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Monday Mischief: The Deconstructed “Buffet”

Have you noticed how “deconstructed” recipes have caught on over the past few years? There’s “deconstructed lasagna”, “deconstructed eggplant parmesan”, “deconstructed stuffed cabbage” – on and on it goes. The “art of deconstructed food” is so popular that there are websites dedicated to restaurants that offer it.

Well, Daisy has her own version – the “deconstructed garbage”. It’s her version of a buffet filled with – ahem – “interesting” selections. And here’s a small sign that she’s been hitting the buffet line:

"Deconstructed" trash.

“Deconstructed” trash.

Usually there’s a long trail, but this time she found what she wanted right away. Fortunately, I discovered her little excavation quickly, before she had a chance to further deconstruct the tissue of choice. Here she is with one of her famous “I’m-just-sitting-here-innocently” looks – which always comes after she does something mischievous. (I’d found the targeted tissue nestled tightly between her paws.)

Little Miss Innocence

Little Miss Innocence

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Daisy’s Disgusting New Habit….Yuck….

What’s with dogs and bathroom trash pails?

The Stare.

Years ago, I used to dog-sit my friend’s terrier mix, a sweet dog who was a rescue. She had some weird habits from who-knows-what in her past, but one thing she always did was pull every single tissue out of the bathroom garbage, pull them apart, and spread them out all over the house.

Yuck. Really gross. So I started making sure the bathroom doors were shut tight when she stayed with us.

I couldn’t figure out what made those tissues so appealing, and I still can’t. But now Daisy has started showing an interest in the bathroom trash too. She doesn’t take everything out and spread tissues all over the place, but she does pull out a single tissue, which I find somewhere in the house. Unchewed, just sitting there. Could be anywhere.

Could be embarrassing when someone drops in and there’s a bit of trash on the hall carpet. 😦

But almost all canine antics have a funny side – I always know when Daisy’s done the deed because she stands stock still in one specific spot in the middle of the dining room. She doesn’t move when I walk by, she doesn’t respond when I talk to her, she just stares at me. It’s like she’s saying, “You’re not going to be very happy with me in a couple of seconds….”

Let's see if you can figure out what I did and where I did it....

She’s not scared or worried, it’s almost like she’s anticipating the moment I find the tissue and wants to see what I’ll do.

So now I know her new “tell”, and when I see her standing there staring at me, I say, “What did you do!” And still she doesn’t flinch. I hunt around and inevitably find the displaced tissue, waving it at her and saying, “Naughty! NO NO!” and still she stands there staring at me, ears up, tail up, just waiting for me to throw the tissue away. As soon as I emerge from the bathroom, she goes on her merry way.

I think we should rename her “SillyPuppy”. 🙂


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