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Wordless Wednesday: Leaf? What Leaf??

Shock and horror – Havachon style – at our discovery of her autumn treasure:

Unhand me! I don't know anything about an autumn leaf in the house!

It’s Wordless Wednesday! Hop around and meet new friends! 🙂


Daisy And Her One-Eyed Havachon Sneak Peek

Looking through our pictures, I noticed something several of them have in common: when Daisy’s doing something wrong or being sneaky, she tends to partially hide herself behind something and peek out with one eye.

It’s her Sneak Peek.

I thought these pictures of her sneaky-peeky moments might make a funny collage of sorts:

I know I'm not supposed to be in here....

I'm not supposed to be up here without permission...do you think they can see me?

Heeheehee! Oops - I think my other eye is showing....

Do you think they noticed that I chewed the table? This isn't a very good hiding place...


Daisy the Sneaky Havachon – More Sofa Wars

Well she’s done it again. I hadn’t been gone from the family room for more than 15 seconds when DD found this….

You'll never find me behind all these comfy blankets!

Daisy The Sneak was at it again. Last time she tried hiding on the couch behind the laundry basket; this time she thought she’d have better luck snuggling in behind a pile of soft fleece blankets.

Frankly, DD hated to make her get down from the sofa – she looked so warm and comfy there! But in the interest of  continuity in her training, she had no choice. We’re trying to get Daisy to understand that she can only come up on our laps when she’s invited and not jump onto the sofas at will. Actually, she does understand, she just chooses not to comply when she thinks she can get away with it!

This saga could run longer than the Rocky series!


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