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Monday Mischief: Tea Thief!

I may not have photos of the thief in action, but Daisy and I were alone in the house when this happened.

I put a full cup of chamomile tea on a table in the family room; there was a pretty good gap between the couch and the table. I was all set – a quiet house, a publication I was looking forward to reading in total relaxation, and a cup of herbal tea at my side.

I made the mistake of going into another room to get a throw, and when I came back I found this:

Daisy tea drinkNow, I don’t make half-cups of tea, that cup was totally full when I walked out of the room for all of a minute. Someone had one heck of a fast drink!

Why are you looking at me like that?? I don't know who drank your tea!

Why are you looking at me like that?? I don’t know who drank your tea!

I later found out that we were very lucky, because chamomile plants can be toxic to dogs and cats. Fortunately Daisy had no reaction at all, maybe because it’s so diluted. But from now on ALL drinks, herbal or not, will be kept FAR away from her reach; that snack table where I had the tea seemed far enough away, but apparently this little Havachon can stretch herself into some very elongated positions!

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Monday Mischief: Sock Thief Turns Sock Hoarder!

We know Daisy is a sock thief – in fact, she’s a master sock thief. But now she’s elevating that skill and becoming a sock hoarder!

The other day I found a trail of socks in the living room, and then another in the bedroom. Daisy had stolen all the socks out of the laundry basket and seemed to be laying out paths for herself, like trails of breadcrumbs.

This is just one of Daisy’s sock trails!

The next time we have new guests visiting and someone asks “Where’s the bathroom”, I’m tempted to say “Just follow Daisy’s Sock Trail”. 😉

Yeah, I did this. So what? Any of my fellow Mischief Makers would do the same!

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Laundry Thief

I'm completely innocent, I tell you!

She waits quietly, innocently even, for us to leave her alone in the family room where the clean laundry sits in a pile on a sofa, waiting to be folded.

That’s when she makes her move.

With the stealth of a master thief and the cunning of a super sleuth, she silently reaches up onto the sofa and pulls her target onto the floor. “Now,” she thinks, “now you’re all mine.”

I found Daisy yesterday surrounded on the floor by half the laundry I’d done. Socks, shirts, undies – you name it, she had it. She looked like a pirate sitting in the center of his stolen booty, pleased as she could be, nipping a sock here, a shirt there, everything getting equal play.

I scolded her and put everything back in the laundry basket to be redone, but I never got the chance to fold the rest of the laundry. I pushed it to the back of the loveseat, out of her reach…or so I thought.

Today while I was on a lengthy phone call with a friend, this little sly thing pulled her silent maneuvers again, but this time she got so excited at her find that she gave herself away. She’d pulled down a pair of socks (how she happened to end up with a matched set, I don’t know) and was doing her “new toy dance” across the floor with it. Whenever we give Daisy a new toy, she romps from one end of the family room to the other, gives it a few chews, romps back again, gives it a few more nibbles, and repeats this several times as if celebrating the newbie’s arrival.

She did this with the sock and when I heard that telltale romping, I knew something was up. I caught her in the act, romping along with ears flying and the sock streaming out behind her. I took the sock away and added the pair to the laundry basket, then went back inside. As I passed the doorway I witnessed her at work: she was stretched at full length with her paws on top of the sofa seat, stretching her neck out like a giraffe in an attempt to reach yet another piece of washed clothing.

“Down!” I yelled. She was so shocked she jumped and hasn’t tried her little ploy again….yet….

I guess I’d better go fold the remaining laundry now.

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