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The Effect of Dog Toys on Humans….

Haven’t we all experienced those freak-out moments when we unwittingly step on one of our pet’s toys and it scares the living daylights out of us?

Hehehe...I wonder how far she'll fly when she trips over my trap??

Stepping on Daisy’s bunched-up blanket in the dark is one of those things. It’s so soft, it makes me think I’m stepping on Daisy, which sends a major rush of adrenaline through my body, makes me do a crazy sort of twist-dance to get off it before I do any damage to her, then finally results in a major expletive explosion when I turn on the light and realize it was only the blanket, and Daisy is staring at me from across the room, quite entertained by the whole show.

And then there’s Daisy’s Nylabone, the toughest, hardest one they make for “extreme chewers”. Once Daisy starts in on it, it develops these tiny sharp bits all over it (not harmful to her, just painful to us) – beware the barefoot walker! This thing feels like hundreds of teeny-tiny spikes piercing the bottom of your foot, not to mention being thrown off balance by the awkwardness of its shape.

But one of my favorite stories was written up by my blogging buddy Mumsy and Chancy, who has been so terrorized by her dog’s one particular innocent-looking squeak toy that she saw fit to warn other dog owners about it! I laughed so hard at her post, I had to share it with you here. I’ve read it twice and it still tickles me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 😀

Now, where can I put this to scare Mom and get the best laugh?


The True Face of Danger – The Dreaded Wax Paper Roll

Daisy’s such a little tough guy when it comes to hearing wax paper or aluminum foil being torn from its package – she comes charging into the kitchen barking her “tough guy” bark, aiming straight at the box from which the offending noise is being generated.

The Offending Paper Roll

So today, when the wax paper ran out, I decided to introduce her to the cardboard roll inside the box, just to see what she’d do with it. I held it out and she sniffed it, then just stood there staring at me. So I put the roll down and waited.

Wow. You’d think I’d just put a snake on the floor.

She backed right out of the kitchen, staring at the roll as if it were poised to strike at any second. No more barking or posturing – suddenly the little tough guy was humbled. I tried some verbal coaxing, and when that didn’t work, I picked up the roll and sweetly told her it was nice. Nope. She wasn’t buying any of it.

I didn’t want her to be afraid of this silly little object, so I put it back down and rolled it around the floor with my foot, showing her that it was fun like a toy. She just backed further into the family room.

Then I got the brilliant idea to take it into the family room. I put it down and stood next to it, talking sweetly to Daisy – “See? It’s nothing. It’s just a little roll. See how nice?” She got up the courage to give it one lukewarm sniff, which only lasted about 5 seconds.

One lukewarm attempt to check out the offender

After that she immediately backed off and walked around it, giving it a very wide berth, and stood behind me. I moved to the other side of the roll, and she followed behind me. This happened several times, so it was no coincidence.

"Hide me, Mommy!"

She never did get up the courage to really meet this new stranger, so I finally just threw the thing away. That seemed to make her day!

Quirky little puppy…..

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