that I was taking pictures of this little game!

Happy Friday everyone! And a fun, summery holiday weekend to all my US blog buddies!

You still there?

Is there a Daisy attached to that leg?

Looking for Daisy? She went that-a-way! 😀


Eureka! We Have A Destructo-Pup-Proof Winner!

It’s true – there’s finally a toy that even Destructo Pup isn’t destroying!

Ladies and gentlemen – I present to you the Four Paws Rough and Rugged football! Daisy’s been playing with it for 4 days so far, and there’s not a scratch, gouge, or tooth mark on it!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Daisy’s alter ego, Destructo Pup, this sweet  little character of ours has razor-sharp teeth and a steel jaw that have absolutely no mercy when it comes to toys. She’s decimated Kongs, Level 9 Tuffie Toys, and everything else we’ve put in her path.

She’s 15 pounds of pure Havachon Hell when it comes to toys (otherwise she’s a sweetheart!) and in less than a year, we’ve spent more money on toys than on dog food and treats combined. Nothing withstands her tenacity – Leave No Toy Unmauled is Daisy’s Motto No. 1.

BUT this football, advertised as “virtually indestructible”, withstood all of Daisy’s tests. In fact, when she couldn’t get a tooth-hold on the thing (after hours of trying), she stopped obsessing and now plays with it like a regular dog!

The football has jingly bells inside, so we always know where Daisy is (an added bonus!) when she’s playing with it, and she loves the sound it makes. Plus it rolls really well, so if she drops it while she’s running or walking, it gives her an automatic game of “fetch”!

Hmmm - finally a challenger I can respect!

Thank you Four Paws! We’ll be looking for more of your “virtually indestructible” toys! 😀

I love my new football almost as much as my family does! 😀


Pillow Puppy

I thought I’d try the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, it sounds like fun! (Thank you Lori for helping me out!)

Here’s our little Pillow Puppy, no words needed~~


Shoe Toppling – A New Daisy Olympic Sport

Daisy Motto No. 2 – Leave No Shoe Untoppled.

Welcome to the 2011 Olympic Doggie Games Shoe Topple Event!

I’ve said before that Daisy is an all-girl shoe-lover. There isn’t a shoe, boot, or slipper in this house that hasn’t been nosed, licked, shoved, sniffed, and/or stolen.

But Daisy’s all-time favorite sport is Shoe Toppling. If it was an Olympic event, she’d get the Gold.

The pictures in this post are only a small representation of what I’m describing below.

DD wears heels to work, and she LOVES shoes. Sometimes she gets a little lazy and doesn’t put her shoes away in the closet during the work week; that’s when she ends up with a line of shoes in her room, looking like a miniature shoe store display.

This is heaven for Daisy. I can just imagine what she’s thinking when she walks into DD’s bedroom: “Let the Shoe Toppling begin!”

The reigning Shoe Toppling champion demonstrates her top strategies - she's going for the Gold again, folks!

Like a kid in a candy shop (or a dog in a shoe shop!) she gets all excited and races right over to that line of shoes. Happy ears, happy tail, the works. She then chooses random shoes and pokes her nose at them, one after the other, until every shoe is toppled. Daisy will NOT leave the room until the she’s taken the Gold Medal in the Shoe Toppling event. 😉

Any challengers? 🙂

Look at that strategy! She's separating her opponents and moving in for the kill shot!

And the reigning champ takes the Gold Medal again! Shoes topped in record time!


Sometimes People Surprise You…In a Good Way

DH was out of town doing a fund-raising MS bike ride this weekend, so DD and I had a Girls Weekend. We had SO much fun!

We went hither and yon – lunch out on Saturday, dinner out on Sunday; we went to an antiques auction, played a couple of our favorite games, did a little fun shopping, and went to a movie. AND we got to sleep in on Saturday!

There’s still a good amount of wildlife in our area, even though there’s been more development here over the last couple of decades than I’d like to have seen. Spring is gosling time, and we have plenty of those cute little fuzzy babies toddling around with their protective parents. Fortunately, they don’t come into the residential areas, but near lakes, ponds, and – strangely enough – in roadside grassy areas, you see the little families waddling around, foraging for food.

But why, oh why, do they think the grass always look tastier on the other side of the road?!

It’s not that big of a deal on the quiet country back roads, but for some reason they also like to nest at the edge of the main roads too. And that’s where the problems come in – when they decide to cross the busy main road for dessert.

Lots of people who live in my area were originally from New York. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and Staten Island have lost thousands upon thousands of families to our area – people who work in the City but want to live in a more countrified-suburban area. And New Yorkers are not famous for their patience….remember DeNiro in Taxi Driver? “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!” Yup – he nailed it. The deer, raccoons, ground hogs, rabbits and other poor critters lying squished at the side of the roads are a testament to that. So are the harried restaurant servers, sales clerks, and other folks who deal with the public and are always ready for battle – you should hear the stories they tell.

Gratuitous Daisy photo. LOL 😉

Well, I was so happy this weekend to see traffic backed up in both directions along the main road in town while 2 large families of geese slowly waddled their way across Main Street while people smiled and clicked their phone cameras through open car windows. Mama Goose followed by a line of cute little yellow-gray fuzzers, all followed up by Papa Goose, who squawked loudly and cast threatening looks at all the cars. It’s just too adorable.

And so my faith in humanity was restored. I think we need more “gosling moments” in the world….


That Distant Memory of Sunshine….

It seems like a distant memory – sunshine….birds….rain-free days….

So, to keep a positive attitude, here are some photos of a sunnier time (just last week!), and a blue jay who was seriously considering knocking on my glass door:


You know it's fun *to the max* when you can only get blurry pictures!


The Post Formerly Known As “Rain, Rain Go Away….”

…but I didn’t want to call it that because my blogging buddy Daily Bailey scooped me on the title! LOL! Both of our dogs have the same reaction to rainy days – they get lazy and enjoy a good loll about the house. I guess it’s the Bichon in Daisy, eh Bailey? 😀

Not much outdoor time for Daisy this week. We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain with dark gray cloudy skies and thunder in between. Whatever happened to “April showers bring May flowers”? Seems to me like this year, April showers have just brought more May showers.

So now this:

Has turned into this:

And this:

Has turned into this:

Frankly, I prefer the snow. At least we can take Daisy out to play in it, and it’s so beautiful. (Rain can be beautiful too, but not when it lasts a whole week and floods the yard!)

And then there’s the work involved. When Daisy goes out in the snow, she comes back in and simply gets blow-dried. On rainy days, she has to be bathed – she’s so low to the ground that she comes in with a muddy underside, muddy legs, and muddy paws. Not to mention that wonderful “wet dog smell”…yuck. And I don’t even want to talk about what happens when she inevitably shakes herself off before we can get her into the bath!


Daisy Says Goodbye

DD is the last one to leave the house in the morning, and since I work from home, I get to witness the little “farewell ritual” Daisy performs every single day.

Daisy on a Monday after DD leaves, sad to see the fun weekend leave with her.

Most days, she sees DD off at the garage door (always trying to sneak out the door with her), then races to the front door so she can watch DD drive off. She’s at that front door like a shot – she gets there before I’ve even locked up behind DD.

Once she knows DD’s driven off safely – she watches until her car is completely out of view – she trots over to the sliding glass door to see who among our bird and wildlife buddies are visiting our yard.

But Monday mornings are a bit different. She actually sulks a bit after DD leaves. She’s spoiled from a weekend of impromptu playtimes and runs in the yard, TONS of cuddle time, and lots of comings and goings.

I don’t think Daisy’s very fond of Monday mornings.

On rainy Mondays she’s particularly clingy and asks ever so gently to be held once everyone’s flown the coop. She’ll stare at me from the doorway and then walk slowly over to me, putting her front paws up on my leg lightly, giving me that face that could melt even Hannibal Lecter’s heart.

How can I not cuddle her? It’s such a precious time. She sits on my lap, puts her front legs over my arm and just melts into me, where she’ll stay for as long as I let her.

Unlike the rest of the world, I love Monday mornings. 🙂

Bye bye, DD!

Now, let's see who's visiting my back yard!


It’s Never a Good Sign When Things Get Too Quiet….

You know how it is. You’re going merrily along through your day when all of a sudden – ::thunder clap:: – you realize things are a bit TOO quiet in the house.

Daisy. Where is she?

She’s not at my feet or on the sofa. I don’t hear any chewing sounds. Now I know there’s trouble in Daisyville.

That’s when I start racing through the house calling her. When there’s no puppy bounding toward me from who-knows-where, I start cringing inside at what I might find. So far that’s included:

  • A Q-tip with cotton swabs missing and a badly chewed plastic stem.
  • Missing chunks of sheetrock from our bathroom remodeling.
  • Daisy’s first (and only) bed with the entire bottom ripped to shreds.
  • Bathroom trash delicately and deliberately spread about like a trail of breadcrumbs.
  • Clean laundry removed from the laundry basket (forcing a rewash).
  • Small accent rugs scattered hither and yon.
  • A chewed computer wire.
  • A flash drive cap, partially chewed.
  • Things chewed beyond recognition. MANY times.

    Daisy, 5 months old, in the bed she liked so much, she shredded it in true Destructo-Pup style.

Sometimes we find the little culprit in the act. You always know when Daisy’s caught doing something naughty because she gives us her version of blushing – she stays perfectly still, and only her eyes follow us. That’s when we know to root around in her mouth to find whatever she’s hiding. And, in typical thug style, many times she’s moved it between her teeth and cheek so it’s hard for us to find.

Either that or she’ll turn her back and run, chomping away like crazy to get the thing swallowed before we can catch her. That happened this past weekend with a long, thin, splintery stick. But this time we won.

I’m just glad that so far, nothing serious has happened. Things can be replaced; Daisy can’t.

When your dog turns into 007, what’s the sneakiest thing he/she has done?


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