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Canine Disk Surgery Recovery Journal – Neurosurgeon Follow-up Visit (Day 16)

Let’s get right to it – the neurosurgeon was thrilled with Daisy’s progress so far! Especially considering that she was in such iffy condition when we brought her home coupled with the fact that the surgeon had said we should only expect to see small improvements weekly, specifically NOT daily. BUT as you saw in this recovery journal, Daisy did make progress daily, and our little girl surprised even a highly experienced neurosurgeon.

The surgeon asked, “Can she walk a little for me?” DD put Daisy on the floor, and she tore across the room to run and hide behind me! I walked a little so Daisy would walk, and I must say, she put on her best show! The neurosurgeon was impressed with all of her progress. Still, Daisy has to have four more weeks of strict crate rest – we still have to carry her down to the curb to go potty, and no extended walks yet. But those four more weeks are shorter than were expected – it was supposed to be eight weeks of strict crate rest; two weeks were shaved off. 🙂

Her left rear leg did react to testing, which it wasn’t doing before the surgery. And that’s only after two weeks, so it will probably get even stronger and better over time.

AND – no more sling! We can take her on her short walks without using the sling at all – at this point it wasn’t holding her up anyway, it was just there in case she needed it and to give her confidence. Walking her and carrying her in and out will be much easier now.

And we can bathe Daisy and groom her – thank goodness! She’s getting a bit…::ahem::…scented these days…and her hair has gone wild without a trim!



That’s the good news – which is all the most important stuff anyway.

The medium news, which we can adjust to: no rough play, meaning no more tug-o-war, no more chasing toys, no more intense running – EVER. And while we can certainly eliminate those more high-powered activities, it’s going to be a battle getting Daisy to stop. Tug-o-war is her favorite game, and racing like a lunatic through the house is a favorite activity. We can ignore her prompts to play tug-o-war (though it’s hard not playing something with her that we know she loves, especially when she teases us with a toy), but how do we stop her from racing around? Maybe we’ll have to limit her to smaller areas of the house – lots of baby gates will be needed!

Also, though her incision is healing well, the surgeon said she seems to be having a bit of “suture reactivity”, meaning there are little bumps along the incision from the stitches under the skin (possibly an allergic reaction). It’s not bad, though, and we can put either Vitamin E or triple antibiotic cream on it to help it along. She said if we see little ends of stitches popping out through the incision anywhere, “just pull them out” – I think we’ll leave that to DH, he’s much better with icky stuff than we are! Hopefully we won’t have to deal with that anyway.

Peach fuzz is getting longer and softer, but doesn't this remind you of a fire break in the woods? :)

Peach fuzz is getting longer and softer, but doesn’t this remind you of a fire break in the woods? 🙂

The bad news: this could happen again. The surgeon said she’s seen dogs go through 2 or 3 disk surgeries in a lifetime, though it’s not common…but it can still happen. DD asked what we can do to prevent it, and the answer was “Nothing. If it happens again, it’s not your fault – this is a degenerative disk disease.” So while we will limit her activities, the surgeon said she could pop a disk just by stretching or walking off a curb. We’re praying it doesn’t happen again – mostly because we don’t want her going through that agony again, but also because our wallets can’t really handle any more expensive surgeries!

In my view, the good news far outweighs the bad news and the bad part may never happen anyway. So we’re happy, she’s happy, the surgeon is happy – our Christmas will be jolly! 😀

I got a good report from my surgeon - I'm a happy pup again! :D

I got a good report from my surgeon – I’m a happy pup again! 😀


Follow-up to Daisy’s surgery

Well if there’s one thing I can say about our little Daisy, it’s that when she does something, she REALLY does it.

The surgeon called me after her surgery yesterday and said that she not only tore the ligament clean through, she also tore the meniscus (the disc that cushions the knee joint). He said the surgery went well, but she’ll have to be inactive for two months.


Keeping a springy little Havachon inactive for two months will be like trying to keep champagne from exploding out of the bottle. Thank God Daisy likes being in her crate, because there’s no way we can leave the house without putting her in it so she won’t jump on the furniture or run around like a nut when she hears something.

The surgeon said they had to remove the meniscus as well the damaged portion of the ligament and replace both with artificial parts. He said because they did the surgery so quickly – within 24 hours of the injury – and because Daisy’s so young, there’s a good chance that she’ll heal completely. Ninety percent of dogs do. But if she re-injures it, he said, “that’s a different story”. Yikes.

There’s also  a 50/50  chance that she’ll get arthritis because of this injury. He shocked me when he said it could show up in only 4-6 weeks! We’re praying that doesn’t happen. Daisy’s only 3 years old, and I’d hate to think of her aging with worsening arthritis from such a young age.

We’re waiting for a call from the surgery this morning telling us we can pick Daisy up this afternoon. I’m a little nervous about caring for her to prevent her from injuring herself further, but mostly I can’t wait to get her back!

I snapped this picture of Daisy just before DH and DD left for the vet. I can see the difference in her expression – she looks sad, scared, and confused. (Maybe only a mommy would see the difference!)

Poor broken little Daisy.

Poor broken little Daisy.

We’re taking this as a positive sign – we got an early snow today!!

A beautiful November snow!

A beautiful November snow!


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