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Cats, cats, cats! Driving Daisy Crazy!

I’m on a rant today. And I know it’s not going to be popular with everyone.

We have a neighbor who adopts stray cats, feeds them, and lets them wander through the neighborhood. They have no collars or ID, and they are BIG. Really big. Much bigger than Daisy, who’s 15-20 pounds.

When those cats come by, I'll give them a piece of my mind!

They drive Daisy and other dogs in the area crazy (who in turn drive their owners crazy) when they saunter through our yards, casting narrow-eyed glances that carry an attitude akin to thumbing their noses at these poor dogs. Meanwhile, the dogs are going ballistic barking and lunging at windows and glass doors as these cats meander along, stalking birds and chipmunks, and engaging our frenzied dogs in staring contests.

And when I say these cats are BIG, I mean you could easily mistake them for small cougars. It’s freaky.

They also pee all over everyone’s landscaping, killing bushes left and right. They brazenly come up to sliding glass doors, peering in as if hoping to get more food, even though they’re fat as pigs. We can’t even leave our sliding glass doors open because our dogs might literally rip through the screen doors to get at these cats.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love animals and I believe in animal rights for any and all creatures (except spiders….yuck). It’s not the cats’ fault, it’s the owner’s. I believe that if you have cats, you should take as much responsibility for them as dog owners take for their pets. We don’t let our dogs poop in other people’s yards, so why should we have to clean up cat poop?

I have a friend with 4 cats and a cousin with 6 cats. Neither of them allows their cats to wander the neighborhoods. My friend keeps her cats indoors, and my cousin has a small area outside with super-high fencing that the cats can’t climb. She planned it out so there are no trees they can use as ladders either. That’s what I’m talking about – responsibility for their pets and respect for their neighbors.

Even the Taunting Squirrel isn't as bad as Daisy's reaction to the cats.

Several years ago, one neighbor circulated a petition to have this inconsiderate neighbor keep her cats restricted to her property. Everyone, and I mean everyone, signed it, and within a couple of months, the cats were no longer to be seen. Now there’s a new batch.

I might add that this inconsiderate neighbor’s house is the armpit of the area. Everyone here takes pride in the appearance of their properties….all except her. Both inside and out is a pigsty.

Her carpets are urine-stained. When the cats are indoors, she lets them sleep in pots in her kitchen cabinets, and I’ve seen her use those pots directly after chasing a cat out, without even washing it first. That was years ago, before I realized what a terrible person she was. I certainly haven’t been in there since. Oh, I could tell you stories that go far beyond the cat issue and border on the criminal….

Anyway, I don’t want to punish the cats for the inconsideration of their owner. Does anyone know of a way to deter cats from coming into a yard (our yards are big – about an acre) or at least a way to keep them away from landscape bushes and plants?

Rant officially over. For now.


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