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Daisy and the Tornado Watch

We’ve had the most insane weather here. Below freezing one day, 60 degrees the next. No wonder everyone’s getting sick!

Last night we were under a tornado watch. The winds were scary – it reminded me of the early stages of Hurricane Sandy – and the rain was pelting the house with such force, I thought it would break through the windows. It sounded like Mother Nature was furious and trying to break in.

Daisy did not like this. At first she barked every time the windows creaked and the house groaned. Then she started barking at the rain slamming against the windows.

That is, until she found the perfect nesting spot underneath the folding table I was using for my computer, then the combination of comfy and closeness turned her into a laid back, come-what-may kind of gal.

I'm perfectly safe in here!

I’m perfectly safe in here!

I'll just take a nap while you guard the house against the storm. Wake me if we need to leave...

I’ll just take a nap while you guard the house against the storm. Wake me if we need to leave…

We did hear a metallic crash outside – I took a picture of what it was this morning:

street light

street light 2

The power company doesn’t seem to be in any rush to take care of this, even though the light was on all night, the interior is exposed and sitting in a pool of water, and the wires are exposed. I called them at midnight and again this morning, but still no one has come out. I guess our entire lawn and house need to catch fire before they’ll venture out.

Meanwhile, Daisy is taking it all in stride.

I have my comfy blankets in my snuggle spot with Mommy, and all is right with the world. :)

I have my comfy blankets in my snuggle spot with Mommy, and all is right with the world. 🙂

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That Dirty Dog!

We finally got the go-ahead to give Daisy a bath, and boy, did she need it! Even without long walks, the short outings on rainy days and dewy mornings graced her with a pair of gray knee-high “socks”:

My paws and legs aren't dirty...I'm just wearing gray socks to match my head. It's Puppy Haute Couture, Mommy!

My paws and legs aren’t dirty…I’m just wearing gray socks to match my head. It’s Puppy Haute Couture, Mommy!

Okay, stop staring at my feet.

Okay, stop staring at my feet.

She was a mess – her hair was overgrown and extra curly, her nails were long, her tail was uber-bushy, and her ears desperately need a plucking.

I'm waiting for my manicure... Silver polish on my uber-long nails, please.

I’m waiting for my manicure… Silver polish on my uber-long nails, please.

Much to Daisy’s dismay, she got a double-long bath this week and now the only gray she has are the spots that she was born with. 🙂 Her little legs are sparkling white again!

....i miss my gray socks....

….i miss my gray socks….

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Snowy Spring, or Winter’s PS

Look what happened on the first day of spring!

We woke up to a good 6-8 inches of snow on the ground!

We woke up to a good 6-8 inches of snow on the ground!

Which drew birds by the dozens again, including some of my winter favorites:

I love how these little beauties nestle into the snowy branches.

I love how these little beauties nestle into the snowy branches.

Later in the day, a brilliant blue sky let us know spring was keeping an eye on the untimely snowfall…

spring snow

And a wonderful thing happened – Daisy suddenly started enjoying the snow! She didn’t avoid it like usual, she went right into the thick of it, and after I stopped taking pictures (of course) she romped into the deepest snow in the middle of the yard – chest-high on her!

Hey, this snow isn't so bad after all! It's kinda fun!

Hey, this snow isn’t so bad after all! It’s kinda fun! Now let’s go for the deep stuff!

Of course we paid the inevitable price – 20 minutes of blow-drying ice balls off her feet, legs, chest and stomach. But it was well worth it! I hope she takes to the snow much sooner next winter.

Our daffodils – the four-inch stems that had managed to push through after the ice, snow, and a flooded flower garden – took it well and now that the snow is gone, they’re giving it their all. What hardy little troopers!

And given the “all clear”, a few of our purple crocuses hurried to show their beauty before the next storm could shut them down – there are about four buds in this picture, two of which are just waiting to burst open (you can see that the garden hasn’t been cleaned up yet after winter – there are still some small snow deposits around).

spring crocus

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Winter’s Beauty – The Final Round?

Winter isn’t giving up easily this year – we’ve had two snowstorms and an ice storm this week. Call me crazy – as I know many will on this subject considering the endless snows we’ve had this season – but the sight of snow falling still makes me smile and makes my heart happy.

I awoke to another beautiful snowfall this morning and found this little guy waiting for his turn at the feeder.

I awoke to another beautiful snowfall this morning and found this little guy waiting for his turn at the feeder.

Outdoors I love standing out in the middle of an open area during a snowfall; the frigid pre-snow chill is replaced by a distinctive warmth that makes the outdoors comfortable. I thoroughly enjoy the unique atmosphere, exquisite flakes, and unparalleled quiet that defines a good snowfall. I guess I’ll always get a bit of a childhood thrill when I see snow.

A little mid-week melting had this guy claiming the one green spot under the feeder.

A little mid-week melting had this guy claiming the one green spot under the feeder.

But the next day came another snow, and we had another full house.

But the next day came another snow, and we had another full house.

Indoors I love the cozy feeling as I watch every little aspect of nature flawlessly outlined and defined by snow. The contrasts are breathtaking. The ground is uniformly clean yet undulating with rolling heights of snow and unusual patterns. There’s nothing similar about snowfalls to me; each is as unique as every flake that falls.

Wave patterns in the snow.

Wave patterns in the snow.

The ice storm this week did make things dangerous, but there’s an exceptional beauty that comes with it too. It’s rare and one of my favorite sights.

Like it's covered in diamonds.

Like it’s covered in diamonds.

Like a cut crystal coating.

Like a cut crystal coating.

Is this where the phrase "dripping with diamonds" came from?

Is this where the phrase “dripping with diamonds” came from?

A rare sight indeed.

A rare sight indeed.

Crystal-sheathed branches.

Crystal-sheathed branches.

I can’t help but chuckle when I think of how extremely opposite my photographs are from my blogging friend Mary, who posts the most amazing photos of desert life. I absolutely love her photography. During winter, our photos are in complete contrast with each other, but that’s one of the things I love about this world – opposites are beautiful if we’ll only take the time to see the beauty and stop complaining about the differences. If only humans could see that in each other…

If everyone appreciates the differences in dogs, then why not in each other? I don't understand humans...

If everyone appreciates the differences in dogs, then why not in each other? I don’t understand humans…

So call me crazy, throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I love winter. And I’ll be sorry to see it go when the temps hit the 40s next week. Yes, I do find plenty of gorgeousness in spring and summer too, because every season has its own special beauty, but come June I’ll be starting my annual countdown to fall. 🙂

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Late Winter Doings, Daisy Style

Well we got a momentary peek of early spring temps one day last week when the thermometer read 44 degrees – for a whole six hours. The next day we were back into single-digit wind chills; but hey, at least they’re not going below zero!

We’ve had a couple more beautiful snowfalls too, and the five inches or so that’s on the ground now is frozen solid. And I mean solid – the ice at the base of the driveway is at least two inches thick.

I can never get enough of winter photography; to me winter presents unique and ever-changing beauty.

The rising sun creates a reddish glow on the trees, which we don't see when the leaves are out.

The rising sun creates a reddish glow on the trees, which we don’t see when the leaves are out.

Winter sunset, which we also can't see when the trees are in full leaf bloom.

A particularly vivid sunset, which we also can’t see when the trees are in full leaf bloom.

We’ve made sure to keep the birdies well fed, and in turn, they’ve given us a lot of entertainment along with their cuteness.

You can always tell how cold winter is by how chubby the birds are!

You can always tell how cold winter is by how chubby the birds are!

These guys took the easy pickins.

These guys took the easy pickins.

And while dozens of little birdies braved the weather to visit our feeder during snowstorms, ice storms, and frigid temps, what did Daisy do?

Yup, that's our little log-dog squishing herself between a blanket and the sofa back, oblivious to the birds' winter plight.

Yup, that’s our little log-dog squishing herself between a blanket and the sofa back, oblivious to the birds’ winter plight. Don’t know how she even breathes like that!

We were happy to see that not only did our rosemary plant survive the winter and continue to give us extremely aromatic herbs, but it provided a nice spot for birds awaiting their turn at the feeder.

I'll just wait my turn on this yummy-smelling bush...

I’ll just wait my turn on this yummy-smelling bush…

Mom and Pop cardinals continued flocking in for food – this guy demonstrated how flexible a bird neck is:

What you lookin' at??

What you lookin’ at??

Meanwhile, Daisy did her best impression of a canine airplane:

Airplane Daisy.

Airplane-ears Daisy.

I guess every creature has their own way of getting through each season!



But They Promised Us SNOW!!

What a frustrating winter! Yesterday they promised us snow, so we happily waited for this:

But instead, we had gray skies and this:

Whoever heard of daffodils blooming in FEBRUARY – in the northeast! And look at the height of the full-sized daffodil stalks behind the minis – they should only just be breaking through the ground!

We love winter, we love snow. We really missed them this year. All we got was this little 1-2 inch tease in early January that melted in two days:

A small smattering of snow

But then, at the end of the day, this unseasonably warm weather graces us with this stunningly rich treasure, and all’s right with the world again:


The Little Birdie Who Thought He Could

We finally had our first winter snow this past weekend! We were so thrilled, even though it was only about 3 inches deep.

Of course, it was rained away two days later. 😦 But while it was here, we LOVED it!

After a snow, our Bird Diner is always busy, both at the feeder itself and underneath, where messy pickers fling seeds.

All plumped up for winter!

And there’s just something about the bland atmosphere that makes bird colors POP

One little chickadee thought he could pay us a visit. I guess he needs to see a Bird Optometrist for a pair of tiny glasses, because he flew into our sliding glass door HARD, leaving behind a tiny little feather and knocking himself into a stupor:

He sat like that for more than 15 minutes, beak open, not moving a muscle. I started wondering if he’d killed himself and frozen in place!

Wow! That was some landing!

He was near the house, where it’s a little bit more protected from predators like hawks, but there are a couple of huge cats that roam the neighborhood, and they’d just love to happen upon a stunned bird. So Daisy and I kept watch just in case.

Are you okay, little one?

Fortunately they didn’t come around, and this little guy finally started moving his head in tiny little increments, as if he was testing to see if he could manage it.

Half an hour later, he was turning his head normally and he moved really close to the house until he was ready to fly away. A happy ending!

🙂     😀     🙂


The View From My Post-Hurricane World

The hurricane has passed! And we’re still here to tell the tale! 😀

The view from my back doors. The tape pattern is supposed to help keep the glass from shattering if something blows into it.

I can’t tell you how much all of your well wishes and prayers meant to me. It was so heartwarming read all of your messages after our power was finally restored and I could return to the blogosphere. Thank you all so much for your kindness and encouragement!

Talk about Nature’s wrath! There’s MUCH devastation here in the northeast, to the tune of billions of dollars. Undermined roads and washed-out bridges, just for a start. And even worse, personal devastation in loss of property and lives. Tons of crops have been lost. Hurricane Irene was one nasty ol’ girl. I think she was urged on by our fire department, who had a sign up before the storm reading “Bring It On Irene”. Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell these guys that you don’t spit in the face of nature’s power?!

We set high rain and flood records – as much as 24 FEET of water in flooded areas! The parking lot where DD works was flooded so deep they closed the building for two days.

You can see how deep the water is by the parking signs.











We don't even know what that is....or was....

But I’m glad to say that we were extremely blessed with nothing more than two days without power and thousands of downed branches in our yard. Those branches told the story of this storm’s strength – many branches, including huge ones, were driven almost a foot deep into the ground like huge spikes – it takes a LOT of power for a storm to do that. One huge branch left a deep skid mark over a foot long and then was embedded deep into the soil. Had the wind been blowing the opposite way, that branch would have crashed right through our sliding glass doors. Another blessing.

The hurricane started dropping tornadoes once it hit our state. We were glued to the constant storm updates on TV, and during our last half hour with electricity, they said our area was being “peppered” with quick tornadoes. Since the worst of the storm hit after dark (making matters worse), we stayed aware of the warning sounds of a tornado. I’d experienced one once in the midwest while at my aunt’s farm, so I know that horrible sound that comes with it. Well, we heard that sound twice and took shelter in the center of our house where there are no windows. We had the room prepared with cushions and had removed objects that could become projectiles. Fortunately no tornadoes dropped on us, but a house near us was completely demolished.

A bird seeks refuge from the storm against our screen. "Hey, you got an extra bed in there?"

Flooding is now one of the biggest issues in our state. Rivers are still cresting and towns are still being evacuated, while others in shore areas have lost their homes and possessions and still others won’t be allowed to return to their homes for weeks. Those poor families have no idea what’s happened to their homes. My heart goes out to them all.

Daisy taught me a lesson during the storm – she took everything in stride. She became alarmed when scary things

Daisy during a particularly rousing game of cribbage.

happened and rode out the rest of the storm cuddled up with us. And really, what’s the good of having your stomach churning when it won’t help the situation anyway? I was quite nervous during the worst of the storm, turning on the battery-operated radio sparingly for occasional updates, staying awake during the all-night tornado watch with my brow furrowed (I’m sure it was furrowed – I think I have a new wrinkle up there! lol) and my insides in an uproar. And what purpose did all that serve? None.

Daisy barked when she heard unnatural things happening, she growled when she heard something suspicious, and she just hung out with us the rest of the time. I’m sure she has no new brow wrinkles! 😉

The storm downgraded to a tropical storm for the entire next day and evening, so we played games, chatted, ate the food we’d prepared in case of a power outage, and read. Funny how a tropical storm feels like a summer rain after a nearly 100 mph hurricane! At night we played games by candlelight and read with the battery-powered book lights we bought for the occasion. That last day and night were kind of fun!

And then came the cleanup. ‘Nuf said. We’ll be clearing out the yard for a while, though we got most of the major stuff out already. This weekend we’re expecting more thunderstorms, but in the meantime we’re having absolutely gorgeous weather – sunny warm days and cool breezy nights. Who could ask for any more of an apology from Mother Nature? 😉


First the Earthquake; Now We’re Bracing For Hurricane Irene

Nervous? You bet I am!

Earlier this week we had the effects of the DC earthquake, now we’re prepping for a hurricane. This isn’t supposed to happen in the northeast!

I live not far from one of the the shorelines where Hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit Saturday night into Sunday with Force 2 strength.

Our governor has already evacuated a southern county in our state, and now he’s considering evacuating ours.

So I checked the government website with all the information about evacuation preparedness – did you know that animals other than seeing eye dogs are NOT permitted in emergency shelters? I sure didn’t.

Part of me says to stay put, the other part says DRIVE WEST. To another state out of Irene’s reach.

I don’t think DH is going for the idea. So I guess we’ll hunker down, bring in the patio furniture, take in the plants, and pray.

I’m most worried about DD and DH’s cars that will be sitting in the driveway – experts say that cars can be overturned in 115 mph winds, which we’re supposed to have. Not sure what to do about that; I mean, what if they come crashing into the house?!

Anyway, my blogging friends, I hope to see you all next week. They’re predicting 3-4 days without power at the very least, so I may not see you all for a while.

Let’s just hope we’re still here! ::shudder::


What We’re Doing During This Unbearably Hot Summer….

It hasn’t been what we’d call a “fun” summer – it’s been SO hot and humid that none of the neighborhood kids are even playing outside and hardly anybody is even barbecuing!! We were more active during all those heavy snow days – at least we could breathe when we went outside!

This hot weather poops me out!

It’s been over 100 degrees and HUMID, so the heat index is still 110+. But we NEVER miss the county fair, so we went last weekend in the evening instead of during the day – the temps actually went UP 2 degrees and the humidity got worse! That’s just crazy! If you didn’t carry around a big ice cold lemonade or some such drink, you just melted away into a big puddle.

So all of our outdoor plans for Daisy have been curtailed for the most part – she can’t stand excessive heat and runs to lie in the shade almost immediately. So instead of going here and there to explore new outdoor places, we turned this:

into this:

and this:

into this:

Chocolate covered blueberry clusters

MORE chocolate covered blueberry clusters!

We may be stuck indoors, but we’re having a great time with summer fruits! 😉


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