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Monday Mischief: Daisy Loses Face

Have you ever seen a faceless puppy? Well, apparently we now have one.

This is Daisy’s new favorite snuggle position, especially now that the weather’s getting cooler. She curls up and tucks in every part of herself that she can, including her little face.

Where did that sweet little face go? And how does she breathe in there??

Now she does almost this every single time she snoozes. It’s probably a way for her to stay warmer, but I think it serves a double purpose….she knows she won’t be blinded by the camera flash!

Hehehe….aren’t I the sly one! No camera flashes for me!

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think she was just a big mass of hair mixed in with some blankets!

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Wordless Wednesday: Snug as….a Havachon in Fleece :)

'Nuf said....

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Basking in the Winter Sunlight – A Havachon’s Answer to Cold Weather

We had a bright, sunny day on Sunday. Normally this wouldn’t be comment-worthy, but with all the snow and gray/white skies we’ve had so far this winter, it’s become a BIG deal when it’s sunny out!

And today we’re back to gray/white, with more snow expected tonight into tomorrow.

I’m not complaining – I LOVE snow and icicles and the way they sparkle in sunlight. When there IS sunlight!

Anyway, during our bright sunny Sunday, Daisy seemed to be here, there, and everywhere. She wasn’t interested in continuing the Sofa Wars, and she wasn’t following us around as much. I wondered what was up with all her little disappearances, so I tracked her movements a bit, and here’s what I found:

Ahhhh, it's much toastier here!

She was following the sunlight through the house, as it moved from room to room, basking in its warmth! She seems to have learned that once the sun leaves one room, it shows up in another, and she just followed it down the hall, going from one room to another, soaking up all its glorious but all-too-short-lived warmth.

Aren’t canine instincts amazing? 🙂

Happiness is squinty puppy eyes in the warmth of winter sun!


Pink Fuzzy Slippers RULE….A Girly Puppy Tale

You know you’ve got a “girly puppy” when shoes are more important to her than food, toys, playtime, air….

There's nothing like new pink fuzzy slippers for tired paws!

Yes,we have a “girly puppy”. BIG time. Daisy gets more excited over new shoes than new toys.

See this picture? This was a brand new pair of DD’s pink fuzzy slippers that attracted Daisy like a magnet to a giant hunk of steel – and she was just as hard to pull off. The second those slippers came out of the box, Daisy was on them….or should I say, IN them.

I should mention that the whole reason DD had to get a new pair of slippers in the first place was because Daisy had licked the old pair to the point where DD was not going to put her feet into them again…EVER. We couldn’t wash that particular pair, but the memory of seeing those slobber-soaked slippers would have deterred DD from wearing them again even if Silkwood-strength cleaning agents had been used.

When the new slippers made their first appearance last week, Daisy excitedly pounced on them, sticking her entire face INTO one of the slippers. I mean, that little face was buried in there.  And her little paws were holding the slipper in place while she savored the softness.

She sniffed and, unfortunately, started licking the inside; when we told her “no”, she just froze and left her face buried in the slipper. When she finally surfaced, she looked like the happiest little thing in the world. DD had originally considered giving Daisy her old slippers, but after the romance of licking had passed, Daisy started chewing them, and we knew where all that pink fuzz was going to end up….and how it would make its exit. Not a pretty picture.

Anyway, DD took the new slippers away from Daisy, but every time DD wears them, Daisy is all over them. Every step DD takes has to be slow, shuffly, and coupled with “NO” to get Daisy off her feet. It’s really pretty funny (probably because it’s not me who’s getting tripped up!).

Remember the post where I said that Daisy studies us, then tries to copy us? Well, the last time DD took her new slippers off in the family room, Daisy laid down behind them and slid her two front legs into them – that’s what you see in the picture above. She just laid there for the longest time, wearing those slippers like a person would, eventually dozing off with her head resting on top of the slippers.

You’ve never seen such a contented puppy.


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