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VBP Blog Hop: Craziest Spam Messages

We’re going to jump into the new VBP Blog Hop today with this silly post. The Blog Hop is hosted by Jet, Savannah and Texas, and it’s lots of fun!

I always check my spam file here on WP for misdirected comments – and there are always some there, too! We all agree that spam is pure junk, but sometimes I find the funniest, most ridiculous and ludicrous paw(VBP) messages that really make me laugh. Do they seriously think these things will be approved by bloggers?!

I wanted to share a few classics with you; the last is my favorite (hey Jet, you, Savannah and Texas could start a new VBP Spam Dictionary with these pseudo-words! LOL):

  • Lengthy ago i ran into your blog publish and still have been recently reading coupled.
  • An fascinating speech is worth interpret. I guess that you should compose solon on this message, it mightiness not be a preconception subject but generally people are not sufficiency to verbalize on specified topics. To the next.
  • I got what you intend, thanks for swing up. Woh I am gladsome to reason this website through google.
  • i beloved your blog site seriously considerably bookmarked also
  • An intriguing word is worth scuttlebutt. I suppose that you should create writer on this matter, it power not be a preconception someone but mostly grouping are not sufficiency to utter on such topics.

And one last one that couldn’t be overlooked from a clearly undecided spammer:

I just love|like|adore every thing|post|article you make|write|create. I visit|return everyday!

Thanksome spammers, your considerable compose ingratiates my laughter at your hilarity. (I’m thinking maybe they’ll understand their own weird language LOL!)

I get a laugh out of these crazy messages too!

I get a laugh out of these crazy messages too!

You can find the VBP protocols here. It’s a fun way to meet new language-loving friends! 🙂


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