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Monday Mischief: Dog Hair Gone Berserk

Did somebody spray Daisy with a hair growth formula? Because this little Havachon is sprouting curls faster than ever before!

She gets a double coat in colder weather, but I’m talking about length. I feel like I’m running a never-ending grooming salon here! Seriously, I could trim Daisy’s hair every week if I wanted it to stay short…and if I had the time…which I don’t!

3 month old Daisy – there was WAY more hair than dog!

I missed grooming Daisy for three weeks because of the two storms, their aftermath, and everything that goes along with all that mess. Suddenly I noticed our little puppy had gotten quite fuzzy. So I took up the clippers – much to Daisy’s dismay – and ended up with what looks to me like a Dog Hair Sundae!

Doesn’t this remind you of a soft-serve sundae? LOL!

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