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A Flurry of Teeth

All these years that we’ve had dogs, I’ve never seen a single baby tooth come out. In fact, as I said in a previous post, I never even knew that puppies had baby teeth, let alone lost them!

What are all these things that keep popping out of my mouth??

Every website I’ve read says that it’s “rare” to find a puppy’s baby teeth when they fall out,

unless one gets stuck in a softer type of toy. Usually, they just swallow them.

Not so with this puppy. So far we’ve found 5 of Daisy’s baby teeth! Either we hear her chewing noisily and find a tooth in her mouth, or we hear her rapidly licking and when we see her tongue jutting in and out of her mouth in quick succession, we know she’s licking the blood from the spot where a tooth just came out. Inevitably, the tooth is somewhere near her on the floor.

This morning I was immersed in writing a very tricky letter that had to be tactful and legally correct. I didn’t even realize that Daisy was lying at my feet, when suddenly I heard a tick-tick-tickticktick sound. I looked down and there was Daisy, looking down in a questioning sort of way, with another tooth on the floor in front of her. This was the first tooth that came out on the hardwood floor, the others all fell out onto carpeting. I guess the sound startled her and she probably didn’t know what the heck that white thing was that just fell out of her mouth!

Boy, these puppy teeth come out like a flurry of snow once they start!


The Tooth Fairy Visits

Okay, I’ve had 4 dogs over the course of my life, and I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I didn’t know that puppies lose their baby teeth. ::blush::

Do I get special treats from the Tooth Fairy?

This morning I walked into the kitchen and found DD sitting on the floor with a “worried mommy” expression on her face, cuddling Daisy on her lap. Immediately that awful chill of anxiety ran through me as I anticipated the worst – bloody stools, an eye problem, or some other nasty little surprise. DD said in a scared little voice, “Daisy lost a tooth. I found it on the floor near her chew ring.”

Yikes. Do puppies lose their teeth like humans do? Thank God we live in the age of the internet, because within minutes we were online Googling “Do puppies lose their teeth”.  And within a split second, good ol’ Google delivered dozens of answers that immediately calmed our frantic nerves.

Why don’t vets tell us to expect this stuff along with all the other things they prepare us for? With my past three dogs I never found a lost tooth, but the websites all said that we don’t usually find them unless we step on one of those razor-sharp babies with our bare feet. Ouch.

So the tooth fairy cometh, and now we’ll be ready for her. Daisy will be 6 months old this Monday, September 13th, so she’s right on schedule for a small dog. (Apparently, small dogs lose their “milk teeth” a little later than big dogs.)

I was a much more relaxed dog owner when I was oblivious to all this stuff!!


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