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Monday Mischief – Lunatic Squirrel!

Is it the unseasonably warm weather that’s driven this squirrel crazy?? Is he climbing fruitlessly trying to find cooler weather for his thick winter coat? There’s no “nut rainbow” at the top of the screen outside our sliding door, so what are you looking for, Mr. Squirrel?

I was on the phone when I saw and heard this nutty visitor, so I hurriedly took less-than-great pictures with one hand.

What are you doing at the top of the screen, silly squirrel?

Didn’t find what you were looking for, eh?

Well that was a fruitless endeavor!

And where was Daisy, our Great Protector, during all this? Snuggled up on Big Blue, right in front of the screen and not even noticing what was going on right over her head!

I'm too comfy on Big Blue to watch for squirrels!

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