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Daisy’s First Trip to PetSmart!

We love socializing Daisy, but we had to wait until she was a little less skittish before taking her to a place like PetSmart. She seems to have overcome that hurdle and now looks to us for the sign that a new place and new people are safe to explore, so we felt she was ready. Into her travel crate and off we went!

We were so excited about seeing her reaction to this big new world that the whole family came along for the trip, plus we all love witnessing all of her “firsts”. We certainly weren’t disappointed!

They were having a rescue dog adoption outside of the store, which started things off with a bang. Daisy was so excited at all the big barking dogs, I thought her senses would overload!

Inside the store, she was greeted and fussed over by so many different people and boy did she revel in all that new attention! She couldn’t care less about the toy aisle, the treats – nothing interested her outside of people and other dogs. Some little kids even sat on the floor and let her climb all over them while they giggled up a storm – she was in her glory!

One thing did intimidate her, though – she hasn’t been spayed yet (that’ll happen in October), and when an over-eager suitor became overly interested in her, she slinked away with her ears down and tail under, clearly uncomfortable with the amorous vibes she was getting from this dachshund Romeo. She finally decided to sit down and keep her back to him. We’ve been dreading the idea of her upcoming surgery (over-anxious parents, of course), but now we’re viewing it a bit more positively. Ugh.

Funny thing, though – she just LOVES getting into her travel crate! It’s so small, I thought she’d hate it, but she races in when we open the door and we have a hard time getting her out at home! We decided to just let her come out in her own time, which usually takes about 15-30 minutes. I guess small dogs really do love their small, safe places.

Anyway, the trip was a success, so now we’ll be taking her out to more places. This coming weekend we’ll be going to a town where just about everyone has a small dog, so that should be fun for us all!


Making New Friends

We’ve been introducing Daisy to our friends one by one, a little at a time, so she wouldn’t get overwhelmed. Of course, she has to initially meet them outside because she tends to piddle with excitement with new people!

This weekend we took her to our friends’ home nearby, and we were shocked when we opened her travel crate and she dashed into it before we could even get her harness on! She was so excited at the thought of a trip!

She always yaps and whimpers while traveling in the car – we figure she’s probably anxious to get wherever we’re going, kind of like kids always asking, “are we there yet??” – but this time she only did that a little bit and then calmed down.

She absolutely LOVED our friends’ beautiful back yard, it’s not too big but they’ve turned it into a garden paradise with flower gardens, veggie gardens, beautiful bird houses, a small fountain, a bird bath, a patio barbecue area, swimming pool, and more. It’s like a calming suburban oasis tucked into a line of homes. Daisy went nuts saying “hello” to everyone, then enjoyed exploring the new yard, with all its new fragrances and sights. And our friends just went gaga over her too! Great day for everyone!

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