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FDA Warning: Toxic Treats From China = Russian Roulette With Your Pet’s Life

We’re interrupting our usual Crazy Daisy silliness because of a new FDA warning about the dangers of pet treats imported from China. We don’t want any fellow pets or pet lovers to suffer the devastating effects of these potentially toxic “treats”.

It’s more important than ever to check the small print on that bag of treats or pet food you’re buying to make sure it wasn’t made in China. Apparently, giving your pet treats made in China is like playing Russian roulette with your pet’s life.

It doesn’t get any scarier than that, my fellow animal-lovers.

The 12/03/2011 Natural News article (you can read it in its entirety by clicking on that link) said there’s been an “uptick in adverse event reports” regarding pet treats made in China. “MSNBC reports that at least 70 dogs so far this year have been sickened or killed by chicken jerky products imported from China“. 

And those 70 are only the ones vets reported – how many more illnesses and deaths went unreported or unattributed to poisonous imported edibles?

Seriously, we have to stop this madness. Imported glass roasting pans have exploded when taken out of the oven (it happened to a friend of my mother’s), toxic toothpastes and makeup items sicken and kill people, cheap ceramic  glazes (or lack thereof) leak toxins into our drinks, and so, so much more. And now our pets are becoming victims too. But as long as we keep feeding these manufacturers’ wallets, they’ll keep mass producing toxic waste for our ingestion. Or should I say indigestion? 😉

My friend’s dog was horribly sick for a month because one of these slipped past her in a sample packet. She was just lucky her little cutie survived, but he suffered horribly with constant vomiting and diarrhea. And, of course, his human family suffered right along with him.

I’m usually a pretty easy-going sort of person who believes in the “live and let live” motto, but when manufacturers have a total disregard for the health and safety of others, it makes my blood boil and I have to take a stand. So here it is.

Don’t – buy – cheap – Chinese – imports. Your life and your pet’s life may be at risk.

I’m certainly not saying that China is the only country producing dangerous things, but they’re the ones producing an overwhelming majority of it. We have to start discouraging this wanton disregard for life and safety somewhere.

Since we can’t be sure which Chinese manufacturers use dangerous toxins in their products, we can’t take chances with any of them. Sure, there are recalls from even the most trusted manufacturers, but they’re usually unintentional and few and far between. What I’m talking about is a constant stream of deliberately cheap and dangerous goods.

Personally, I’d rather buy one item that’s more expensive if it comes from a manufacturer I have good reason to believe is safe than buy ten questionable items from any country we know exports toxins. How many more warnings do we need before we take action and protect ourselves?

And while we’re on the subject, the Natural News article also advised that we avoid any pet foods/treats with the irradiation symbol, which looks frighteningly innocent and has an earth-friendly appearance:

Radura Symbol

Natural News reports that radiation is used to blast “pathogens and viruses” out of pet foods (how and why did they get in there in the first place?!), but instead it can render pet food toxic. Several pets in Australia died from ingesting irradiated pet food; there’s a link in the article where you can read about such cases. Unfortunately, some US manufacturers use this process too, so look for the Radura Symbol and steer clear of any pet products that have it. Better safe than sorry.

My goal in writing this is NOT to point the finger of blame, but rather to help keep our beloved pets safe. If we know there’s a risk with anything, we need to pass that information along to help others so we can all make informed buying decisions. And that’s all I’m hoping to do.


FDA Pet Food/Treats Recall Site

An email recently reminded me that there are almost as many pet food recalls as there are human food recalls. That jolted me a bit because unless it’s something hugely newsworthy (like the major Blue Buffalo recall), we don’t generally hear about it.

Treats are just as vulnerable as food, which is something I didn’t realize. I found the FDA website with all the latest pet food/treat recalls, so I thought I’d share that with you here. I’ve bookmarked the site so I can check it every couple of weeks to make sure nothing in our pantry is on the list.

It also tells you what ingredients are banned (I’ve heard  you can occasionally find an old bag of food being sold somewhere with a banned ingredient), why a food was recalled, and more.

Better safe than sorry!


Daisy Samples PureBites Treats and LOVES Them!

Gus – now that Daisy’s seen your picture, I think she may have a little crush on you! LOL 🙂

Thank you According To Gus!

We were among the lucky 10 who received 4 packages of PureBites dog treats from According to Gus’s pet nickname drawing, and what perfect timing they had – the treats arrived on Valentine’s Day! Along with a wonderful personalized greeting from Gus, it was like Daisy received her own little Valentine! 🙂

We couldn’t wait to try one out, so we gave her a Cheddar Cheese treat first. She absolutely LOVED it! We’ll try a different treat every day, but I’m sure she’s going to gobble them all up with equal enthusiasm.

Many thanks to According to Gus for introducing us to a wonderful new treat!







Don't bother me now, these are fabulous!


Havachon Food Fun – Canine “Ratatouille”


I'll play with this grain of rice until it dissolves!


If you’ve ever seen the animated movie “Ratatouille”, you’ll understand why we compare our little Havachon puppy to the main character, who’s a chef named Remy. He just happens to be a rat….but a cute one.

Boiling the movie down to its absolute core, the movie is about an adorable little street rat (yes, they actually made a rat look adorable in this movie!) who refuses to eat trash or whatever else comes his way. He’s got a gourmet palate – his senses of smell and taste are acute, and he can only eat good food. He can discern every single ingredient in a recipe and tries to educate his fellow street rats so they can appreciate gourmet food rather than scarfing down every disgusting, rotten remnant they find in streets and alleys. Gordon Ramsay would have loved having him on Hell’s Kitchen!! 🙂

But this is all to no avail. So he leaves his rat pack and through a series of events, he ends up becoming the head chef of a fancy restaurant in France.

What does this have to do with Daisy, you ask? Well, when it comes to food, she has a couple of things in common with Remy. If we give her a teeny, tiny piece of something she’s never tasted before, she excitedly but gingerly takes it with her front teeth and trots off happily into the family room with it.

And that’s where the hours of food fun begin. She puts it down and looks at it carefully, sniffs it liberally, thinks about it for a minute, then licks  it cautiously. Then she gets down to business. Lying down on the floor with the treasured bit before her, she picks it up in her mouth and puts it down, over and over again. Sometimes she trots around to different spots and repeats this performance until finally, 10 or so minutes later, she actually eats the thing.

We introduce new, safe food items (we don’t feed her table scraps or anything much besides dog food and treats) in tiny amounts because her sensitive little tummy needs to adjust to new foods slowly, or we’re doing a lot of cleanup. And it’s not pretty.

I gave her the tiniest, 1/8 inch bit of pretzel last night, and somehow she made it last throughout her entire routine. Same thing with one Rice Krispie and one grain of rice – go figure! She’s a funny little gal.

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