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Thursday Barks and Bytes: Ribbon Girl Daisy

DH brought me some lovely flowers the other day – sometimes he’ll see a beautiful bouquet and just know I’ll love it, so he’ll bring it home. 🙂 I’m a lucky gal that way!

This particular bouquet had lots of vibrant citrus-colored ribbons around it, all made into a bow. The colors reminded me of summery sorbet flavors….and that was the only bad thing – I ended up getting a pint of mango sorbet and a pint of red raspberry sorbet while I was at the store!

Anyway, we wanted Daisy to share in the beauty of this bouquet, especially since some of the flowers are her namesake:

These daisies remind me of orange-creamsicles! Another run to the market may be necessary.... ;)

These daisies remind me of orange-creamsicles! Another run to the market may be necessary…. 😉

But since we didn’t want to take the chance that our crazy Daisy would try to eat the flowers, we did the next best thing….

Daddy, please stop bringing Mommy flowers with ribbons!

Daddy, please stop bringing Mommy flowers with ribbons!

Are you about done with the pictures?

Are you about done with the pictures?

That's enough pictures! I'm getting this thing off me!

Enough! I’m getting this thing off me!

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Monday Mischief – Using Her Havachon Wiles

It’s an unspoken Havachon Rule in our house that all ribbons are Daisy’s turf. Daisy will charm you, doe-eye you, and pour on the sweetness until you go into diabetic shock…..IF you’re wearing something with a long ribbon on it.

Once you succumb to her sweetness, which everyone does at some point, she’ll climb on your lap using those big eyes to their best advantage, tiny ears drooping  to emphasize her cuteness. “Awww,” you inevitably say, “this is so sweet!”

She’s got you right where she wants you. All cuted-out and helpless.

And that’s when she makes her move.

She’s used her Havachon wiles to gain access to your ribbon. The telltale sign? A loud open-mouthed, lip-smacking chewing sound and a very content looking puppy.

It's mine....all mine....

This is such a deep pleasure for Daisy that she actually goes into a “zone”, with an expression on her face that tells us she’s miles away, thoroughly and completely enjoying her ribbon addiction.

::slurp chew chomp munch::

Most of DD’s pajama bottoms have draw-string ribbons running through the top, and that’s Daisy’s Number One Target. She could sit on DD’s lap for hours if we let her, just pulling and chewing away on those ribbons.

The weirdest thing is — she actually ties knots in them somehow. Tight knots that can’t be undone. (Could she be a reincarnated super-flirt who used to tie knots in cherry stems with her tongue??)

Who'd believe these used to be flowing pink ribbons?!

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Daisy the Stringer

I feel like I’ve been away from WordPress forever! I’ve had a heavy out-of-town work load over the past few days (even over the weekend!) and didn’t get a chance to post or visit my blog buddies.

Now I’m about to embark on a couple of big new projects. When it rains, it pours.

There's no better way to end the day than with a good pajama string!

Anyway, we freelance writers are referred to in several different ways, depending on the types of publications we’re writing for. We’re called freelance journalists by some, contributors by others, contributing editors by bigger publications. And newspapers who use us regularly as correspondents refer to us as “stringers”.

Daisy is a different kind of “stringer”.

Daisy loves strings. Loose strings hanging from her blanket, drawstrings on hoodies or pajama bottoms, strings we use to tie newspaper bundles for recycling – you name it, if it’s got a string, she’ll go after it. She’ll see it even if it’s the finest, thinnest string made by man.

And if there’s no string to be found, she’ll create one from something that has intact sewing. That’s not so good.

Sometimes we hear chewing sounds coming from Daisy and it looks like she’s chewing air. Just lying there, making

She's "in the zone" - look at those little teeth go!

these huge chewing motions as if she’s got an ox bone in her mouth. That’s when we have to high-tail it over to her because we know she’s gotten hold of thread, and something somewhere is coming apart.

Then comes the search to match the thread color to something in the house in case we need to repair it – usually it’s one of her toys or a blanket, but you never know. Because sometimes it’s one of OUR blankets, or even worse, clothing. That’s pretty infrequent….so far….

In this house, you could say that the sound of Daisy “air-chewing” is like a fire alarm going off in a firehouse. It’s like a call to arms. The Call of the Stringer.


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