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Bug Season is Back…Are Stink Bugs Poisonous to Dogs?

I’m not a fan of bugs, especially spiders. YUCK. The very word makes my stomach turn.

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And that’s the one thing I dislike most about spring and summer – the bugs emerge, bigger and more resistant to pesticides every year. They get into the house who-knows-how and I swear they laugh as they terrorize me. Why on earth are spiders getting so darned BIG??! I heard last year that because summers here in the northeast are hotter and more humid than ever, bugs are growing bigger, more like tropical bugs.

I need to move to Alaska.

We’ve already gotten four stink bugs in the house, far more than typically come into the house in an entire spring/summer season. Stink bugs are the skunks of the insect world. Then I heard an expert say that our tri-state area is seeing unprecedented numbers of stink bugs already, and they’re trying to figure out what’s causing such a dramatic increase in their population. At least now I know why I’m seeing so many of them.

I’m not going to like the next 4 months, I just know it.

What just buzzed me? Let me at it!

DD doesn’t mind stink bugs; she thinks they’re cute (!), so when we find one in the house, she gently coaxes it onto her hand, then she takes it outside and lets it go. She’s my hero.

I hate the things. I know they don’t bite or sting, but they just freak me out. So when I was home alone and one boldly buzzed by my head, I got out the vacuum. Since I can’t crush them or put the fear of God into them by chasing them because they’ll stink the place up in retaliation, I thought I’d just vacuum it up.


Apparently even dead stink bugs release their noxious fumes. Because a couple of days later, I noticed a most objectionable smell in the house. Naturally I suspected Daisy, but it wasn’t her this time. It took us hours of thinking and nose-pinching before I said, “I vacuumed a stink bug the other day, could that be it?”

It was. I’ll never do that again.

If I eat a stink bug, I might make an even sillier face than this!

So the other night, when another stink bug buzzed us, I immediately grabbed Daisy and held her so she wouldn’t try to eat the thing. It’s small and moves, which makes it a perfect playmate for Daisy that she can also turn into a snack when it no longer gives her something to chase.  DD did her magic and got the stinkin’ creature out of here. But I started wondering – are stink bugs poisonous to dogs if they do eat them?

Apparently not. Thank goodness! BUT – the stink bug’s stench comes right out through the dog. YUCK! Dogs who eat stink bugs throw up several times and get a weird look on their face, probably because of the awful taste. At least this is what I’ve read in a bunch of online forums.

There’s a great article on this in The Anipal Times, which confirms that these yucky bugs are nothing more than irritants to cats and dogs and can cause not only vomiting but also foaming at the mouth.

I really hope we get through the summer without Daisy eating one and turning into a frothy, vomiting stinker!


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