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Unspoken Signals

One of my favorite blogging buddies, Nala’s Dog Days, (another Havachon blog!! Woohoo!!) recently did a post called Learning By Doing, where she talks about the ways her adorable Havachon, Nala, has learned things without any training.

This got me thinking about the unspoken signals we give our dogs, and the way they’re always paying attention even when we think they’re not (just like kids!).

My last dog used to respond to “Do you….” at the start of any sentence because she knew it preceded “….want to go OUT?” Similarly, the word “out” raised her ears and got her all excited. So we started avoiding the “do you” phrase and spelling “out” anytime we used it: “Could you take the dinner plates o-u-t?” Well that only worked for a couple of months, because she then recognized the spelling of the word, since we began saying, “Are you ready to take Mugsie o-u-t?” We then started saying it in French, but realized in short order that she’d pick up on it even if we said it in Martian, as long as we said it right before taking her o-u-t. 🙂

Daisy knows the nap signal – when I sit down at my computer in the morning, it’s time for Daisy to hit Big Blue or the couch with the fleece throws. She knows I’ll be busy working for a while, so she settles in for a cozy morning snooze.

It's only 9 AM and I've accomplished so much already - stretching, eating, playing, jumping, racing - I think I deserve a nap.

Then there’s the unspoken dinner signal – when Daisy hears the evening news come on, she jumps up and stares holes in me, pacing expectantly.

Dinner time dinner time dinner time dinner time----

In the kitchen, we have a few different unspoken signals. Early in the morning, when Daisy sees me push in the end chair, she knows I’m going to open the blinds to her Window on the World (the sliding glass doors). The minute I put my hand on that chair, she trots quickly to the edge of the doors, ears perked in anticipation of the Grand Opening. 😉

Look! There's my squirrel buddy! I wonder who else will be paying me a visit? 🙂

On the other hand, when she sees me put my hand on the oven door, her ears go down and she runs into the next room – this is a throwback to the Great Scone Incident. Never will she ever forget the havoc she caused, and the oven door opening still signals d-a-n-g-e-r to her.

Are you opening any time soon? I need to know so I can run away....

Now we have the Snack Signal – when Daisy hears me peeling carrots for our dinner salad, she trots expectantly into the kitchen….she knows that a small chunk of carrot has her name on it! 🙂

And, of course, there’s the Bath Signal, when DH struts into the room and says “OK” in a particular tone, then follows it with a rhetorical “Where’s Daisy”. That’s her signal to look maniacally for a hiding place, and if there isn’t one, to roll submissively onto her back, ears down, eyes open to their widest, and little licks with her tongue. It pathetically screams, “Please, please, please NO BATH!!”

Ahahahaha! You can't reach me when I'm in my cave!

Have you noticed any unspoken signals that your dog responds to?

We’ll be a bit scarce next week – we have family staying with us all week from out of state (Daisy will be thrilled!). We’ll try to pop in and visit our blogging buddies whenever we can, otherwise we’ll see you May 1!


Havachon Personality Traits

We couldn’t find any information about Havachons anywhere, so we looked up info on Havanese and Bichon personality traits, figuring Daisy would probably be a mixture of both. And she certainly is, and then some. Since there isn’t any good Havachon info online, we thought we’d post some so you aren’t facing the same blank wall we were.

If you’re thinking of getting a Havachon, here are the traits we’ve noticed in Daisy:

1. SMART. Maybe too smart. Loves to outsmart humans and figure things out.

2. Stubborn. Unless and until a Havachon recognizes you as her leader, she’ll do things her way over and over again until she has YOU trained.

3. Willful. It’s her way or the highway, baby. She’ll pursue areas that are off-limits until she finds a way to go there, then she’ll flash you a “see-it’s-mine-now” look.  That is, until you teach her who’s Alpha.

4. Loving. Oh, so loving! Havachons become little puddles of mush in your arms, with their soft doe-eyes, frantically wagging tails, and kisses galore!

5. Shy. In certain circumstances, like taking them somewhere new, they can be a bit leery and want to take things slowly at first. But once they trust you, they’ll look to you for guidance and listen when you tell them everything’s okay.

6. Playful! Very playful! They tend to play pretty hard, which is surprising for such a tiny dog. They play like they’re 50 pounds bigger than they are. And their sharp teeth go through everything, from Kongs to Nylabones. Our Shepherd-Husky-Collie mix didn’t shred toys like these little guys do!

7. Cuddly. They just LOVE being held, cuddled, and sleeping in your lap.

8. Happy. Definitely happy!

9. Friendly. We were told that Havachons were shy about meeting new people, but we haven’t seen any examples of that. Daisy is always very happy and excited to meet new people and new dogs.

10. Ham. LOVES to have her picture taken. She’ll actually freeze in place when she sees the camera pointed at her and wait until she hears the “click” before she continues whatever she was doing.

11. Curious. They’ll check every nook and cranny a hundred times just to see what there is to see. Very thorough.

This is definitely a wonderful new mix that I’d recommend to anyone who has the energy to get through the puppy period!


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