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Daisy, the Ice Princess

And so it came about a week ago, just as predicted – a snow storm followed by an ice storm. I think the winter of 2014 is making up for all those years that we haven’t had a proper winter!

MORE snow?? Wow, we've had more snow this year than I've seen in my entire 3 years! :)

MORE snow is on its way?? Wow, we’ve had more snow this year than I’ve seen in my entire 3 years!

Daisy was kept very busy inside, sounding off her doggy-alarm every time a chunk of ice or snow fell off the roof and smashed onto the ground. To be fair, the ice and snow are so heavy that they did sound like they were ripping off part of the house.

AND NOW WE’RE GETTING ANOTHER SNOW/ICE STORM TODAY INTO TOMORROW – our sixth this winter! Right on top of the many, many inches of snow still on the ground! This is the storm that crippled Atlanta, Georgia yesterday. With the high winds we’re getting, they’re saying this may actually be classified as a blizzard.  I’m not surprised, there are near-white-out conditions outside right now (as you can see by the lack of clarity in the photo). Here’s what I woke up to, and we have a l-o-n-g way yet to go (possibly 14″!).

Just the start of the latest snowstorm in a record-breaking snow season!

Just the start of the latest snowstorm in a record-breaking snow season!

So what’s the best thing for a chilly puppy to do after using up so much energy protecting us from all that falling ice and running through the snow outside?

Find the puppy!

Find the puppy!

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The View From My Post-Hurricane World

The hurricane has passed! And we’re still here to tell the tale! 😀

The view from my back doors. The tape pattern is supposed to help keep the glass from shattering if something blows into it.

I can’t tell you how much all of your well wishes and prayers meant to me. It was so heartwarming read all of your messages after our power was finally restored and I could return to the blogosphere. Thank you all so much for your kindness and encouragement!

Talk about Nature’s wrath! There’s MUCH devastation here in the northeast, to the tune of billions of dollars. Undermined roads and washed-out bridges, just for a start. And even worse, personal devastation in loss of property and lives. Tons of crops have been lost. Hurricane Irene was one nasty ol’ girl. I think she was urged on by our fire department, who had a sign up before the storm reading “Bring It On Irene”. Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell these guys that you don’t spit in the face of nature’s power?!

We set high rain and flood records – as much as 24 FEET of water in flooded areas! The parking lot where DD works was flooded so deep they closed the building for two days.

You can see how deep the water is by the parking signs.











We don't even know what that is....or was....

But I’m glad to say that we were extremely blessed with nothing more than two days without power and thousands of downed branches in our yard. Those branches told the story of this storm’s strength – many branches, including huge ones, were driven almost a foot deep into the ground like huge spikes – it takes a LOT of power for a storm to do that. One huge branch left a deep skid mark over a foot long and then was embedded deep into the soil. Had the wind been blowing the opposite way, that branch would have crashed right through our sliding glass doors. Another blessing.

The hurricane started dropping tornadoes once it hit our state. We were glued to the constant storm updates on TV, and during our last half hour with electricity, they said our area was being “peppered” with quick tornadoes. Since the worst of the storm hit after dark (making matters worse), we stayed aware of the warning sounds of a tornado. I’d experienced one once in the midwest while at my aunt’s farm, so I know that horrible sound that comes with it. Well, we heard that sound twice and took shelter in the center of our house where there are no windows. We had the room prepared with cushions and had removed objects that could become projectiles. Fortunately no tornadoes dropped on us, but a house near us was completely demolished.

A bird seeks refuge from the storm against our screen. "Hey, you got an extra bed in there?"

Flooding is now one of the biggest issues in our state. Rivers are still cresting and towns are still being evacuated, while others in shore areas have lost their homes and possessions and still others won’t be allowed to return to their homes for weeks. Those poor families have no idea what’s happened to their homes. My heart goes out to them all.

Daisy taught me a lesson during the storm – she took everything in stride. She became alarmed when scary things

Daisy during a particularly rousing game of cribbage.

happened and rode out the rest of the storm cuddled up with us. And really, what’s the good of having your stomach churning when it won’t help the situation anyway? I was quite nervous during the worst of the storm, turning on the battery-operated radio sparingly for occasional updates, staying awake during the all-night tornado watch with my brow furrowed (I’m sure it was furrowed – I think I have a new wrinkle up there! lol) and my insides in an uproar. And what purpose did all that serve? None.

Daisy barked when she heard unnatural things happening, she growled when she heard something suspicious, and she just hung out with us the rest of the time. I’m sure she has no new brow wrinkles! 😉

The storm downgraded to a tropical storm for the entire next day and evening, so we played games, chatted, ate the food we’d prepared in case of a power outage, and read. Funny how a tropical storm feels like a summer rain after a nearly 100 mph hurricane! At night we played games by candlelight and read with the battery-powered book lights we bought for the occasion. That last day and night were kind of fun!

And then came the cleanup. ‘Nuf said. We’ll be clearing out the yard for a while, though we got most of the major stuff out already. This weekend we’re expecting more thunderstorms, but in the meantime we’re having absolutely gorgeous weather – sunny warm days and cool breezy nights. Who could ask for any more of an apology from Mother Nature? 😉


Northeast Ice Storm

Today’s a day when a picture is worth a thousand words – I took these photos this morning of our ice-covered world here in the northeast:

Icicles hanging from the bird feeder look like holiday decorations

Ice encased car










Iced tree branches



Icicles even hang from the planters!










I think I'll stay warm and cozy.



Daisy watches her squirrel buddy under the bird feeder



Snow…Daisy… Havachon Winter Wonderland!

No need for words today, the pictures tell the story of our 14+ inch overnight snowfall and one happy Havachon puppy! Have a cup of cocoa while you visit with us, these pictures will give you chills even if you’re in a warm climate!

During the snowfall. Wheeeeee!!!!

Daisy modeling her new winter coat during the snowfall.

Put the cocoa on! I'm ready to come inside!

Over 14 inches!

Nature at her most beautiful in winter.

Only room for one at the Avian Diner

Large branches weighed down into the snow.

Back yard beauty…..





























Waiting his turn at the feeder

Back yard beauty


Our Frozen Feathered Friend

Over the weekend we had a bit more snow – not enough to keep us housebound this time, but just enough to put a fresh white coating over the snow that’s been on the ground for a while.

During this beautiful snowfall, I glanced out the window at the bird feeder and saw this pretty little gal, a female cardinal, who appeared to be frozen in place:

I say that she seemed to be frozen there because I watched her in that position for a couple of minutes before going to get my camera, coming back, taking my time zooming in, etc. and then taking the shot. She remained there for quite a while longer even after all that. It’s unusual to see a bird stay motionless in the same spot for such a long period of time – she never even moved her head!

It seemed to me as if she’d been happily eating at the feeder, never noticing that all the other birds had flown away when the snow started, and then suddenly, she turned around and saw the snow coming down pretty heavily. I imagined her staring at it for so long thinking, “Uh ohhhhhhh…what do I do now? Which way is home? I don’t like flying in snow!” LOL

Eventually she did leave, but she was sitting in that same position for more than 5 minutes. Whatever her reason, she gave me a great photo op!

I'm so glad to be warm and toasty with my fleece blankets!


The Demonic Branch

Last week we had some pretty severe weather here, with extremely heavy rains, winds and thunderstorms. At one point the sky turned black and the winds ripped through the area; the news said we were under a tornado watch and should take cover immediately. I was home alone with Daisy and pretty scared, especially since my daughter was out there, driving home from work.

Fortunately she got home in the eye of the storm, before the most severe weather hit. The black sky turned an eerie greenish color, and all of a sudden the wind kicked into high gear, sending branches slamming into the house. The rain was so heavy we couldn’t see out, and it was coming down sideways. I held Daisy and prepared to close ourselves into an interior bathroom the second I heard anything that sounded like a freight train overhead.

Fortunately that only lasted a few minutes. The next morning, we surveyed the damage. Branches everywhere, but no broken windows. Shockingly, the potted plants remained intact (none of our tomatoes blew off the vines!) and most amazingly, the bird feeder that hangs from a decorative pole in our yard was still in place! We heard on the news that the winds reached 125 mph because a funnel cloud passed over us; thankfully, the spout never touched down. We saw footage of it, and I’m glad I didn’t know it was there at the time!

Anyway, one of the branches that came down was filled with leaves, and while Daisy can see all the trees with leaves on them, she’s never seen a branch on the ground with leaves on it. It never occurred to me that she would see this differently than the branches on the trees, but this little puppy freaked out and started barking and growling continuously at that branch like the devil himself was outside!

It took a full day for her to accept this branch as non-threatening, and even then, she kept peering at it warily!


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