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Sign Language Communications of a Havachon Puppy – A “Tall Tail”

Daisy’s tail actually does the talking for her sometimes. The way she positions it tells us her mood, interest level, anxiety level – you name it. It’s like doggy sign language!

Alert! Danger Will Robinson! – When her tail is curled up and over so that the tip touches her back, she’s in her highest state of alert. Something unusual has caught her attention or she’s heard something foreign to her – whatever it is, she’s sharply focused on it.

The telltale tail.....

The Curly Q – This is her typical tail pose, with it curled up normally like a capital “C”. This tells us that she’s happy, alert, and all’s well in doggyville.

The Straight Arrow – If we see it slowly sinking and it stops at the straight-out position like a Pointer, she’s either about to “ask” for something (like water or play time) or she’s getting ready to complain. We all prepare for some kind of signal when we see that! 🙂

The Sad Puppy – Her tail has only gone limp and hung down straight when she hasn’t felt well, which was during her respiratory infection and after her spay surgery. Her ears usually create a matched set with the tail, drooping down sadly. Our least favorite signal.

The Grrrr, or The Self-Preservation Act – And of course we all know that the tucked tail usually indicates anger…but sometimes she tucks it when she sits down if there are a lot of people around who could accidentally step on her tail.

Our little Daisy is becoming quite the silent orator!


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