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Vet Visit Verdict

Today we took Daisy back to the vet to have her stitches removed. Everything looked beautifully healed to me, and thankfully, the vet’s report was exactly the same.

The stitches are out! You can see the "peach fuzz" growing back on her leg. :)

The stitches are out! You can see the silvery “peach fuzz” growing back on her leg. 🙂

He took the stitches out without incident; Daisy didn’t cry but she didn’t much care for it either – and she showed him by dropping a load of poop on the exam table. After that was cleaned up, she proceeded to wee and then wag her tail in it, splashing the vet. I could swear it was a calculated move.

These passive-aggressive pups sure are clever!

I've been through a lot, but I sure showed that vet!

I’ve been through a lot, but I sure showed that vet!

Daisy is now allowed to walk 3 times a day for no more than 5 minutes. Other than that, we still have to keep her seriously benched for another six weeks. That’s a LONG haul.

I'm hobbling around pretty well on three legs!

I’m hobbling around pretty well on three legs! Don’t you feel sorry for me with my sad little face on?

DH and DD are going to help out  by working from home whenever they can. There’s just no way I can sit on the couch for another six weeks – the last two were hard enough. And especially with the holidays coming!

You can see how she continues to hold that back leg up when she walks or stands.

You can see how she continues to hold that back leg up when she walks or stands.

The vet said it may take a couple more weeks for her to start using that leg. He said small dogs take longer to use it than bigger dogs because – get this – small dogs actually find it easier to get around on 3 legs! I can’t say I see that with Daisy, but she can fairly move when she wants to!

This year, for the first time, we’ll have to have Thanksgiving dinner out. We can’t possibly get all the cooking and baking done while caring for Daisy, nor can we risk having her get as excited as she does when anyone comes into the house.

So we made a reservation at a nice place, but it’s still not the same as having dinner at home. I LOVE holidays at home, filling the air with the aromas of baking and roasting, then enjoying the leftovers for days after.

But we’re doing the next best thing – while Thanksgiving dinner will be enjoyed out, we’re planning a regular Thanksgiving dinner here at home for just the three of us on Friday. That way we can take our time and make dinner leisurely, taking turns babysitting Daisy, and we won’t have to worry about her becoming overly excited. The best of both worlds. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all our blog friends who will be celebrating along with us!


Spay Stitches FINALLY Removed!

These last two weeks have seemed like an eternity, first with Daisy’s post-spay suffering, then trying to restrict her movements so she wouldn’t tear her stitches out. Which proved to be an impossible task.

I'm back to my silly, happy self again! Boy, am I glad that's over!

Have you every tried to keep an energetic young puppy calm and subdued? It’s like trying to hold Jello in a clenched fist!

But on Saturday the vet removed those stitches in less than a minute, and now she can go back to her crazy little self. And she wasted NO time in doing so!

We were told to wait two more days before bathing her, so tonight’s the night we get our floral-fresh puppy back. Her full blood work-up showed that she has no genetic health problems, so we’re very relieved to know we have a happy, healthy dog.

Oh yes, and as to her post-spay misbehavior issues – my cousin had a great thought – Daisy could be going through a sort of induced menopause, the type women go through when they have hysterectomies well before menopause sets in. Women who have hysterectomies in their 20s, 30s, and 40s suffer escalated menopausal symptoms after surgery, so why not animals as well?

Our vet and online information say that dogs don’t go through menopause because they don’t have the whole estrogen issue, but we’ve already seen that Daisy experiences things very acutely, so how do we really know what they’re reallyfeeling inside? It’s not like anyone can ask them! Daisy’s behavior seemed to fit many of those same erratic, unpleasant symptoms, and half way through the second week, they lessened all by themselves…a little coincidental, and I’m not a great believer in coincidence. Once we saw the glimmer of her old self, we immediately brought back a full return to Jan Fennell’s discipline techniques, and it only took a couple of days before we got our sweet puppy back!

What do you think? Do you think it’s possible for dogs to feel some kind of symptoms after spaying that are similar to menopause?

Glad that’s all over with!

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No Puppy Bath For TWO WEEKS Now…..

Now that the worry has passed about Daisy’s spaying, I have to say that the next worst thing is the fact that we haven’t been allowed to bathe her for two weeks – until her stitches come out on Saturday.

How humiliating! I HATE baths!

Guess what’s happening Saturday afternoon?? LOL

We’ll have that sweet-smelling doggy shampoo ready and waiting when we get home from the vet! We’re SO looking forward to seeing her hair all fluffy and clean again. I just hope he gives us the “all clear” to bathe her right away. If not, you can bet that our Countdown to Bathtime will continue and she’ll be bathed the first minute of the first day it’s allowed!!

The strange thing is that she still feels silky-soft and, unless you put your nose right up against her, she doesn’t have that “doggy smell”. I guess it’s the cooler weather that’s helping – during the summer, we always knew when bath day was approaching because we could smell HER approaching! LOL

Daisy probably thinks she’s really getting away with something since she hasn’t had to tolerate a bath for so long. Boy, is she in for a rude awakening soon! 🙂


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