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Daisy’s First Spring Romp – A Havachon Blur

What weird weather we’re having! Yesterday hit 81 degrees, 10 degrees higher than predicted. It was great to open all


the windows and warm the house without the cost of using the furnace, but still, I’d like to enjoy spring weather without jumping straight into summer…..

Daisy just loved sitting in front of the open sliding glass door, watching the birds flit about, listening to them sing their spring welcome songs, and going into a barking frenzy whenever a squirrel flew by.

When DD got home from work, she took Daisy out for her first romp of the spring. Wow, did she ever enjoy that! It calmed her down for the rest of the evening. What a difference from last year when we first brought her home in May – she was afraid to go outside at all, and when we finally coaxed her out, she’d run 5 steps and stop, trying to eat everything in her path. Back then, the trimmed grass was actually taller than she was!

Watch out, all you birdies, here I come!

DD is planning to do this every evening until temps hit 90+ or it’s raining out. Which it’s supposed to do for the next two days, when the thermometer is supposed to drop back down 30 degrees – see what I mean about weird weather? Not slight fluctuations – MAJOR ones!

After Daisy’s run about the yard yesterday – she had so much fun that she was just a little Havachon blur – she happily panted away indoors, followed by the inevitable post-workout collapse! 🙂

Whew! What a great workout!

Spring romp aftermath! 🙂


Too Cold Inside a 70 Degree House??

We’d heard that small dogs, being more susceptible to the cold, need to wear a sweater in the house during the winter. Our vet feels they only need to wear a sweater indoors if the temperature goes under 50 degrees for more than 20 minutes.

Daisy needs a sweater in a 70 degree house when the temperatures outside are frigid…like they are now.

I'm much warmer now!

We have very good double-pane windows that are only a few years old and keep all the drafts out, yet when the temperatures go as low as they’ve been already this season (20’s during the day with wind chills near zero at night), the house feels chilly. Of course, it doesn’t help that the heating vents are in the ceiling and, since heat rises, it’s much warmer up there than it is on the floor! What fools design these systems anyway? I usually keep the temperature at 69, but I had to raise it to 70 the other day.

Yesterday afternoon, I invited Daisy onto my lap and I felt her shivering. I was pretty chilly myself, and from what I read on Yorkie Talk, if you feel chilly in a house, chances are your small dog does too. In the discussion forum on that site, they say that 65-70 degrees works for most 10 pound dogs, but Daisy seems to need more warmth. I nudged the thermostat up a degree, which felt better for both of us (though I hate the thought of the furnace turning onmore frequently!).

For the rest of the evening, I put Daisy’s sweater on her (it’s lightweight, I think we need a heavier one), and covered Daisy with a doubled-over fleece blanket, which she seemed to love. There was no more shivering. We put the fleece blanket in her crate for the night and left her sweater on her, and everything went fine. Today she’s lying on the wood floor on top of the fleece blanket, and it seems to give her the warmth she needs. I think she’s permanently claimed that little fleece blanket!

THIS is the life!!


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