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Monday Mischief – Daisy On High

Look where I found Crazy Daisy last week!

Uh ohhh.....they caught me.....

Yup, she’s perched on top of the sofa. Not on the seat cushions – on the sofa back. She’s balanced between the hard frame and the removable cushions – not an easy task.

Why, you may ask, would Daisy choose to leap up there and risk breaking her leg rather than enjoy the soft cushions, blankets, and multiple pillows below her? Answer: The Lure Of The Pillow.

The one pillow that was separated from the rest. The small pillow was inadvertently left on top of the back cushion. To Daisy, this is irresistible – there must be something special about that pillow if it gets the highest ground.

If I look away and act nonchalant, maybe they won't notice me....

If it was safe for Daisy up there, we wouldn’t mind. But there’s just enough space between the sofa and the wall that she could easily get stuck and break a leg or even a hip; plus the cushions aren’t attached to the sofa, so this balancing act she’s doing is pretty risky.

Pushing the sofa back against the wall isn’t really an option for a number of reasons, so we’ll just have to remember never to leave a pillow up there again.

You have to take special precautions when you have such a mischievous little pup! 😀

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Wordless Wednesday….With an Explanation….

I hesitated when posting this because of the obvious mess on our sofa. But then I thought, My blog buddies are great, they won’t tell the rest of the world. LOL 😉

I threw caution – and embarrassment – to the wind and decided to share this funny photo with you all….with an explanation.

We don’t usually look like this. No, really.

But we do cover the sofa with a sheet when no one’s coming over to protect the fabric from Daisy’s nails (that big light green thing). On this chilly Saturday, we were lounging around with throws and pillows everywhere. That’s the mess you see.

We had no intention of documenting our mess in pictures until we left the room and came back to find little Miss Daisy on TOP of the sofa, where she’s never tried to go before.

Why would she jump up there, you might ask? Because her favorite fake fur blanket was up there, of course! And we all know how much she LOVES piles of pillows and blankets!

But Mom, how else could I reach my favorite blanket??

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Pillow Puppy

I thought I’d try the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, it sounds like fun! (Thank you Lori for helping me out!)

Here’s our little Pillow Puppy, no words needed~~


Sofa Wars Lost – We Met The Enemy, And We Are Theirs

We’ve lost the Sofa Wars. Officially.

Nothing beats some soft throws and a good couch!

Actually, we surrendered. Willingly.

All the training books tell us that dogs should only be allowed on furniture when invited. We followed that directive to the letter for months. Months.

Daisy didn’t.

Most of the time she stayed on the floor, but every couple of days we’d find her quietly lying on the sofa, all snuggled up in the various throws. (We’re big on throws – we LOVE nestling underneath them! So why wouldn’t Daisy?) It was adorable!

We always felt so bad making her get down from her warm, snuggly perch; after all, part of a Havachon’s natural instinct is to find the highest point and survey her turf from above, making sure all is well in Havachon-land. Finally, we thought – “Hey, what are we fighting for? We like her up here, this works for us, why can’t we bend the rules a bit?”

How can we deny her this one little luxury?

So we did. We bent them into a pretzel. (I’m sorry, Jan Fennell! I lose one gold star!) Qualifier (aka “excuse”): I believe in picking my battles; whether with dogs, kids, or other adults, I feel it’s only necessary to fight the good fight in the face of serious wrong-doing or potential harm. This was neither.

BUT – there is a payoff from all that original rule-enforcement: when one of us is on the sofa, she never comes up without “asking permission” first. She sits on the floor near us with those perky ears raised and big brown eyes boring a hole through us. When we look at her, she rears up on her hind legs and glances from us to the sofa a couple of times. Then if we say, “Okay, come on up” and tap the sofa, up she comes, one happy little Havachon. But if we say, “No, down”, she backs off, gives us a few annoyed grumbles, and retreats to her blanket refuge.

Seriously, you can't BUY contentment like this! 🙂

Works for us! 🙂


Daisy the Sneaky Havachon – More Sofa Wars

Well she’s done it again. I hadn’t been gone from the family room for more than 15 seconds when DD found this….

You'll never find me behind all these comfy blankets!

Daisy The Sneak was at it again. Last time she tried hiding on the couch behind the laundry basket; this time she thought she’d have better luck snuggling in behind a pile of soft fleece blankets.

Frankly, DD hated to make her get down from the sofa – she looked so warm and comfy there! But in the interest of  continuity in her training, she had no choice. We’re trying to get Daisy to understand that she can only come up on our laps when she’s invited and not jump onto the sofas at will. Actually, she does understand, she just chooses not to comply when she thinks she can get away with it!

This saga could run longer than the Rocky series!


The Sofa Wars Continue – Fighting An Uphill Havachon Battle!

We’ve been trying AND trying to train Daisy not to jump up on the sofa on her own – it’s NOT her domain. We’ve been following all the top trainers’ techniques to get her to understand that she can only come up on the sofa with us when we invite her. This, they say, is what well-trained dogs should do.

We’re definitely fighting an uphill battle.

She gets it – oh, she does understand what she’s supposed to do and not do – and she does obey the rules for the most part. But then she gets those particularly stubborn times when I come into the family room and there she is, proud as you please, all nestled in on the love seat.

I have to admit that I almost hate to make her get down from such a comfy spot, but we really don’t want her jumping up there at will or claiming a spot for her own or imposing herself on guests who may not be overly fond of having a dog plop itself in their laps.

And so the battle rages on.

Daisy seems to take more liberties with DD than she does with DH or me, but then again, DD is more of a softie, and Daisy sure does know it! But yesterday, with no one else in the house, I walked into the family room and found what you see in the picture, which broke me into laughter that probably sent the absolute wrong message to our dear little Daisy!

She had nestled herself into a spot next to the laundry basket so that only half her face showed – that eye was watching the doorway like a bank-robber’s lookout – and when she saw me come in, she v-e-r-y slowly pulled her head back as if she could evade my notice. I just couldn’t stop laughing!

So it’s clear that she knows she’s doing the wrong thing, but like any child, she’ll try to get away with it when no one’s looking. As I moved further into the room so she couldn’t hide from me, I quietly said “Down”, and down she went. She knew it was coming, but she just wanted to wait for the absolute command.

Ya gotta love these doggie personalities! Even when they’re naughty they can make us laugh! 🙂


Popping Puppy

Sometimes this little puppy is like popcorn – if you’re lying on the sofa, all of a sudden this head pop-pop-pops up and down next to yours over and over again. It’s like she’s being launched from a hot air popcorn popper. We can’t even get a picture of it, they all just come out like furry blurs.

Her legs must be made of springs – BOING BOING BOING!


Uh ohhh...am I in trouble?


She’ll jump completely off the ground, all fours in the air, a good foot or so high. Sometimes she races across the room and makes that springy jump with all that running momentum behind her, thrusting her head out in an attempt to land on the sofa seat….and she gets really close!

We tried to dissuade her from doing this, because not everyone finds it amusing to have a dog catapult itself onto their laps. No matter how cute or little the dog may be, thrusting themselves full force onto the laps of guests who may be dressed up or wearing stockings or fine materials isn’t exactly a welcome visit!

We failed in this attempt, however. Fortunately we’ve covered the sofa seats with old sheets, just in case. Thank goodness we did!

Last week I came into the family room and found Daisy sitting on the love seat, frozen in place, just staring at me, not moving a muscle. This is what she does when she knows she’s done wrong.

I reprimanded her and put her back down on the floor. She did it 2 more times that day! She does have a stubborn streak….

The third time I found her on the loveseat, I told her to get down rather than putting her down on the floor. She’d never jumped from that height before, which I hadn’t thought about until she landed with a THUD and stood there, clearly shaken. She didn’t like that feeling at all.

Guess what? She hasn’t even tried to jump back up on the sofa since then. I guess that landing taught her a lesson…for now, anyway!

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