Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven

The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

Evil Puppy

Ohhhhhh yes, behind that sweet little face….

….lies an evil alter-ego….

Evil Puppy

Evil Puppy has suddenly decided to start whining in the middle of the night. For no reason. None whatsoever.

Daisy has always slept in a crate at night, partly because we can’t trust that she won’t go into Destructo-Pup mode while we’re asleep, and partly because it’s what she’s always known and has always liked.

Suddenly last week, she started whining insistently. Naturally, we thought something was wrong, so we checked on her and took her out to see if she had to wee. That was around 2:20 AM.

Little did we know that Evil Puppy had taken over. No doubt, she was rubbing her villainous little paws together, knowing that her little trick had worked.

No wee. Just a couple sips of water, but not enough to make it the cause of her whining.

Back into the crate she went. As soon as we got back into bed and the lights were out, she started whining again.

2:25 AM: we take her back out of her crate and check her entire body over for signs of something being wrong. Evil Puppy laughed and wagged her tail happily, trying to play.

Maybe she feels confined in the crate suddenly? Okay, since we can’t trust her not to destroy things, we put gates up on either end of the hallway so she can have the whole area to herself. Plenty of room to spread out. Our bedrooms are right off the hallway, so she can see us and is near us, as always.

Back to bed. Lights out. Pitter-patter pitter-patter. Then quiet.

And then it started all over again, louder, along with scratching at the gates.

2:30 AM. We realize we’re not dealing with our sweet little Daisy anymore, but a doppleganger. It must be. Our Daisy wouldn’t do this. I half expected to see her head spinning around on her shoulders and green bile spewing from her mouth.

Back into the crate with a lecture. “Quiet! Naughty! No more! Go to sleep!”

No good. Whine, whine whine. Now Evil Puppy had a good thing going. Her whining got our attention and she was calling the shots. That had to stop.

So we let her whine. Which went on until 3:35 AM, when she finally gave up. Exhausted as I was, I was far too annoyed and awake to fall asleep right away. The last time I saw on the clock was 4:45, so when the alarm went off a couple hours later, I was one unhappy doggy-mama.

The same thing happened the next night, so we shut the bedroom doors. She.Carried.On.ALL.Night. No breaks. No sleep.

The following night, when it started again, we put the whole crate with Evil Puppy in it into the Naughty Room (the laundry room – it’s her time-out place) for 15 minutes. We prayed for a Naughty Room Exorcism, please take this evil beast from our sweet puppy and give us back our Daisy. 

We put the crate into the master bedroom in case it would help. Well, either that worked or Evil Puppy fled her body, because it’s been good since then.

Until last night. The whining was light and stopped after a few minutes, but it was enough to alarm us. We suspect her goal is to be let out of the crate so she can make her way onto the bed during the night. Allowing her to sleep on the bed with us is out of the question, so we could be in for a serious War of Wills.

That’s my least favorite war to fight, especially with the Willful Miss Daisy. ::sigh:: We’ll keep you updated. ~~yawn~~


Pillow Puppy

I thought I’d try the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, it sounds like fun! (Thank you Lori for helping me out!)

Here’s our little Pillow Puppy, no words needed~~


Sleepytime Gal

Dogs sleep in some of the funniest ways imaginable! Contorted bodies, odd angles – you name it, they do it. We took some picture of a few of Daisy’s nutty and silly (and just plain cute!) poses over the past 10 months and thought we’d share them with you here. Makes my back hurt just looking at some of the bottom photos!

At 3 months old, Daisy looked like a puffy mass of fur! She loves sleeping on her back.

Daisy's favorite baby blanket becomes her mattress when she snoozes on the floor.

Daisy loves hanging her head over the side of the sofa when she naps!

Angled up onto the sofa arm while resting on a soft blanket is nice too!

3 months old - doesn't she look like a baby waiting to have its diaper changed?!

How can she possibly sleep like this??!!

Can this really be comfortable??

Seriously, is her spine made of rubber??


Havachon Under Wraps….By Choice!

What a nut!

Yes, this blanketed torpedo shape actually is a Havachon puppy. See the tiny bit of furry tail at the top?

Daisy’s taken her blanket loving mummy impersonation to new heights. She now brings her blanket on the sofa with her, so for laughs I tossed it over her so it completely enveloped her from head to tail.

This silly girl liked it!

She ended up taking a 2-hour nap wrapped in her blanket, furthering her mummy impersonation. Even when she sat up for a minute and I could see her head turning as if she was looking around, she never came out from under that blanket.

I need to find a blanket that looks like mummy wrappings for Halloween and maybe a sarcophagus-shaped doggie bed! LOL She’d be a natural!

This is the life!


Hey, I feel a draft back there....

Thaaaat's better!


Do Dogs Have Nightmares? This Havachon Puppy Did!

Another “first”‘ for Daisy in her young life – she had her first nightmare during one of her many daytime naps (maybe that’s a “daymare”? Or a “napmare”?). I’m sure this is one “first” she could have done without!

There she was, sleeping comfortably on her warm blanket, when suddenly she yiped out of nowhere and thrust her entire body to the side so hard, I heard her leg bone smack the floor. This was far from the usual mini-yaps and leg twitches we see during normal naps.

I said “Are you okay?” and she looked up at me with BIG scared eyes. I’ve never seen her look scared before! She even looked a bit disoriented.

At first I thought that maybe some rogue spider got in and bit her, so I shook out her blanket and checked her over. Thankfully, nothing. I HATE spiders…I mean, I really HATE them! I’m not a fan of the creepy-crawlies in general.

So I went into auto-mommy comfort-mode, scooping her up and cuddling her. Boy, did she ever sink into me! I guess she needed comforting.

What on earth could she have had a bad dream about? So far in her little 10-month life, nothing bad has happened to her. Maybe she dreamed she fell off the couch? Or got buried in an avalanche of snow? Or missed her dinner? So I did a little investigating online……

It seems that researchers have found that dogs do have nightmares, particularly dogs who have endured difficulties, like abused dogs. But they say any dog can have nightmares, and that most commonly, it’s young dogs and older dogs who have them. (I guess that’s one positive thing to be said about being middle aged! LOL) It’s interesting that they classify nightmares as “dreams gone wrong”….sure sounds a lot more benign than it feels!

Daisy at 3 months old

The occasional doggy nightmare is nothing to be concerned about, but continually-occurring bad dreams that awaken not only the pooch but the owner as well can be problematic.

An article on Hub Pages says that if a dog is clearly agitated during sleep, indicating a nightmare, the owner can wake them up with soft talk and gentle pats. Personally, I don’t think that’s a good idea. If the dream is really bad, the dog could be startled awake and bite the owner without realizing what he’s doing. An expert on Pet People’s Place agrees that waking a sleeping dog is not a good idea.

Although this article says that dogs having nightmares are hard to wake up, it would seem to me that it’s best to talk or make some kind of sound outside the dog’s biting range, just to be safe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog stuck in nightmare-mode, but it must be pretty intense.

The Hub Pages article suggests that since a night light or stuffed animal works to help children overcome nightmares, dog owners might try the same thing if their dog has recurring bad dreams. I’m not sure the psychology would be the same for dogs…what do you think?


A Bum-Numbing Afternoon

I just may have a permanently numb bum.


You can see the difference in her from her happy pre-spay pictures. This is one pathetic puppy.


After making an appointment with the vet to find out why Daisy is trembling and clearly in pain after a day of near-normal post-spay behavior, I found out that dogs sometimes tremble from pain and the fear it generates. I think this is the problem because when I put her on my lap and cuddled her, as was recommended by another vet online, she immediately stopped trembling and fell asleep.

She slept comfortably on my lap with no trembling for almost 2 hours…ergo, my numb bum.

Then she suddenly jumped up and frantically circled around, clearly feeling pain or at least some pretty high level of discomfort, with that weird posture and movement that comes from pain. I think she’s feeling some intense itching as well, because her one hind leg keeps making scratching motions in mid-air.

But she looks at me with those soulful, “help me” eyes and it just kills me that I can’t ease her pain.

I’m thinking that maybe every dog’s sensitivity to pain is different, much like all people’s sensitivity to pain is different. We all have different levels of pain tolerance, so why shouldn’t animals? And maybe Daisy was acting more normally yesterday because the pain med he gave her took a little longer to wear off, just like it does with some people. It’s a possibility, anyway.

Now she’s curled up in the corner of the sofa, something we don’t usually allow. We will for now; whatever it takes to give her some relief. But the interesting thing is that there’s still no trembling – clearly, that online vet was right about it being fear-driven, and that fear is relieved when she’s being comforted by the people she trusts.

I think I’ll cancel the vet appointment and see how she does from here on. If the pain doesn’t start lessening by Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll call again and make an appointment to find out if this level of pain is normal by that time. But I’m relieved that at least the trembling isn’t involuntary. I wonder if I’ll have to spend the night with her here on the sofa….

It’s amazing what lengths we’re willing to go to for a furry little creature who we only met and took into our home a few months ago! I guess it’s love…. 🙂


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