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A Happy Havachon Christmas!

My computer is in the Geek Squad Hospital and has been for the past week, which is why I’ve been absent from the blogosphere. Hopefully I’ll get it back before 2015! I’m borrowing DD’s computer to put up my final post for 2014, which I had already done (thankfully!).

When we decorate for Christmas, we really get into the decorations – literally!

We’re all wrapped in garland

Do we have to do this EVERY year???

Do we have to do this EVERY year???

Or lights

Daisy's all lit up for Christmas!

Daisy’s all lit up for Christmas!

I love how the color from the lights spreads through her white fur, just like snow-covered outdoor lights!

I love how the color from the lights spreads through her white fur, just like snow-covered outdoor lights!

Sometimes the decorations get into us, like when this branch we cut from the bottom of the tree decided to turn DD and Daisy into reindeer:

DD's impression of a new age reindeer....

DD’s impression of a new age reindeer….

....and Daisy's impression of a canine reindeer!

….and Daisy’s impression of a canine reindeer!

This year I found a treasure within the Christmas tree as I was putting the lights up. I felt like the tree was giving us a gift of the season – nature’s beauty.

Rarely do we find a beautiful little pine cone nestled within the tree branches - a true gift from nature!

Rarely do we find a beautiful little pine cone nestled within the tree branches – a true gift from nature!

This will probably be our last post for 2014, so we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a very happy and healthy new year!

We’re part of the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop!

B&B Christmas2014


Havachon Holiday Hijinks….and Merry Christmas!

I’ll be going on a holiday blogging hiatus for about a week – not by choice, but by sheer necessity. Finishing up all the Christmas preparations while trying to clear up as much work as possible is always a little overwhelming at this time of the year.

I love birds, so I have a small Christmas "bird tree" in our family room. It's my favorite!

Since we’ll be missing the next Monday Mischief blog hop, I wanted to fill you in on a couple of Daisy’s Holiday Hijinks:

Daisy’s been scrupulously checking each present as it appears under the tree, and I have to say that she was satisfied giving them a good sniff and walking away….generally….except for one shimmering gold bow that seemed to draw a somewhat excessive amount of attention. A couple of “no’s” and she was able to put it behind her….for the most part!

I've been good, Santa! Look, I even let them put these antlers on me! Can you put a new Nylabone in my stocking, please?

Remember when I said that Daisy thinks water in anything other than her bowl is “special water” and she laps it up like it’s a special treat? Well, we get a real tree….with water in the base….yah. You guessed it. My solution was to spray the tree skirt with bitter apple, which makes Daisy sneeze. Did it work? Kinda….except that Daisy figured out what the perimeter of the spray zone was and just made her way around it to the back of the tree base where there was no spray. Seriously, I kid you not. (The next time we get a dog, the one requirement I’m giving at the animal shelter is for the dog with the least amount of smarts. Smart dogs are challenging! LOL)

And with that, Daisy, DD, DH and I wish all our blogging buddies and visitors a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a happy, healthy 2012! We’re looking forward to another year filled with Havachon Hijinks! 😀

Merry Christmas!


Daisy’s First Christmas Picture

I just don't look natural in these darned antlers!

Well here she is, in all her Havachon glory, sitting by our Christmas tree and chomping at the bit to get into that little Christmas stocking of hers!

BUT — take a look at the last picture, showing her in the throws of her “Antler Humiliation”! LOL!

So far Daisy’s been good around all the Christmas decorations. We didn’t put tinsel on the tree this year because we knew that would be disastrous, and so far she’s just sniffed at the branches and ornaments.

The only thing that seems to be an irresistible temptation to her are the shiny bows on the presents under the tree. When she discovered them, she proudly brought one of the big shiny gold bows in to the family room to show DD and her college friends. This proved quite entertaining to the group! She was told “no” and DD took the bow away.

The next day I discovered that Daisy did a little redecorating of her own – I found a bunch of bows moved helter-skelter on the presents, some upside-down, some just sitting askew. The weird thing was that none had been chewed, they were just moved around (no, we don’t have ghosts! LOL). I guess there’s a bit of an interior designer in this little puppy….

Oh, and she did step on one small present (naturally it was the only one that would suffer from even a light-weight Havachon), but fortunately I was right there and just barely avoided the potentially disastrous results.

Opening the presents on Christmas should prove VERY interesting! Maybe Daisy should get hers first to keep her distracted and busy….

I can't believe you took pictures of me in those antlers!! I'm SO embarrassed!


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